Sat.Feb 17, 2018 - Fri.Feb 23, 2018

A Qualified Fail

Doc Searls

Power of the People is a great grabber of a headline, at least for me.

Blockchain and the Promise of an Open, Decentralized Internet

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

The January 21 issue of the NY Times Magazine included a very good article, Beyond the Bitcoin Bubble , by science writer Steven Johnson.

21st Century Issue: Can You Choose Fewer Work Hours?

Nine Shift

Fantastic 21st century issue being tackled in Germany. Should you be able to choose to work fewer hours? Europe, of course, is where many if not most of the 21st century issues are being addressed, including energy credits (getting paid by the electric company), congestion pricing, whether someone can receive a work email after 6 pm; monopolies by Google; democracy; paternity leave; gender equity; trains; and hacking. .

A broader view of Augmented Reality

Clark Quinn

I was answering some questions about a previous post of mine on AR, and realized I have made some unnecessary limitations in my own thinking. And I may not be the only one! So I thought I’d share my thoughts on a broader view of augmented reality.

10 reasons to modernize workplace training

Jane Hart

The current training model can no longer keep pace with the speed of business and the continuous nature of change. It is time to give it an overhaul. Here are 10 issues associated with current training approaches and some brief pointers about how they can be addressed. Social learning

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