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Building Modern Independent Lifelong Learners

Jane Hart

4-Minute Video Overview of OPEN to THINK

Dan Pontefract

You're reading fresh content from Dan Pontefract at Brave New Org: Take four minutes and learn what Dan Pontefract’s third book, OPEN to THINK: Slow Down, Think Creatively, and Make Better Decisions, is all about with.

Human + Machine: The Impact of AI on Business Transformation

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

Last week I wrote about the impact of blockchain technologies on business transformation.

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For privacy we need tech more than policy

Doc Searls

Nature and the Internet both came without privacy. The difference is that we’ve invented privacy tech in the natural world, starting with clothing and shelter, and we haven’t yet done the same in the digital world.

what they don’t teach at university, but should

Harold Jarche

Even after four years of study, many students leave their institutions of higher learning only to find themselves inadequately prepared for what is next. University graduates often go on to get a certificate in an applied area in hopes of getting a job.

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PKM made simple

Harold Jarche

Here is a simple, but by no means only, method of putting personal knowledge master y into practice. It is based on the seek > sense > share model. Use a feed aggregator to collect all your online news and information resources in one place. I would suggest Feedly or Inoreader.

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More Evidence Schools Cause School Shooters

Nine Shift

New York City mandated a decline in suspensions in its public schools. The result? A 21% increase in suspensions, a ccording to this NYT story. And one of those kids killed another student with a knife and badly injured another student. Yes, we need to abandon all-but-hunting-rifles.


MWL Newsletter No 61

Jane Hart

Posts, articles and news about Modern Workplace Learning (MWL) selected by Jane Hart for the week 15-21 April 2018. Modern Workplace Learning


Blockchain and Business Process Transformation

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

One can look at the transformational impact of IT on companies and industries through a variety of lenses, - e.g., products and services, revenue and profit, sales and support, market strategy.

New and improved evaluation

Clark Quinn

A few years ago, I had a ‘debate’ with Will Thalheimer about the Kirkpatrick model (you can read it here ). In short, he didn’t like it, and I did, for different reasons. However, the situation has changed, and it’s worth revisiting the issue of evaluation.

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soft skills are human skills

Harold Jarche

Creative people are at all levels of an organization, including the janitor , and are not ‘human resources’ but individuals who have the capability of gaining wisdom. What are often referred to as ‘soft skills’ are becoming more important than traditional hard skills.

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Education Revolution Coming

Nine Shift

Between now and 2030 you will see a revolution in education. . Public support, and tax money, will return to both K-12 schools and higher education. College education will be recognized as the most important thing for economic prosperity, both for an individual and for communities and society.

Employee Centred Learning & Development: A Model for the Modern Workplace

Jane Hart

The traditional, top down, command-and-control approach to workplace learning – which organizations have been using for more than 100 years – is just not up to the new world of work. What it requires is a new workplace learning model. Social learning

Shaping Serendipity through Narrative

John Hagel

We all want to be lucky, but we generally feel there's little we can do about it. I’ve long challenged the conventional view that luck is just something that happens to us and that there’s little we can do other than be prepared for it when it happens. I believe that we can significantly alter the probabilities of luck through choices we make on a daily basis – something that I’ve called “shaping serendipity.”

Plagiarism and ethics

Clark Quinn

I recently wrote on the ethics of L&D, and I note that I didn’t address one issue. Yet, it’s very clear that it’s still a problem. In short, I’m talking about plagiarism and attribution. And it needs to be said.

change the system, not the leader

Harold Jarche

Plus ça change, plus c’est pareil. It’s interesting to watch the latest shenanigans in Washington DC with Silicon Valley’s latest ‘crisis’ over privacy and the manipulation of the democratic process.

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Least worst options

Euen Semple

I am aware that I can sometimes appear overly critical of large organisations. Because I am asked to help with things that are wrong with them it is easy for me to lose sight of what they achieve. I am also very aware of the constraints they place on the people who work for them, and the high price those people pay in return for the stability they seek.

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MWL Newsletter No 58

Jane Hart

Posts, articles and news about Modern Workplace Learning (MWL) for the week 25-31 March 2018. Social learning

Republicans and Democrats Starting to Come Together

Nine Shift

J ohn Boehner, the former speaker of the House and a leading Republican, this month endorsed legalizing marijuana, at least for medical purposes. That's a huge story. Because it shows the start of Republicans and Democrats coming together over the basic outlines of the 21st century. And legalizing marijuana is one of those bi-partisan fundamentals that Gen Y demands for this century. And this week Bernie Sanders spoke openly of a national law legalizing marijuana.


No all-singing all-dancing solution

Clark Quinn

I was pinged on LinkedIn by someone who used the entrée of hearing me speak in next week’s Learning Solutions conference to begin discussing LMS capabilities. Hint: they provide one.) And I thought I’d elaborate on my response, as the discussion prompted some reflections.

out on the edge

Harold Jarche

Last month in Berlin I gave a keynote at the Landing Festival entitled, It’s your Network, Stupid. I explained that to find new ideas and information, loose social networks are best.

Night and day

Euen Semple

I was unfortunate enough earlier tonight to catch a glimpse of Jamie Cullen being inflicted on The Queen under the guise of celebrating her birthday. This prompted a very different memory of seeing Oscar Peterson play live many years ago. Incredible virtuosity but also powerful simplicity, an ability to fill the auditorium with sound but also to break your heart with his sensitivity.


MWL Newsletter No 59

Jane Hart

Here are posts, articles and news about Modern Workplace Learning (MWL) selected by Jane Hart for the week 1-7 April 2018. Social learning

NineShift Exclusive: How People Will Travel

Nine Shift

A nother NineShift prediction: here's how people will travel between 2040-2100 in the United States. The fundamental economic driver is that 80% of people will travel 80% of the time by light rail and trains, with the primary factor being work. By Number of Rides Per Year. Light Rail & Trains, 70% Cars (half Uber, half owned cars) 20% Bicycle, walking, segway, bus and other 5% Plane travel 1-2% Margin of Error 5% Total: 101%.

Tools and Design

Clark Quinn

I’ve often complained about how the tools we have make it easy to do bad design. They make it easy to put PPTs and PDFs on the screen and add a quiz. And not that that’s not so, but I decided to look at it from the other direction, and I found that instructive.

Design 152

automation + capitalism = a perfect storm

Harold Jarche

I have often discussed the automation of work here and how we need to focus our development and education efforts on developing human competencies that cannot be done by software or machines. But is automation really the major cause of workplace disruption?

Skills 174

Zombie Media

Euen Semple

The more the media persist in portraying us as victims of technology the more apparent it is just how out of touch they are. Each time they interview some technology expert as if they were an alien from another planet. Each time they ask in doom laden tones how that expert feels about destroying civilisation. Each time they say the word Twitter with that special, sceptical, "I wouldn't touch it with a barge pole" tone of voice that they adopt.

The Sedin Twins Taught Us To Be Better Humans

Dan Pontefract

You're reading fresh content from Dan Pontefract at Brave New Org: From a dark, cold night, they would appear out of nowhere. Plying their trade in the dead of rainy Vancouver winters, these Swedish twins were. Dan's Related Posts: The Leadership Collapse of Manchester United. My Definition of Work and an Update on Book Two. The Collateral Damage of Selfish Leadership. Gord Downie and the New Marathon of Hope. Wow, Did I Ever Fail On This One. But I Learned A Lot, Too. Thanks for reading.

Yes, We Predicted the Decline of Suburbs

Nine Shift

" Nobody imagined it, really. " Writes Aaron Wiener this week i n the Washington Post about the decline in suburbs, and the rise in urban population. . Well, yes, we not only imagined it, we published it in 2003 in the NineShift book and it was covered by BBC radio worldwide. . I was surprised he wrote that. I thought, as a futurist, that he would have written that EVERYBODY had predicted it, not that no one had predicted it. Wiener is a senior editor at Mother Jones.


It’s Time to Cross That Bridge: Building Learning in a Highly Regulated or Compliance-Driven Industry


We all have used the phrase, “ we will cross that bridge when we get there ”, but what happens when you get “ there ” and you don’t have a strategy in place to get across the bridge, or… there is no bridge?

viking finds

Harold Jarche

Every fortnight I curate some of the observations and insights that were shared on social media. I call these Friday’s Finds. “It’s

A paradox

Euen Semple

It is through my social media platforms that I learn about how mitigate the consequences of people tracking my data. I am better informed about how it works and what to do to protect myself from it. It is also through those platforms that I am able to join with others concerned about this tracking and achieve a mass influence to do something about it.

Data 109

The Nonprofit Book We’ve Been Waiting Four Years To Read Is Finally Here: New Power

Beth Kanter

Back in November, 2014, Henry Timms and Jeremy Heimans published an article about “New Power” in the Harvard Business Review that caught my eye.

Mental Health Another Dumb Excuse on Reducing Gun Deaths

Nine Shift

M ental health is a common, irrelevant, and dumb excuse for trying to reduce gun deaths. . I have heard that about 20% of mass shooters have mental health problems, exactly the same percentage as for the total population. My wife has noted that if "mental health issues" were the criteria for guns, both she and I would not be able to get a gun (not that either of us wants one), as we both take a medication for anxiety, like millions of other people. .