On my 3rd Twitter birthday: 7 reasons Twitter is central to my life

Ross Dawson

Earlier today I noticed it’s three years since my life on Twitter began. It now seems strange to me that I was such a late starter compared to many other connected folk, given that Twitter is now so central to my life. The primary reason I held off getting started on Twitter was that I felt that my blog was my primary space for content sharing, and I didn’t want to divide my limited spare attention across platforms. I now know that blogs and Twitter are highly complementary.

Let’s move tweeting off Twitter

Doc Searls

Tweeting is owned by Twitter. In all fairness, this probably wasn’t the plan when Twitter’s founders started the service. Twitter has become de facto infrastructure, and that’s bad, because Twitter is failing. Tweeting without Twitter.

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Twitter Is Where Conversations Go To Die

Luis Suarez

Twitter has now become, once again, another messaging board system, like a good bunch of them out there of the once so-called social networking sites. What Twitter did, to use companies like Seesmic to grow and now killing them with their new API rules, is evil.

Technology Integration in K-12

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

I was asked, I''m curious as to what you think the three most important things for new teachers to know about technology integration in k-12? The exact technology doesn''t matter much, and has evolved over the years, from the days of email mailing lists, to community bulletin boards, to social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook. But it''s important to do something better than just searching on Google; that can drain more time than you can imagine.

Twitter as Search Engine or Community Seed

Nancy White

The folks over at BrandonHall, the learning folks who blog lots of interesting links, pointed out a value of Twitter that not all of us may have seen yet. Twitter as a search engine. The question always comes up “why would we be interested in something like Twitter.

top tools 2017

Harold Jarche

I have thousands I regularly search. 2: Twitter: Next to my blog, Twitter is my best learning tool and allows me to stay connected to a diverse network. Learning TechnologyJane Hart compiles a list every year of the Top 100 Tools for learning. This is the 11th year!

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stevenberlinjohnson.com: Radical New Innovation at Outside.in: Search!

Steven Berlin Johnson

» Radical New Innovation at Outside.in: Search! Forgot to mention that we finally restored search to outside.in. But we decided a few weeks ago to do a little mod of Google site search, which turns out to work very well.

Meatware based search

Euen Semple

Contextual colour and human interpretation trump technology based search every time. Interesting to see people talking of Twitter as a Google killer in this context One the most powerful uses of the large forum we had within the BBC was as a way of finding information.

Trust and the On-Demand Economy

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

Transaction costs are incurred in obtaining goods and services outside the firm, such as searching for the right people, negotiating a contract, coordinating the work, managing intellectual property and so on.

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12 Themes for 2012: what we can expect in the year ahead

Ross Dawson

Now our anonymity is compromised further through extraordinary advances in facial recognition technology. Facebook uses extremely accurate facial recognition technologies while Apple and Google own advanced platforms they are not yet using.

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In Defense of Data Centrism

Martijn Linssen

Home About Complexity Reading List Knowledge Management Reading List In Defense of Data Centrism John 0 comments Education System Dec 23 In the never ending search to know “what works,” we have a few choices.

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professional learner’s toolkit

Harold Jarche

Browser & Search Engine: I use three browsers (Firefox, Safari, Chrome) and two search engines ( StartPage & DuckDuckGo ). Social Networks : My preferred conversational and sharing network is Twitter. PKMastery SocialLearning Technology

After Bitly’s fail

Doc Searls

My Twitter handle is there, with my face. Does the blue “x” close the whole thing or just my twitter handle? Why would I want a shortlink if not to share it on something that requires it, like Twitter? search/bitly , as well as out in the long-form blogosphere.

2015 top 10 tools for learning

Clark Quinn

As a public service announcement, I list my top 10 tools for learning as well: Google search: I regularly look up things I hear of and don’t know. Twitter: I am pointed to many amazing and interesting things via Twitter. meta-learning technologyJane Hart has been widely and wisely known for her top 100 Tools for Learning (you too can register your vote ).

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Top 10 Tools for Learning 2016

Clark Quinn

So here’re my votes, FWIW: Google Search is, of course, still my top tool. Twitter is a go-to. The learning chats I participate in are another way twitter helps. meta-learning technologyIt’s that time again: Jane Hart is running her 2016 (and 10th!) Top 100 Tools for Learning poll. It’s a valuable service, and points out some interesting things and it’s interesting to see the changes over time.

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Twitter Digest for 2011-05-25

Jane Hart

5 Unique Uses of Twitter in the Classroom [link] #. RT @ briansolis Digital Darwinism is the evolution of consumer behavior when society & technology evolve faster than you [link] #. The pull of narrative – in search of persistent context, fm John Hagel [link] #. Workplace learning professionals on Twitter: add your name to the list [link] #. Powered by Twitter Tools. Twitter twitterTweet.

Reframing the news

Doc Searls

Twitter isn’t it. Yes, these days it’s pro forma for news media to post notifications of stories and other editorial on Twitter, but Twitter is a closed and silo’d corporation, not an institutional convention on the order of the front page, the editorial page, the section, the insert. Most of all, Twitter is somebody else’s system. But Twitter does normalize a model that Dave Winer called a river , long before Twitter existed.

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owning your data

Harold Jarche

Using open source gives you freedom from vendors and ensures that you are not handcuffed to your technology provider. For example, I have used Twitter since late 2007. Twitter lets you download all your tweets (for now). It is also how many people find me: through web searches.

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Twitter economics: corset creates value

Martijn Linssen

why not both Home About Contact Thursday, 2 September 2010 Twitter economics: corset creates value Commenting on The Spirituality of Social Media by Mark Schaefer , I found myself in immediate need of another blog post when I wrote I see amazingly, astonishingly little verbal abuse on Twitter.

Twitter Brings Lower Quality Clicks

Tony Karrer

Richard Hoeg points out that for his blog Twitter = High Visits But Low Conversion. Basically, he shows his "referring sites" from Google Analytics for the past two weeks: His conclusion: Folks who visit from Twitter don't visit as many pages and spend less time of the site.

top tools 2016

Harold Jarche

I have thousands I regular search. 2: Twitter: Next to my blog, Twitter is my best learning tool and allows me to stay connected to a diverse network. Learning TechnologyJane Hart compiles a list every year of the Top 100 Tools for learning. This is the 10th year!

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Earth to Mozilla: Come back home

Doc Searls

Ads in search turn out to be useful. I saw it in when I worked in commercial broadcasting, and I see it today in the online world with Google, Facebook, Twitter… and Mozilla. Google is nearly worthless when shopping for items that don’t involve technology.

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Some new ways to look at infrastructure

Doc Searls

Frequent fliers like myself rely on tools like this one, made possible by a collection of digital technologies working over the Internet. It says every medium, every technology, has effects that refract in four dimensions that also affect each other.

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Top 10 Tools for @C4LPT 2017

Clark Quinn

These are my personal learning tools, and are ordered according to Harold Jarche’s Seek-Sense-Share models, as ways to find answers, to process them, and to share for feedback: Google Search is my go-to tool when I come across something I haven’t heard of. Twitter is one of several ways I keep track of what people are thinking about and looking at. meta-learning technology

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All things to all people

Harold Jarche

In that post, Jeff Roach described G+ as “ a network that looks like Facebook (media rich) but functions more like twitter (streams etc) but is more friendly to conversations and sharing than both of them. Communities PKM SocialLearning Technology

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Abate and switch

Doc Searls

If you’ve already read your 10 free articles, you can still read our content through links from Facebook, Twitter, search engines and blogs. Business history Ideas Journalism Links Live Web News Past Social Technology VRM

How PR is as bad is it ever was

Doc Searls

In 2013 – Beginning Of The End For PR Boomers , David Bray actually says this… The media landscape is evolving rapidly, and baby boomers are about to be left behind because of their inability to keep up with technology and the changing times. I have 972 friends on Facebook, 19,061 followers on Twitter, 801 connections on LinkedIn, a Klout score of 81 and a PeerIndex of 81. Business Internet Journalism Personal problems Technology

Informal Learning Technology

Tony Karrer

There's a fantastic post by Stephen Downes - New Technology Supporting Informal Learning. In his post, he really is looking primarily at the University of Manitoba's Connectivism Course that he designed and delivered with George Siemens to 2200 students in Fall 2008 and you can tell that he's busy thinking about the technology behind the Fall 2009 course. This is the same technology that is behind eLearning Learning and Communities and Networks Connection.

Bring on The Live Web

Doc Searls

For example, we could search in real time, but search engine indexes were essentially archives, no matter how often they were updated. Technorati , IceRocket , PubSub and other live RSS-fed search engines came along to address that issue, as did Google Blogsearch as well.

eLearning Costs : eLearning Technology

Tony Karrer

eLearning Technology Tony Karrers eLearning Blog on e-Learning Trends eLearning 2.0 eLearning Technology - 6:39 AM 14 comments links to eLearning Costs Permalink: eLearning Costs Bookmark this page at: 14 Comments: At 9/10/2009 08:58:00 AM , Karl Kapp said. Just a note about how we are keeping costs down with the advent of V-Learning(TM) technologies for enhancing distance educatinn and training.

World Wide Catacombs

Doc Searls

What started as plain old Web search has now been marginalized as “organic&#. Please spread the word far and wide, and follow us on Twitter at [link]. Berkman history Ideas Journalism Places problems TechnologyThat’s because the plain old Web — the one Tim Berners-Lee created as a way to hyperlink documents — has become commercialized to such an extent that the about the only “organic&# result reliably rising to first-page status is Wikipedia.

Business or Pleasure? - why not both: Enterprise 2.0: The Prodigal.

Martijn Linssen

conference on Twitter via its hashtag #e2conf , I noticed a strange phenomenon: most tweets werent about Enterprise 2.0, Yes, but I still think most definitions of, and certainly approaches to, social business (including Dachis') still actually focus on the technology piece. 'What

On marketing’s terminal addiction to personal data fracking and bad guesswork

Doc Searls

But what happens now, almost thirty years later, when our experience is one of Facebook chatter and Google searches, when online life and language (“poking,” “friending” and so on) soak up time formerly spent around tables, in bars or in cars, and our environment is “personalized” through guesswork by companies whose robotic filtering systems constantly customize everything to satisfy a supposedly singular you? Books Business Cluetrain Internet problems Technology

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CoP Series #10: Stewarding Technology for Community

Nancy White

Elearning is growing and evolving hand in glove with a constellation of technologies that have their roots in a number of places. ″ tools, there is a constant thread of the dynamic interplay between technology and the groups using it. We are not simply deploying technology.

Online Facilitation, Twitter, Backchannel and Keynotes | Full Circle Associates

Nancy White

Home About Full Circle Contact Resources Wiki Full Circus Full Circle Associates connections for a changing world, online and offline… Feb 24 2010 Online Facilitation, Twitter, Backchannel and Keynotes Published by Nancy White at 3:08 pm under events , online facilitation , online interaction As promised earlier , here is my reflection of the keynote I did at the Instructional Technology Council’s annual gathering on February 22nd.

Capturing all your browsing data: the difference between Amazon’s Silk and Opera Mobile

Ross Dawson

In a discussion on Twitter, Mark Pesce and Alexander Sadleir pointed out that this is basically the same as what Opera Mobile does. Marketing, new media and technology pundits may have to rethink a few things once they digest the size of Opera’s well-kept secret. … Opera initially offered the technology as a caching proxy to operators, called Mobile Accelerator. As well as searches, it contains destinations – news pages, social networking pages and emails.

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[from gminks] Social Learning Measurement : eLearning Technology

Tony Karrer

eLearning Technology Tony Karrers eLearning Blog on e-Learning Trends eLearning 2.0 eLearning Technology - 6:09 AM 7 comments links to Social Learning Measurement Permalink: Social Learning Measurement Bookmark this page at: 7 Comments: At 4/15/2009 08:37:00 AM , Will Thalheimer said. Unless you really screw up your social learning models, those work activities will become significantly more efficient and innovative through the application of social media concepts and technologies.

The Future of Work and Learning 2: Chatbots

Jane Hart

Conversational or chat bots, often make use of artificial intelligence and natural language processing technologies, and they’ve been around for some time. search for relevant or customised content (or courses) on say YouTube, Wikipedia or Coursera.

More Reflections on SharePoint and Picking Technology | Full Circle Associates

Nancy White

I got somewhat alarmed when seeing that MS Sharepoint is not mentioned at all in “Digital Habitat&# (book by Etienne Wenger et al on Technology Stewardship for communities). This is where examination of technology at all three levels: platform, tool and feature — can really matter.

More Reflections on SharePoint and Picking Technology | Full Circle Associates

Nancy White

I got somewhat alarmed when seeing that MS Sharepoint is not mentioned at all in “Digital Habitat&# (book by Etienne Wenger et al on Technology Stewardship for communities). This is where examination of technology at all three levels: platform, tool and feature — can really matter.