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Signifying change

Clark Quinn

I have a persistent interest in the potential for myth and ritual for learning. In the past I sought a synthesis of what’s known as good practice (as always ;) in an area I don’t have good resources in. When I looked over 10 years ago, there wasn’t much.

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Case Study: Driving a 75% Reduction in Translation Costs at Ford Motor Company


Ford Motor Company — the second-largest automotive manufacturer in the U.S. and fifth-largest in the world — knew that creation of learning content could be more efficient and cost-effective, using technology to help reimagine translation management. . Read the Case Study: Driving a 75% Reduction in Translation Costs at Ford Motor Company.

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30 articles from 2019 to take us into 2020

Jane Hart

During 2019 I shared hundreds of links to useful articles, posts and resources but here are 30 (listed in chronological order) that I believe highlight 3 key themes for 2020. Modern Workplace Learning

On the Edge of a New Decade

John Hagel

We’re heading into a new decade today. It’s not just a new year, but a new decade.* It’s a turning point, a historic moment, and provides us an opportunity to reflect on where we’ve been and where we’re headed. It’s all in the numbers. I believe in the power of numbers.

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Twelvetide 19:03 and so to the land of the eagles

Dave Snowden

While my the first hill was Moel Fammau, my first mountain was Yr Wyddfa, the name being a reference to a legend of it being a cairn thrown over the giant Rhitta Gawr after his defeat by Arthur. It’s English name Snowdon means snow hill in Old English.

The Internet of Things is Changing the World

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

“How the world will change as computers spread into everyday objects,” is the title of the lead article in a comprehensive review of the Internet of Things (IoT) in a r ecent issue of The Economist. Like many technological advances, IoT has been long in coming.

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Predicting the future

Clark Quinn

Memory’s funny. I recall attending Learning Technologies to speak on games, many years ago. And, as part of the conference, one keynote was a speaker who talked to the futility of predicting the future. And I want to push that point just a wee bit.

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The Paradox of Leadership

John Hagel

I love paradox. Today I’m going explore not just one, but two, paradoxes. Both are related to the role of leadership in our changing world.

Twelvetide 19:6 Goredale Scar & Gynefin

Dave Snowden

By coincidence today is Gynefin day (we thin Beth Smith coined that name) an annual ritual in which UK based staff and any friends get together at my house at Lockeridge with the intention of reducing my stocks of gin.

Innovation and National Security in the 21st Century

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

Can phones replace classrooms for language learning?

Jane Hart

A BBC Wales post asks if apps can ever replace classroom language learning or even help revive minority or dying languages? The article discusses a number of language learning apps including Duolingo which is currently No 58 on the Top Tools for Learning.

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Graham McTavish Watt

Harold Jarche

The only person to ever have guest blogged here is Graham Watt, a friend for almost 20 years. I met Graham as I was beginning my freelance career in 2003. With no commute or regular hours I could cycle during the day and drop by the local café for a chat.

The Xmas 12: 1 It all starts with sausages

Dave Snowden

I finally decided on the theme for my traditional (well I’ve done it more than once) Twelve Days of Christmas post. I got a myriad of good suggestions in so I am sorted out for a few years to come!

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The Puzzling Economic Impact of Transformative Technologies

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

Making transformation manifest

Clark Quinn

I’ve been on a ‘ transformation ‘ kick. And it occurs to me to think that it may be more marketing than meaning. One aspect is that we need to be making transformation manifest to our learners. The transformation I’m talking about is our learning experiences.

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3 tools Michelle Ockers added to her toolkit in 2019

Jane Hart

Michelle Ockers added the following 3 tools to her own toolkit in 2019. Modern Workplace Learning

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managers are for caring

Harold Jarche

The evidence shows that while telecommuters create positive change , the major resistance against telecommuting comes from management. Our recent report showed that many workers we surveyed viewed managerial and executive resistance to telework as a major obstacle.

Twelvetide 19:09 The Arms Park

Dave Snowden

There was little doubt that the Arm’s Park would be on this list. The shrine of Welsh Rugby over the years and the home of both the Regional side, the Cardiff Blues and Cardiff from the supporting league.

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The State of Financial Health Around the World

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

The Gallup Global Financial Health Study was published in May of 2018. The study is based on a survey of over 15,000 people in 10 different countries.

Content systems not content packages

Clark Quinn

In a conversation last week (ok, an engagement), the topic of content systems came up. Now this is something I’ve argued for before , in several ways. For one, separate content from how it’s delivered. And, pull content together by rules, not hardwired.

Welcome to 2020 Tools News

Jane Hart

In 2020 we’ll be highlighting some tools for learning in a series of blog posts. Some tools may already appear on the Top Tools for Learning 2019 list, others may be new to the list.

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Let’s get #deepreal

Doc Searls

Deepfakes are a big thing, and a bad one. On the big side, a Google search for deepfake brings up more than 23 billion results. On the bad side, today’s top result in a search on Twitter for the hashtag #deepfake says, “Technology is slowly killing reality.

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Twelvetide 19:08 Treleddyn

Dave Snowden

This time last year I was en route from a holiday cottage to the small village of Croesor to do the circular walk of Cnicht and Moelwyn Mawr. The short winter day meant that I couldn’t add Moelwyn Bach to the circuit.

curiosity yields insight

Harold Jarche

“The cure for boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity.” ” —Dorothy Parker. The core habit to successfully navigate the network era is curiosity. Curiosity about ideas improves creativity. Curiosity about people improves empathy , by understanding others.

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Mike Taylor’s 3 Top Tools from 2019 you need to know

Jane Hart

Mike Taylor shares 3 of his favourite new discoveries from 2019 that earned a place in his 2020 tool kit. Modern Workplace Learning

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8 Ways to Decorate Your Home for Greater Happiness

KCC Business Psychology

Happiness is hard to put your finger on. If you are like most of us and have asked yourself the age-old question, “Am I happy?” ” take a moment to fill out our quiz and find out.

Twelvetide 19:07 The Opera House

Dave Snowden

Opera has been a part of my life from an early age and I was torn between the Empire Theatre in Liverpool and the Coliseum home of the English National Opera as the place. The Empire was where I first fell in love with opera on family trips to see the WNO and the SCO on tour.

new year, same humans

Harold Jarche

Every fortnight I curate some of the observations and insights that were shared on social media. I call these Friday’s Finds. “The first rule of the Dunning-Kruger club is you don’t know you’re a member of the Dunning-Kruger club.” — Vox 2020-01-04.

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Why I left, and the reason for my return

Martijn Linssen

I pretty much left Twitter - and my blog - in 2013. Whereas I usually quit cold turkey, this time I lingered a bit, publishing a handful of blog posts in 2013, even one in 2014, and I'm sure that my Twitter activity followed much the same pattern; I've always said that the combination of the two is what upholds my 'Circle of Inspiration'. Why did I leave?

Independent continuous learning in the workplace (Online Workshop)

Jane Hart

Next public workshop: 13 January – 21 February 2020 Continuous learning and development in the workplace is much more than continuous training. Whilst it is up to everyone to become a lifelong learner and keep up to date with what’s happening in their industry or profession to remain employable, it’s also up to L&D departments to help […]. Modern Workplace Learning

5 New Year’s Rituals for Nonprofit Professionals to Build Personal Resilience

Beth Kanter

Rituals are intentional small, tangible acts done routinely and carry meaning. Our family has several New Year’s rituals, including a nature hike. This year we hiked by Pacific Ocean near Moss Bay.(Pictured Pictured above).

Twelvetide 19:05 Wick Court

Dave Snowden

This is the second and last post with a religious theme to it. Both cover the period during and after University where it was a large part of my life. In the second year at University, I was a delegate to a meeting of the Student Christian Movement.

“diversity trumps ability”

Harold Jarche

High tolerance for ambiguity is a critical skill as we live and work in increasingly complex, networked environments. Navigating through turbulent times requires the ability to deal with ambiguity by seeking and making sense through a diverse network of connections of people and knowledge.

PKM 165

4 Types of Corporate Training Technology Worth Investing In


Do you believe that corporate training is a burden that most employees prefer not to bear? If so, think again. Today’s average employee wants more corporate training opportunities, and 74% fear that they won’t reach their full potential.¹

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Mike Taylor’s 3 Top Tools from 2019 you need to know

Jane Hart

Mike Taylor shares 3 of his favourite new discoveries from 2019 that earned a place in his 2020 tool kit. Modern Workplace Learning

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The Screen Time Genie: A Bot That’s Help With Your Tech Addiction

Beth Kanter

Mobile phones and screen can be distracting and overwhelming. Even worse they can be addictive. Not all technology is bad. There are apps and other technology tools that can help you create a new habit, healthier habits.

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Twelvetide 19:04 the Chaplaincy Centre

Dave Snowden

In 1972 I went up to University to read Philosophy and Physics. it was a bit an indulgence at the time but has proved more than useful in later life. They are of course the foundation disciplines in the Humanities and Sciences, whatever the mathematicians say.

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