White House Innovation Fellows

David Weinberger

RFP-EZ – twitter: @ProjectRFPEZ. My Gov – twitter: @ProjectMyGov #gov. Open Data – Twitter: @ProjectOpenData #opengov. 20% Initiative – twitter: @ProjectTwenty. Blue Button For America – twitter: @ProjectBlueBtn. The White House is announcing the White House Innovation Fellows who are going to work on five projects. Here are the projects: 1.

All Social is Learning | Organizational Knowledge Design

Martijn Linssen

As someone mentioned this weekend on Twitter : The learning that isn’t social, isn’t worth our time studying. Learning Management Suite RFP Template | Catadoc.com - [.]

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Top 100 eLearning Items

Tony Karrer

LMS RFP The Nature of Online Collaboration Connectivism and the modern learner Nursing Simulation in Second Life eLearning Course or Online Demo - which is better? Using eLearning Learning , I thought it would be interesting to go look what it thinks are some of the top items of all time. Learning 2.0 - The Things How we read online. -

Harold Jarche » Free-agents and natural enterprises are better value

Harold Jarche

Home About Consulting Contact Key Posts Clients Toolbox Français Harold Jarche Entries RSS | Comments RSS Subscribe by e-mail Twitter Faves planetrussell: "Globalization creates interlocking fragility, while giving the appearance of stability."

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Tony Karrer

for Learning Professionals Ten Predictions for eLearning 2008 Test SCORM Courses with an LMS Request for Proposal (RFP) Samples Training Method Trends Corporate Learning Long Tail and Attention Crisis SCORM Test Web 2.0 Twitter I'm still not sure what my Twitter Status will be.

Mzinga 130

Department of Corrections

Doc Searls

Consider, for example, how Google, Facebook and Twitter could work as routers of actual ready-to-buy intention from real customers. (In Personal RFP.

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