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Activity Streams

Jay Cross

Microformats wiki. Activity streams are going to be wildly important for social learning. The thought leaders in the activity streams space are thinking about standards for interoperability, how people can grant access to their feeds selectively, stream searching, de-duping, and security concerns. MySpace, Comcast, and other players huddled around a conference table in the offices of Six Apart in San Francisco to discuss activity streams.

Humannet at Cisco

Jay Cross

That said, many companies would not be successful taking Cisco’s leaderless, social approach. In six hours of conversation, we talked about all manner of things, some overlapping and some not, so I’m going to share the links and follow-up I promised various folks right here: The Meteoric Rise of Social Media. Social media: terrible name for “let’s get together.” Activity Streams are going to be wildly important for social learning.