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MWL Newsletter No 94

Jane Hart

Posts and news about Modern Workplace Learning (MWL) for the week 2-8 December 2018 [who’s responsible for reskilling future workers? guide employees to own their own learning. MWL 2019] . Modern Workplace Learning

Three Ways To Take Back Control Of Your Time

Dan Pontefract

You're reading fresh content from Dan Pontefract at Brave New Org: Normally I have a 10-minute rule. If I am scheduled to have a virtual meeting with someone (telephone, Skype, Zoom, etc.) I’ll give him or. Dan's Related Posts: Is Your Corporate Culture The Root Cause Of Bad Meetings?

Culture: the subject

Dave Snowden

The Oxford English Dictionary defines culture as “The arts and other manifestations of human intellectual achievement regarded collectively” and “The ideas, customs, and social behaviour of a particular people or society”.

The Jobs Outlook for 2022

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

A few weeks ago, the World Economic Forum (WEF) released The Future of Jobs Report 2018. T he report takes an in-depth look at the world of work in what the WEF calls the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

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cooperative leadership

Harold Jarche

Last week I hosted a video chat on the changing nature of leadership. Part of the discussion was on the changing needs of society as the dominant organizing forms shift — from Tribes to Institutions to Markets, and now to Networks.

Mapping ….

Dave Snowden

Back in March 2018 I posted on the differences between models, frameworks, methods, manifestos and creeds; the first in a series of posts on Agile.

MWL Newsletter No 92

Jane Hart

Articles and news about Modern Workplace Learning (MWL) for the week 18-24 November 2018. [L&D L&D don’t “own” learning, learning as a daily habit, spotlighting the MWL track at LearnTec 2019 & more}. Modern Workplace Learning

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Gratitude for Spiritset

John Hagel

In my last blog post , I explored the need to expand beyond our current focus on mindset and to appreciate the role that heartset plays in shaping our beliefs, choices and actions. In reflecting on this framing, I’ve come to realize I left out a third element that provides a foundation and context for both mindset and heartset – it’s our spiritset. What’s that? Well, it’s a made-up word, but I’m looking for symmetry with the word that dominates most of our discussions today – mindset.

Connectivism and Language Learning

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

This is in response to the following question from a student in Iran: I am going to start an academic project on the application of connectivism in the context of foreign language acquisition.

curiosity and resolve

Harold Jarche

Jony Ive, Chief Design Officer at Apple, was the first recipient of the Stephen Hawking Fellowship at Cambridge Union. His lecture to a crowd of about 400 was covered by The Independent — Apple designer Jony Ive explains how ‘teetering towards the absurd’ helped him make the iPhone.

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Dan Pontefract December 2018 Playlist (Christmas Edition)

Dan Pontefract

You're reading fresh content from Dan Pontefract at Brave New Org: I am a big fan of Christmas. So much so, I have collected over 20 glühwein (hot mulled wine) Christmas mugs over the years. Dan's Related Posts: What John Lennon Taught Me About Thinking. Dan Pontefract February 2018 Playlist. Favourite Posts of 2013 That I Wrote & Published. A Shooting Dallas Star. Dan Pontefract April 2018 Playlist. Thanks for reading. visit the original at [link]. Music Christmas Dan's Music Playlist Xma

Blockchain’s Potential for Environmental Applications

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

Onwards and upwards

Dave Snowden

It’s been a long year and probably the sparsest period of writing for me in the last twenty years. It’s been a year of hard decisions, a few mistakes and a chance (as any period of adversity represents) to discover your true friends.

It's always the small things.

Euen Semple

In the current turmoil brought about by Brexit and Trump it is so easy to think that we need to do something, to take action, to do something grand, to join a movement, to wave banners. But if we see the world as dominated by grand things, big things, things that we have no control over, then we either go numb and feel powerless, or we overreact and provoke a counter-reaction.

curiosity, creativity, complexity, & chaos

Harold Jarche

In complexity, cooperation trumps collaboration. Collaboration happens around some kind of plan or structure, while cooperation presumes the freedom of individuals to join and participate. Cooperation is also a driver of creativity as it enables more and varied connections with people and with ideas.

Here’s Why I Love The Beatles’ ‘White Album’ Even More (Hint: It’s About Their Preparation)

Dan Pontefract

You're reading fresh content from Dan Pontefract at Brave New Org: You don’t have to be a fan of the Beatles to appreciate their brilliance. Over their relatively short career as the fab four from Liverpool, Dan's Related Posts: What John Lennon Taught Me About Thinking. How I Learned To Think Out Loud Through The Tragically Hip’s Live Concerts. Dan Pontefract February 2018 Playlist. Goodbye, Gord. My (Re) View Of That Night In Kingston. Thanks for reading. visit the original at [link].

Modern Workplace Learning 2019

Jane Hart

Modern Workplace Learning 2019 is now available in web and PDF formats. Modern Workplace Learning



Clark Quinn

Following on my thoughts on writing yesterday, this was a topic that didn’t fit (the post got too long ;). So here we go. Colleagues have written that citations are important. If you’re making a claim, you should be able to back it up.

Bad weather

Euen Semple

This morning I woke up the sound of heavy rain on the window and felt excited. As I said recently - I love rain. On the other hand my wife woke up and said "what awful weather" Even on Friday when I drove my truck out of the yard with heavy rain obscuring the mirrors, car headlights sparkling and dazzling my view, it felt exciting. Terrifying, but exciting. I don't tend to do much mountaineering in the summer.


symptoms, causes, & idiots

Harold Jarche

Every fortnight I curate some of the observations and insights that were shared on social media. I call these Friday’s Finds. white_owly — “Symptoms love dressing up as causes. And causes love hiding behind them.” ” “Between stimulus and response there is a space.

Elephants Have Long Memories. So Should You.

Dan Pontefract

You're reading fresh content from Dan Pontefract at Brave New Org: As far as favourite pets go, for me, it was probably my orca whale. In a modest neighbourhood where I grew up, for some reason, Dan's Related Posts: Amidst Uncertainty the Inuksuk Surfaces. Our Three Young Children Blog … Here’s Why. Magnanimous: The Word of 2017. Can We Truly Be Happy At Work? Thanks for reading. visit the original at [link]. Career leadership elephants memory revenge Thinking

Spotlighting the “L&D in the modern workplace” session in the MWL track at LearnTec 2019

Jane Hart

In the afternoon of Thursday 31 January, the final session will be focused on L&D in the modern workplace and I very pleased that we have two great speakers in that session plus an open fishbowl discussion. Modern Workplace Learning


Trends for 2019?

Clark Quinn

It’s already started! Like Christmas (which morally shouldn’t be even be thought about before Thanksgiving), requests for next year’s trends should be on hold until at least December. Still, a request came in for my thoughts.

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Drifting off

Euen Semple

Doing anything new always requires more attention than something we are familiar with. Once an activity has become routine it is so easy to slip into auto-pilot. Once the auto-pilot is on we can indulge in the endless chatter with which we fill so many of our waking hours. The constant churning of regrets about the past and worries about the future. Driving is for many of us the most common example of this.

“the number one critical skill set”

Harold Jarche

“Imagine you’re trying to fix a problem, dealing with a crisis, or even just replying to someone, responding to a query, thinking about a possible solution. Most people deal with the issue at hand. That’s great already!

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In Con Text

Dan Pontefract

You're reading fresh content from Dan Pontefract at Brave New Org: In Con Text The goal was to survive the storm, For then we might truly transform, Along came a text Oh my, “what is. Dan's Related Posts: Sweet Spot Synergy. Do We Need Textpectations? In Progress . “It’s

On comment spam

Doc Searls

For reasons I don’t yet know, this blog is suddenly overcome with comment spam. So, while we fix it, we’re turning comments off. Bear with us. Thanks. problems comment spam comments spam

Application-based Instruction

Clark Quinn

A number of years ago, I wrote about activity-based learning. And I firmly stand behind the model there. It’s not a major campaign, but quietly permeates the things that I do. However, I realize that there’re two misnomers in the label, and it’s time to rectify that.

The gap

Euen Semple

Viktor E. Frankl once wrote: "Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom." " Hannah is currently studying Psychology as one of her A Levels and yesterday we were chatting about neuroscience's discovery that our subconscious reacts to stimuli before our conscious brain is aware that we have had that thought.

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the origins of creativity

Harold Jarche

It is possible that early humans diverged from other primates when they began eating meat. This meat was likely burnt from frequent lightning strikes on the African savannah. They did not even have to know how start a fire, only how to keep one going.

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Dan Pontefract November 2018 Playlist (for MRHM)

Dan Pontefract

You're reading fresh content from Dan Pontefract at Brave New Org: Mood music for the hardest two weeks of my life. And it’s not over… Dan's Related Posts: Dan Pontefract July 2018 Playlist. Dan Pontefract March 2018 Playlist. Dan Pontefract September 2018 Playlist. Dan Pontefract April 2018 Playlist. Dan Pontefract May 2018 Playlist. Thanks for reading. visit the original at [link]. Music Dan's Music Playlist music playlist

Designing E-Learning 3.0 in gRSShopper - 12

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

The Badge API and Setting Up Badges This actually represents almost a week's worth of work.

Design 151

Editing, process, topics, and other reflections

Clark Quinn

My lass let me know there was a typo in my recent post on Transformation. I’m thrilled that she’s reading them (!), but she triggered many thoughts about my writing approach.

Spotlighting the “How to work with managers to enable learning in the daily work” session in the MWL track at LearnTec 2019

Jane Hart

Research tells us we spend much more time learning as part the daily flow of work than in formal learning (the ‘70’ and ‘20’ in 70:20:10). Good managers support their people to exploit this daily workplace learning. However, many managers need help to do this. Charles Jennings will run an interactive session in two parts. Modern Workplace Learning

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The Blockchain and the New Architecture Of Trust

Euen Semple

One of the best bits of the blockchain conference I hosted in Washington recently was hearing from people directly involved in practical implementations of the smart contract use of the technology. What was reassuring was the absence of hype and over selling of what blockchain can do. One of the most grounded, realistic, sceptical, yet positive, presentations came from Kevin Werbach, Associate Professor of Legal Studies and Business Ethics at The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania.

democracy 2.0

Harold Jarche

How print enabled democracy. “The mass societies had many more decisions to make, and no way of making them in the old, egalitarian way.

Designing E-Learning 3.0 in gRSShopper - 11

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

Badges I looked at and Badgr and selected the latter mostly because it's where the Mozilla Backpack project landed. My allegiance will last as long as it works.

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