Sun.May 28, 2017

the world needs knowledge catalysts

Harold Jarche

“We live in a society absolutely dependent on science and technology and yet have cleverly arranged things so that almost no one understands science and technology. That’s a clear prescription for disaster.” — Carl Sagan. When people are presented with a problem the first urge is to resolve it.

PKM 33

Boundaries as domain shadows

Dave Snowden

I’ve been teaching a masterclass her in India to a mixed group and took the opportunity to push myself to get the boundaries as domains version of Cynefin to a point where it could be published for comment and start to develop.


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Not the psychology of Joe average terrorist

Mind Hacks

News reports have been covered a fascinating study on the moral reasoning of ‘terrorists’ published in Nature Human Behaviour but it’s worth being aware the wider context to understand what it means. Firstly, it’s worth saying how impressive this study is. The researchers, led by Sandra Baez, managed to complete the remarkably difficult task of getting access to, and recruiting, 66 jailed paramilitary fighters from the Colombian armed conflict to participate in the study.