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Harold Jarche

Finding Perpetual Beta is now in production. In addition, there is an expanded Part 2 on personal knowledge mastery ( PKM ), a foundational discipline for working in the network era and a creative economy. Meanwhile, collaborative work is dominating both transactional and production work. PKM Tips. PKM and the Future of Work. For example, students in a US education doctoral program will be using these ebooks for one of their modules.

eBook 169

Managing Learning?

Charles Jennings

LMS technology emerged from a need to automate process management and record-keeping systems in the post-World War II era when the focus was on industrialisation and the development of mass production techniques. The Rise of PKM My diagram above points to PKM (Personal Knowledge Management) as an important focus area in supporting the learning-work interlink. Harold Jarche has written extensively on PKM and you can download his PKM Whitepaper from here.

PKM 173