Video Lessons

Clark Quinn

So, I’ve been creating a ‘deeper elearning’ course for one of the video course providers. But to do this, I had to do some serious learning about creating video. My mentor/colleague/friend showed me (by video chat) his elegant setup. Of course, he’s been doing video for decades. And that’s my error, too, since I have video anxiety almost as bad as my phone anxiety, and dragged my heels until things were too late.

Video 131

How to Learn Using Technology

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

Learning with technology is different from learning with textbooks or learning with classroom instruction. Learning with technology, by contrast, is outcome based. It is defined in terms of skills or competencies, as how to achieve a certain outcome using technology as a tool. There’s a distinctive way to learn using technology. If you can’t, search for videos. Look for articles describing how they do it, and look for videos showing this work.


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Technology, Marketing and Storytelling

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

Digital technologies, - mobile, cloud, social, Internet of Things, big data and analytics, AI… - are transforming just about every aspect of business. In particular, surveys show that these technologies are transforming the overall customer experience , and their application to marketing and customer service offers companies the largest business returns. In addition, technology is now amplifying the impact of storytelling on the customer experience.

The Top Ten Emerging Technologies of 2018

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

For the past several years, the World Economic Forum (WEF) has published an annual list of the Top Ten Emerging Technologies that would be potentially disruptive over the next three to five years while also providing significant benefits to economies and societies. The Top Ten Emerging Technologies 2018 was released in September, 2018. The full report includes a longer, one-page description of each of these technologies.

Chasing Technology Good and Bad

Clark Quinn

The fact is, we’re chasing the wrong technologies. The problem with the technologies we’re chasing is that we’re chasing them from the wrong beginning. I see people chasing microlearning, adaptive learning, video, sims, and more as the answer. The post Chasing Technology Good and Bad appeared first on Learnlets. strategy technologyI’ve been complaining, as part of the myths tour, that everyone wants the magic bullet.

Monday Videos, Technology Stewardship and Gina Schreck

Nancy White

Skype 10-Way Video Calling & Some Pink Duct Tape | Synapse3Di. The video speaks for itself – and community technology stewardship. Monday videos online interaction social media technology stewardshipBrava!

Video 111

Designing For Emerging Technologies

Adaptive Path

Adaptive Path’s Scott Sullivan is a contributing author of Designing for Emerging Technologies published by O’Reilly Media and released today. Bonus video of Scott playing around with interactive prototypes: Hardware Controlled Augmented Reality! Adaptive Path Design Leaders Designing for Emerging Technologies Scott Sullivan

Technology and the Future of Media

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

Most everyone will agree that advances in information and communication technologies (ICT) are radically transforming the business landscape. Internet users already spend 20–30% of their time online, mainly engaging with media content… Globalization, deregulation, technological innovation and the convergence of previously separate industries such as media, entertainment, information, and consumer electronics, have created a somewhat turbulent media landscape.”.

7 defining themes for 2015 (with videos)

Ross Dawson

Here they are, together with illustrative videos. With recent technological advances, the age of robots is finally beginning, with humanoid robots finally entering the mainstream in work, retail, aged care, the home and even warfare. New technologies are turning it around, allowing us to constantly monitor ourselves so we can take action before we get sick. Technology is fashion. Technology is not just a fashion accessory, but fashion itself.

Video 195

Designing For Emerging Technologies

Adaptive Path

Adaptive Path’s Scott Sullivan is a contributing author of Designing for Emerging Technologies published by O’Reilly Media and released today. Bonus video of Scott playing around with interactive prototypes: Hardware Controlled Augmented Reality! dotorg_ideas Adaptive Path Design Leaders Designing for Emerging Technologies Scott Sullivan

Why Don’t You Have an Internal YouTube Video Sharing Service?

Dan Pontefract

The average user spends 15 minutes each day viewing videos. Sure, much of the content on YouTube may be coming from traditional media (clips of TV shows or movies, music videos, commercials, etc.) We have passed the so-called tipping point of online video sharing and viewing. technology. There is also the perceived security issue concerning videos being stored on the cloud for some CIO’s, etc.

Video 182

Technology Integration in K-12

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

I was asked, I''m curious as to what you think the three most important things for new teachers to know about technology integration in k-12? The exact technology doesn''t matter much, and has evolved over the years, from the days of email mailing lists, to community bulletin boards, to social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook. You''ll note that I haven''t included any presentation tools, like online video, or talked about having the whole class use blogs or Facebook.

The wonders of technology

Euen Semple

It is all too easy to get caught up in the anti technology band waggon and forget what unbelievably clever devices they are - and how lucky we are to have them. I was able to video FaceTime my mum while I was sunbathing floating in the bay on the kayak. During our visit to Torquay at the weekend Apple maps guided us on our route down, avoided traffic build ups, and was, as is often the case, within five minutes of its predicted journey time over a nearly three hour journey.

Better Education Through Technology

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

me) on seeing a sight like this is to suggest that everybody would be better off with a little more investment in technology. But they could instead higher fewer people, pay them more, and use technology to make up the difference. But third, and perhaps most critically, you don't actually get any improvements in output using the technological solution. It is in this context we need to read an article like Kentaro Toyama's Can Technology End Poverty? of film or video.

Google’s Video Format War

Adaptive Path

The Chromium team at Google announced yesterday that it will be dropping support for the popular H.264 video codec in it’s desktop web browser Chrome in favor of an open-source codec it’s developing called WebM. Chromium Product Manager, Mike Jazayeri: Though H.264 plays an important role in video, as our goal is to enable open innovation, support for the codec will be removed and our resources directed towards completely open codec technologies.

Video 175

Top 20 viral videos

Jane Hart

Blog C4LPT Jane Hart Advice Workshops Social Learning Handbook Resources Contact Walk the Net Alternatives for Dimdim Top 20 viral videos On January 8, 2011, in Uncategorized , YouTube , by Jane Hart I was alerted to a list of top viral videos by a recent article in the Guardian. The Viral Video Chart is based on a count of the embedded videos and links on approximately two million blogs, as well as Facebook and Twitter.

Video 160

Timeline of Emerging Science and Technology: A visual framework

Ross Dawson

Here is the Timeline of Emerging Science and Technology, created by Richard’s What’s Next in collaboration with Imperial College Tech Foresight. Here is a small selection of the emerging technologies mentioned in the visual: Vibration energy harvesting. Tattooed circuits (video tattoos on the human body). The post Timeline of Emerging Science and Technology: A visual framework appeared first on Trends in the Living Networks. Technology trends Uncategorize

Education Technology Strategies - Day Two

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

So the Achieving Excellents has four major objectives: - achieving excellence - ensuring equity - promoting well-being - competence We''ve also been partnering with the Council of Directors of Educations (CODE - ''superintendants'') - this boosts what we know about technology and enabling innovations. We also find these technologies are giving students with special needs a new voice, and to connect with their teachers and classmates. So, we see this huge growth in technology.

Education Technology Strategies - Day One

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

lessons scripted around 1:1 laptop); IT issues - we were a Windows network, with everything on our own domain - we needed to open eg printing etc O - consumer technology far more accessible in 2012 esp. dates to classical Greece How does technology change this? - Most classrooms still dominated by teachers teaching answers and students remembering them We can change the technology but if we haven''t changed the goal we really haven''t accomplished anything.

Video lessons

Jay Cross

Irving Wladawsky-Berger summarizes: Over the past couple of centuries years, we have had a technology revolution every 40 - 60 years, starting with the Industrial Revolution in 1771. Our present information technology and telecommunications age, whose starting point Carlota pegs at 1971, is the 5th such major revolution in that span. Early this year I decided to learn how to create effective video. I read several books on shooting video.

Video 90

Berlin Learning Video Fest

Jay Cross

ONLINE EDUCA BERLIN , the largest global e-learning conference for the corporate, education and public service sectors, is the key annual networking event for the international e-learning and technology-supported learning and training industry, attracting and bringing together experts in the vanguard of technology-enhanced learning from around the world. This December, we’re hosting a Learning Video Festival. What online video resources have you discovered?

Video 113

5 uncertainties that will shape the future of wearable technology

Ross Dawson

The rise of wearables is one of the biggest emerging trends in consumer technology. Over the last decade our primary interfaces with connected technology have shifted from fixed computers to devices that we can carry in our pockets or bags. While it is always hard to predict consumer response to new technologies, it is safe to say that any early adopters will take to the next generation of devices with alacrity. Health Mobile Technology trends Uncategorized

Blockchain - Once Again, the Technological Genie Has Been Unleashed from its Bottle

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

It appears that once again, the technological genie has been unleashed from its bottle,” write the authors in their opening paragraph. “Summoned by an unknown person or persons with unclear motives, at an uncertain time in history, the genie is now at our service for another kick of the can - to transform the economic power grid and the old order of human affairs for the better.

Web Video Conferencing

Clark Quinn

Two of my start-up clients have recently discussed adding video conferencing to their web offering. and now they want to explore providing video chat between the parties. An equivalent example (drawing from my eHarmony days) would be providing video chat in a dating site. On the flip side, I would want the system to "call" the person to see if they are available to receive the video chat and/or show them as "not available" if they can't receive a video chat at that time.

Video 106

How technology is transforming events

Trends in the Living Networks

One of my speaking bureau just asked me to provide them with a few quick ideas on how technology is changing events, as one of their key clients is having an internal meeting to discuss their future use of technology in events. Sophisticated participant technologies such as SpotMe with features such as people radar, meeting recommendations, consensus maps etc. Share photos, videos, and audio of the event, create collages and mashups.

Should Employees Be Incented to Use Social Technologies?

Dan Pontefract

Social collaboration technologies such as internal instances of blogging, micro-blogging, video sharing, discussion forums, idea sharing, wikis, and so on are all key aspects of being collaborative. Which brings me to the question, “ Should employees be incented to use social technologies ?”. Competition – as opposed to using social technologies to enact collaborative behaviour, it may turn ugly and become a competition amongst employees.

How technology is enabling the humanity of organizations

Trends in the Living Networks

After my recent opening keynote at the SAP Australia User Group Summit on Leadership in Enterprise Technology , I did a video interview for Inside SAP magazine, shown below. In response to a question on the impact of technology on organizational culture I said: What is more important today than ever before, is not just technology as the enabler, but how technology relates to the humanity of the organization, to the culture of the organization.

Video: Why professional services leaders need to think about the future

Ross Dawson

Leading up to the Client and Firms of the Future: How to Compete conference in Sydney on March 11 (which I discussed in a previous blog post ), my co-organiser George Beaton and I have recorded a brief video to set the scene. In the video we begin by addressing the question: Why do professional services leaders need to think about the future? Please share the video if you think professional services leaders in your network may be interested.

Video 181

How the next generation of display technologies will transform mobile computing

Ross Dawson

This morning I was interviewed on the Morning Show about next generation technologies including holograms on smartphones, machine to machine (M2M) communication, neuro-hacking and brain implants. Click on the image to see a video of the segment. However once you move beyond the device itself for your interaction, using interfaces such as projectors, video glasses, voice, gesture, projected keyboards and so on, there are amazing possibilities in using even a pocketable device.

[VIDEO] The world’s first full motion-graphics presentation

Trends in the Living Networks

I have long used highly visual presentations to accompany my keynotes, often including numerous videos without sound as well an array of full screen images. Below is a video of the keynote’s visual presentation. Crowdsourcing design Keynote speaker Technology trendsIn late April I gave a keynote at TheNextWeb 2012 conference in Amsterdam on The Future of Crowds. I have for many years intended to develop a full motion graphics presentation.

Video 125

How will TV and digital video converge and who will take the bulk of the value?

Ross Dawson

Digital video has exploded over the last 8 years however that has, in the main, being a complement to TV, with TV viewing eroding surprisingly slowly compared to earlier forecasts. While it seems a foregone conclusion that traditional TV and digital video will merge in a number of domains, including ownership, viewing, and potentially even distribution, how that happens is a more challenging question. Future of media Marketing Mobile Technology trends

Video 185

UX Week 2011 Videos Are Here

Adaptive Path

This year's main stage sessions were a fantastic mix of real-world design successes (and failures), learning lessons from established brands and emerging startups, interesting perspectives on technology, culture and human behavior and inspiring stories from within and outside of the field of experience design. We're happy to share these videos with you and hope you find the talks engaging, informative and inspiring.

Video 159

The future of events: technology to make presentations interactive and social

Ross Dawson

Technology eenables us to re-conceive what a presentation is and can be. in 2009 quoted me extensively on the future of events (the original story has been taken down but the quotes are still available online here ): “In a world of instant access to information and videos of the world’s best speakers, it makes no sense to sit in a darkened room and watch a series of talking heads all day,” says Mr Dawson. Some events today have innovative formats and strong audience participation.

Prediction: Video-conferencing will help drive increased business travel

Trends in the Living Networks

My keynote focused on the major economic, technological, and social shifts under way and how they impact business travel and how it is managed in organizations. Clearly a particularly pointed issue in the world of business travel today is the rise of video-conferencing, which many companies in recent years have latched onto as a substitute for travel, largely for cost-saving. As I wrote, one of the critical aspects for immersive video communication is a feeling of eye contact.

Video 103

2.0 is a philosophy, not a technology

Jay Cross's Informal Learning

Informal Video conferencing. Informal Non-formal video. Informal Guerilla video (Flip cams). Social Blogs (written/ video). Internet Time Alliance spent a couple of days last week putting the 2.0 into a tedious proposal for a large, forward-facing multinational corporation. Among our recommendations were: Informal Live webcasts. Informal Recorded webinars. Informal Workshops.

DoGooder Awards Recognize Awesome Nonprofit Videos

Beth Kanter

See3 Communications and YouTube, along with the Nonprofit Technology Network, announced today the launch of the 2013 DoGooder Video Awards. The DoGooder Awards recognize the creative and effective use of video in promoting social good. In addition to prizes provided by Cisco, contest winners will be featured on the YouTube homepage and receive free registration to the Nonprofit Technology Conference, the signature event hosted by the Nonprofit Technology Network (NTEN).

Video 49

Sunrise: The technologies that will change our lives

Trends in the Living Networks

Yesterday morning I appeared on the Sunrise national breakfast program together with science broadcaster Dr Karl Kruszelnicki , being interviewed about the big ideas and new technologies that will change our lives. The video clip is below. Digital cash – the ancient, clunky cash in our wallets may be finally ready to be supplanted by payment by mobile phones and other technologies. Future of retail Technology trends

Shadowing To Learn Web Video: DoGooder Awards Voting

Beth Kanter

Recently, I’ve been reading the ideas from The Presencing Institute (PI), an action-research community that “creates social technologies, builds capacities, and generates holding spaces for profound societal renewal.” For many nonprofits and social causes, video can have an even greater impact – sharing their message with a larger audience, moving people to action, and bringing more good into the world. But it’s not easy to create effective videos.

Video 53

How Effective are Video-Based Training Courses?


Traditionally, employers have delivered training in-person, but today’s organizational leaders are wising up to the fact that, like it or not, technology plays a huge role in training. As time marches on, technology will likely be solely relied upon to meet training needs. There is a vast array of technologies that are used to deliver training to employees. One is video. Video-based training has become quite popular. 3 Benefits of Video-Based Training Courses.

7 Fabulous Nonprofit Videos on Vine and Instagram

Beth Kanter

Note from Beth: Like many colleagues who are nonprofit technology capacity builders, we often get asked the question, “What’s hot? What’s the latest impact of new technologies on society? Recently, apps that take short snippets of video – like Vine and Instagram have been soaring in popularity. Is your organization using Instagram or Vine video? 7 Nonprofit Videos on Vine byGuest Post by Madeleine Hammond. Watch Video: [link].

Video 61

[VIDEO] In 1987 Apple predicted it would launch Siri in 2011

Trends in the Living Networks

This video created by Apple in 1987 shows how a ‘Knowledge Navigator’ would work, depicting a university professor interacting with a tablet computer through voice. This video was posted on Waxy , where they calculate the date of the video as September 16, 2011, based on the calendar on the desk, and the request for a five-year old research paper from 2006. There may have been a bit of over-reach in predicting where this technology would take us.

Video 122

Learning Technologies, London

Jay Cross

On January 28-29, I’ll be attending the Learning Technologies Conference in London. For me, “tireless promoter of the concept of informal learning, the past decade has liberated us from the tyranny of formal, structured learning, to appreciate that learning is a natural phenomenon to be supported, not led, by technologies and organisations.&#. Under the radar: great technologies that you could be using, 1/28, 11:30.

The cutting edge of brain science technologies

Mind Hacks

National Geographic has an excellent article that gives a tour of some of the latest technologies of neuroscience that are likely to be leading the way in understanding the brain over the next decade. The article is itself fascinating but is also wonderfully illustrated with photos and videos to show exactly how the new technologies allows us to see the brain at work in many different ways.