Tony Karrer

This post likely will be quite a bit different because I'm convinced that most people have used different search tools enough that they are pretty comfortable with their current search behaviors. Yes, I personally use Google 95%+ for searching. Search.

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Full-text searching Harvard Library

David Weinberger

Harvard is digitizing many of them, but as of now you cannot do a full text search of them. You can do full-text searches of them. So, I wrote a little app that lets you search Google Books for text, and then matches up the results with books in Harvard Library.

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Advanced advanced Google search

David Weinberger

The first return at Google for the query “google advanced search” takes you to a form where you can construct a more finicky search than normal. The Google help page for advanced search has some interesting operators, but not what I need. Limiting my exploration to (advanced search I could find no explanation of how to do this. The post Advanced advanced Google search appeared first on Joho the Blog

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“Are Search and Social ousting L&D?”

Jane Hart

Although the Learning and Workplace Survey is still open, the results of 3,500 people* who rated the importance (value/usefulness) of 10 different ways of learning in the workplace are shown below – ranked by their combined Very Important + Essential scores with the red shaded areas and red figures highlighting where the most responses have been received. Rank Results of […]. Social learning

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Power Searching with Google

Jay Cross

Search is like driving a car. Google just opened enrollment for an online course, Power Searching with Google. I signed up for several reasons: I’m insanely curious and search the web many times a day. Most people think they’re in the top 10% of performers.

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40% of the search traffic to is because of the term ‘facebook’

Dan Pontefract

I thought I’d make use of the Jetpack statistics function that comes with my WordPress installation of this site to determine what terms people entered into a search engine over the past year that brought them directly to

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[internet librarian] Search tools

David Weinberger

Gary Price from Infodocket is moderating a panel on what’s new in search. The first speaker is from , which he says “is thought of as the third search engine” in the US market. ” When you search for “kate spade” you get authenticated Kate Spade fashion stuff. describes itself on its site as “Natural Language Processing Tools and Customizable Knowledge Bases for Semantic Search and Discovery Applications.”

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Search me

Jay Cross's Informal Learning

Similar Site Search reads one site’s tags and proceeds to find sites like it. Of course, I could always do this.

Searching The "Small Here"

Steven Berlin Johnson

Search doesn't yet reflect those shifting definitions of where we are, the true radius of our interest. Yes, you can search a map at Google or Bing or on your iPhone--along with a thousand other directory sites. contains two search fields: "what" and "where."

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Search matchups

David Weinberger

Tags: google search bing wolframalpha

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Search Pidgin

David Weinberger

Search engines are easier because they have already trained us how to talk to them. We eventually learn that quoting a phrase searches for exactly that phrase. ’&# is way worse than “Moby-Dick harpoonist’ &# I have no idea what the curve of query sophistication looks like, but most of us have been trained to one degree or another by the search engines who are our masters and our betters.

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Searching for news media that support

David Weinberger

I just posted a tiny little site — even uglier than usual — that lets you search for a particular news media site. Thanks to a suggestion from Dan Brickley, it’s using a custom search engine from Google. One of the parameters permitted by custom search engines is to only return items that are one of’s types. (I’m

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Kids Search

Tony Karrer

The most recent aha is the learning associated with kids search behavior. So, for my kids search has become the starting point for a lot and they know that define: and Wikipedia provide starting points.

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Who searches for "knowledge jobs" says A LOT

Nine Shift

Who searches for the term "knowledge jobs" says a lot about where economic prosperity will reside in the United States. People in these cities search for that term more than people in any other city: 1.Portland 2.Washington, DC 3.Houston 4.Seattle 5.New York 6.Chicago 7.Los Angeles.

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Visual Aids for Search

Harold Jarche

Just when you think you know what you’re doing on the Web, along comes another tool. In Borrowing from the Library to Support Workplace Learning , Michele Martin gives some great advice and links to several tools.

Search 182 Radical New Innovation at Search!

Steven Berlin Johnson

» Radical New Innovation at Search! Forgot to mention that we finally restored search to But we decided a few weeks ago to do a little mod of Google site search, which turns out to work very well.

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Conversation Searches

Tony Karrer

What are Conversation Searches? During those presentations, I'll mention what are sometimes called "vanity searches." These searches look for any mention of your name, company, URLs across blogs and other sites. For me, these searches primarily allow me to see what people are saying in response to something that I've put out there. So, I think of these searches as conversation searches, not vanity searches.

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Musing on Google’s Power Searching Course and marketing

Jay Cross

Today I completed Google’s Power Searching Course. Do I know any more about search than I did ten days ago? You can narrow a search by date. Previously I approached Google searches much like looking something up in an encyclopedia or dictionary.

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The Annals of Searching: Cluetrain circa 1505

David Weinberger

Confine your search at Google Books for only the 19th century Cluetrain references , and you get four hits. In fact, the earliest reference to Cluetrain indexed by Google Books was in the 1505 business best-seller Extravagantes com[m]unes , in which appears the sentence “Markets are conversations…with that lying bastard Roger the Offal Merchant

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Twitter Search #myonlineorigins

Nancy White

So I was tickled to be led to Twitter / Search – #myonlineorigins. I’m always interested in where people started in their “practice&# no matter what the practice. What are your online origins? Photo Credit: quapan.

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The Pull of Narrative – In Search of Persistent Context

John Hagel

We live in a world of ever more change and choice , a world where we have far more opportunity than ever to achieve our potential. That kind of world is enormously exciting, and full of options. But it is also highly disorienting, threatening to overwhelm us with sensory and mental overload.    In that kind of world, the ability to provide persistent context becomes paradoxically ever more valuable.

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The REAL real time search

Doc Searls

Blog search is mighty thin in Wikipedia. While “real time&# is heating up as a topic, real time search seems to have fallen off the radar of everybody other than itself. It begins, Web search, real-time search and social search. Hey, why not the search engines that have been looking at real time for the duration? Here’s IceRocket on real time search as a string. Like a search engine ought to be. It’s blog search too.

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The 9 kinds of context that will define contextual search

Ross Dawson

One of the many topics I discussed was the rise of contextual search. Looking back over the last decade, I think it’s fair to say that the search experience has not evolved much. The current greatest focus in using context in search is location.

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Twitter as Search Engine or Community Seed

Nancy White

Twitter as a search engine. But I never really conceptualized it as search. First, I searched for something for me. But you have to have a question in mind to make the search meaningful beyond curiosity. Do you use Twitter as a search engine?

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The search for a genetic killer

Mind Hacks

The medical examiner for the Sandy Hook shooting has requested a genetic analysis of killer Adam Lanza. Following this, a powerful editorial in the science magazine Nature has condemned the move suggesting it is “misguided and could lead to dangerous stigmatization.”

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Free book on search interfaces

David Weinberger

flamenco ) , has written a a definitive book on user interfaces to search engines. Tags: search google user_interfaces everything_is_miscellaneous Berkeley’s Marti Hearst , who was way ahead of everyone else in faceted classification (e.g., And it’s up on the Web for free, if that’s the way you roll. Thanks, Marti!

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Open source search result clustering

David Weinberger

That was the search engine that did an amazing job of dynamically clustering search results into folders based on their topic or area. Jon Lehto, of, who pointed this out to me, notes that Carrot2 &# builds categories from search results (configurable number), and the user doesn’t need to ‘own’ the search data.&#. BTW, Northern Light is still around, although not for public Web searching. Remember Northern Light ?

[liveblog][act-tiac] A federal portal in the age of search?

David Weinberger

“In a world where everyone can search and has apps, is a web portal relevant?,” Now people arrive through search. Someone has a general idea, but not informed enough to search. Sarah Crane , Dir., Federal Citizen Information Center, GSA., is going to talk about ” she asks. NOTE: Live-blogging. Getting things wrong. Missing points. Omitting key information. Introducing artificial choppiness. Over-emphasizing small matters. Paraphrasing badly.

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Searching for Expertise - LinkedIn Answers

Clark Quinn

Yesterday I created a screen cast on LinkedIn for Finding Expertise. Today, I saw a post on our Free - Web 2.0 for Learning Professionals where someone said: I am currently trying to find a SME experienced with Moodle (a CMS/LMS) and WizIQ (synchronous web class technology). I posted a query about this to several of the groups that I've joined on LinkedIn and have received about a dozen responses so far.

In search of invisible violence

Mind Hacks

NPR Radio covers an amazing inattentional blindness experiment that investigated how easy it is to miss a vicious beating in the street – after a policemen was convicted of ignoring an attack during a pursuit.

Rapid eLearning Search [Stupid Google Results]

Tony Karrer

I did a search for rapid eLearning and the following is a screen shot showing the results with arrows added for one that I really don’t understand. It’s NOT because of personalized search. This is stupid but struck me funny.

Search 140

Bring back the old Google Image search

Doc Searls

I hate the new Google Image search. There are also more options on the search results page. I used the old one constantly and understood it well, because there wasn’t much to understand. You clicked on an image, and it went to a page with two frames. The one above gave a route to the original image, and the one below was the whole page the image was on. The new one is a montage of larger images.

Search 149

Bring in the serendipity dial – for search, music and beyond

Ross Dawson

Over the last decade the rise of collaborative filtering hasn’t quite met my expectations, but still is used extensively in music, movies, news, and other content, and implicitly in search.

Search 192

Search Inside Yourself with Chade-Meng Tan

Dan Pink

” As part of that mission, he developed a personal growth curriculum at Google called “Search Inside Yourself.” How did the Search Inside Yourself program come about? Search Inside Yourself takes an entirely different approach. Chade-Meng Tan is an amazing guy.

Who forces Google to remove search results because of copyright claims?

David Weinberger

Tayob, Google has released data on which organizations request certain search results be suppressed because of copyright issues. million URLs from Google’s search results. million copyright takedowns for search… and here we are in just May of 2012, and they’re already processing over 1.2 According to a post at TechDirt by Riaz K. From TechDirt: It may be a bit surprising, but at the top of the list? Microsoft, who has apparently taken down over 2.5

Search 165

Reduce Searching Start Talking

Tony Karrer

The research would seem to suggest that it's more than just an uneasy feeling after searching, but the reality is that you likely are missing things. The bottom line is to reduce the amount of time you spend search and spend more time talking.

Search 100

Google Blog Search Problems

Tony Karrer

I rely pretty heavily on Google Blog Search to help me find people who are citing blog posts of mine so that I can see that kind of conversation. Unfortunately, it looks like Google Blog Search has decided that they will now include the entire contents of the web page rather than just the contents of the RSS feed. What this means is that I now get links to every post where the author includes my blog in their blog roll. This completely defeats my purpose.

Search 100

Design for Search

Tony Karrer

Most of our activity is looking up information, so the most common use case is search, evaluate, keep, organize. The rest search and get straight there. Interesting post by Donald Clark that points to a BCC article - Web users 'getting more selfish'. The article is a bit over the top in terms of headline, but it's main point is: people are becoming much less patient when they go online.

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Doc Searls Weblog · Getting out of Live Search hell

Doc Searls

But afterwards her PC ran slower, and now insists on trying to run Live Search, no matter what, when she runs Internet Explorer. There were some check boxes at the end of the install process to make live search the default. An “Add Search Provider&# text box will appear.

Search 130

Content Search Use Cases

Tony Karrer

A recent example - Content Search: Use Cases - which explores some of the different ways we search for things and helps us think about when Google might be a good answer and when it's likely not Ray Sims has been doing great stuff on his blog. He does a great job of breaking down topics into smaller pieces.

Search 100

Facebook Graph Search and your company's "digital plumage"

Euen Semple

Reading Jon Battelle's great article on Facebook's graph search got me thinking about its impact on brand given my big thing that Organizations Don't Tweet - People Do Once you can search your friends, or your friends friends to see who works at, let's just say Tesco, suddenly you can not only find out who works there, which admittedly you can also do in Linkedin, but unlike Linkedin you can get to see much more of what sort of people they are and what sort of lives they live.

Search 118

Top Ten Subliminal Searches

Tony Karrer

As I mentioned before more than half of the traffic to my blog comes from search engines. What's sometimes fun to do is take a look at various search terms that people use to find my blog. This morning I had a really good chuckle because I saw that the search: top 10 reasons not to do your homework Put me in position number 2 on Google (at least on the servers in the US that I used). Or if there's some hidden meaning that I somehow get found for these searches.

Search 100

When search and replace goes wrong

David Weinberger

A global search-and-replace or mailmerge on boilerplate gone wrong? lists experts willing to testify in court for you, for a pretty penny. It’s got over 1,000 categories, including experts in gates, loading docks, and well logging. Click on a category and you go to a page that begins with an explanation. For example, here’s the explanation for the category “exercise equipment&# : Exercise equipment is any object used in exercise.

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