Big Data: Running out of Metric System…

Andy McAfee

The first is the great thirst mainstream organizations have for analytic talent. It turns out that in the era of big data, we’re about to run out of metric system: Yotta- , signifying 10^24, is the only metrix prefix left on the list.

Using social media to track and drive organizational success metrics

Ross Dawson

One of the many topics discussed was the use of social media to track metrics and correlate these with organizational success metrics. A range of other very specific insights were generated from the analysis, and these metrics are now tracked on an ongoing basis. An organization that has a high level of participation in social media has a very specific advantage over companies that do not.

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ROI and Metrics in eLearning

Tony Karrer

I'm working on an article around the use of ROI and metrics in eLearning. To ensure adequate funding and organization-wide commitment to your training program, you must be equally committed to Online Course Development: What Does It Cost? BPM and workflow technologies have been able to achieve significant gains in productivity Metrics Recently, functional managers have begun using eLearning to meet business objectives.

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Social Media Metrics

Clark Quinn

I continue to get asked about social learning metrics. Until we get around to a whitepaper or something on metrics, here’re some thoughts: Frankly, the problem with Kirkpatrick (sort of like with LMS’ and ADDIE, *drink*) is not in the concept, but in the execution. But I digress… So, let’s say you are interested in seeing what social media can do for your organization: what are you not seeing but need to? Frankly, even activity is a metric.

How To Make Sense of Your Social Media Metrics

Beth Kanter

” Each organization is working on an action learning project that is a small, doable measurement project that applies the frameworks and steps in the book.

Methods and Metrics for Assessing Civic Tech

Beth Kanter

Methods and Metrics for Assessing Civic Tech, Guest post by Anne Whatley, Network Impact. Code for America , one of the organizations that we worked with, is already implementing outcome assessments.

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Content Strategy, Creation, Organization, and Measurement

Beth Kanter

I think that is an important insight for small organizations who don’t have a team of people doing the social media and trying to do it with limited hours in the day. Those decisions are implemented across the organization’s web properties and social channels.

Is the New Facebook “People Talking About” Metric As Meaningless as Number of Likes?

Beth Kanter

Mari Smith pointed to this blog post from All Facebook explaining the metric and how it has been implemented in apps. His take: “It is a very shallow metric. And it does feel somewhat gratifying that I think we’ve been right all along. Photo by lecercle.

UX Metrics for Noobs and Skeptics: An Interview With Richard Dalton

Adaptive Path

And yet, without understanding the quantifiable effects, it’s very difficult to know or show what impact user experience is having in an organization. So I guess it’s time for me to learn more about UX metrics. They say, if it moves measure it. I’ve been finding myself thinking a lot about how to measure UX lately — mainly to realize that I halfway don’t believe it’s possible.

Grand Unified Theory of Service Design, Systems Design, and Organization Design

Adaptive Path

One is that I specialize in helping IT organizations and digital businesses bring together agile, DevOps, and design thinking in order to adopt new methodologies and be able to deliver more continuous value, so I’m really interested in the relationship between design and engineering and design and IT in particular. The other thing is, I think a lot about the relationship between designing and operating systems and designing and operating organizations.

The Great Transformation of the Organization Still Needs the How

Dan Pontefract

” The ‘we’ he referred to might have been leaders in today’s organizations. It helps an organization’s margins improve because they make markets vibrant. Efficiency innovations – helps an organization get lean.

Applying Avinash Kaushik’s Best Social Metrics Framework for the New Facebook Insights Data

Beth Kanter

The panel also featured, Mary Beth Smith, from the SF Ballet, who share her organization’s experience integrating social media into marketing strategies since 2007. The panel was on social media, adoption, and measurement.

Measure what’s important

Jay Cross

Most business managers recognize that they’re managing a living organization, not a balance sheet, but many managers of L&D are still in a fog. Just Jay Metrics of organizational learning

International Organizations and Social Media: News, Engagement, and Social Data for Policy Change

Beth Kanter

While the primary goal is for students to learn about strategic use of networks and social media for international organizations, I will also be covering some practical career skills such as effective networking and self-directed professional learning (also called “Social Learning”).

Return on Intangibles

Jay Cross

That’s why Return on Intangibles is the most important metric in the CLO’s toolkit. Human Capital is the know-how and abilities of an organization’s people; Relational Capital is personal and business links to customers, partners, and suppliers; and Structural Capital is the infrastructure, processes, culture, and intellectual property that define how the organization operates. Management Innovation Metrics of organizational learning Profit

Implementing Lean Startup in Mission-Driven Organizations

Beth Kanter

The presenters also rightly noted a need within the social sector to shift the culture of philanthropy to adjust to more fluid planning processes based on general goals but with flexibility in programming and metrics that emerge through analysis rather than being known from the start.

Notes from Mari Smith Facebook Changes Webinar: Privacy Settings and A New Metric – People Talking About

Beth Kanter

Organizational: This is when you are sharing information as an official spokesperson for your organization or your organizational persona. However, if you use your Facebook profile to connect with professional colleagues or want to promote your organization, you might consider this option.

A Rough But Intriguing Metric for School Assessing a School.

Bob Sutton

Center for Work, Technology and Organization. Thomas Kelley: The Ten Faces of Innovation: IDEOs Strategies for Defeating the Devils Advocate and Driving Creativity Throughout Your Organization. Robert Hogan: Personality and the Fate of Organizations. Tim Brown: Change by Design: How Design Thinking Transforms Organizations and Inspires Innovation. March: The Pursuit of Organizational Intelligence: Decisions and Learning in Organizations (Blackwell Business).

Mapping metrics

Harold Jarche

Beth Kanter shares her presentation on Mapping metrics to strategy (with slide show) focused on non-profits using social media: The session will share an overview of why the sequence listen, learn, and adapt is critical to implementing a successful social media strategy.

Community Organizing and Social Justice Measurement in the Connected Age

Beth Kanter

20) at the AFL-CIO headquarters in conjunction with the Campaign for Community Change. We got into a conversation about the challenges of measuring the success of community organizing and social justice in a connected age. Success is not a single metric, and it’s not a linear path.

Why you need to take a Google Analytics approach to measuring learning


Did you know that, according to Bersin, less than half of the L&D organizations they survey feel they are perceived by their stakeholder leadership as a strategic business partner? And what it wants is low-level, actionable metrics.

Jay’s new book on learning metrics

Jay Cross's Informal Learning

This takes more than jargon and metrics. If you can do that, convincing your organization shouldn’t be a problem. New book: What Would Andrew Do? by Jay Cross & friends. How to sell senior management on the value of learning. Preview and Table of Contents. 189 pages, $19.99


Social Media Benchmarking: Gauging Success for Project and Organizations in Global Health and Development

Beth Kanter

Note from Beth: You need a identify a measurable goal for your integrated social media strategy that can be linked to your organization’s overall results and pick a data point or KPI that you will collect along the way to measure success. Flickr Photo by Kevlar.

How to Replace Top-Down Training with Collaborative Learning (4)

Jay Cross

Is your organization ready? Where does your organization fit on the progression from Hierarchical Organization to Collaborative Organization? If you checked fewer than five ”yes” boxes, your organization is trailing the mainstream. Fourth post in a series.

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Did Zappos Just Ruin Their Culture Or Is It A Brilliant Org Redesign?

Dan Pontefract

Instead of the “Z Cafe” being simply a place to order food and grab a cappuccino, the company placed its “Mainframe Zappos Tech Support” center in the middle of “Z Cafe,” not banishing it to the basement where many other organizations house similar IT outfits.

Secrets of Working Smarter

Jay Cross

Those in the quantitative data/metrics/benchmarking camp argue against the legitimacy of the notion of “informal” learning. Food for thought, from Cross: “If you were to create the organization’s learning and development function from scratch, what would it look like?

The Purpose Effect Scorecard

Dan Pontefract

Toward the end of the book I introduce ‘ The Purpose Effect Scorecard ‘ a means in which an organization can publicly state and track how it is serving all of its stakeholders. For me, stakeholders are the reason an organization is in business in the first place.

Supporting self-managed team learning in the organisation

Jane Hart

In this and my next post I am going to look at self-managed learning in an organization, and how that might be supported and scaffolded. Team learning is essential in any organization, for as my colleague, Harold Jarche points out, quoting Peter Senge.

Evolution of the Chief Learning Officer

Dan Pontefract

“As long as I show increases in the Learning Management System metrics and with the course evaluations, my C-Suite doesn’t care about anything else.” That is, the CLO ought to not only be responsible for ‘learning’ but for the organization’s culture and purpose strategy.

Strategy Made Simple - The 3 Core Strategy Questions

John Hagel

In a world of accelerating change and uncertainty, they provide a compass to focus people (both within and outside our organizations) and reassure them that they can make a difference at a time when everything seems out of control. Financial metrics, while important at one level, are ultimately lagging indicators. Many people have moved beyond financial metrics to operating metrics like customer churn rate or lead-times to introduce new products and services to market. 

Content and continuous learning: The cornerstones of a learning architecture


What separates powerful learning and development organizations from the middling crowd? A May 2014 report from Bersin by Deloitte, Deloitte Consulting LLP  looking at the role of a learning architecture identifies what high-impact learning organizations (HILO''s) are.

The Evolution Toward Digital Supply Chains

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

The meeting was organized by the Center for Global Enterprise (CGE), - the nonprofit research institution founded by former IBM Chairman and CEO Sam Palmisano to study the contemporary corporation, globalization, economic trends, and their impact on society.

a simpler approach to km

Harold Jarche

Here is a simple guide on how to enable organizational sense-making, not the mere management of data and metrics. of course, there has to be something to curate, and that is only available when most people in the organization freely share.

RFP 79

Linking Results To Key Performance Indicators Is Like Hooking Up A Big TV

Beth Kanter

The process of linking results to key performance indicators and associated metrics it is like hooking up a big TV. Step 5: Define your metrics. The process of linking results to key performance indicators and associated metrics it is like hooking up a big TV.

The Only Person Who Behaves Sensibly Is My Tailor

Charles Jennings

Effective Metrics for Learning and Development I wonder what Shaw would think if he saw the way learning and development is predominantly measured in organisations today. These time-honoured metrics developed for an industrial age are not the answer. A parallel path to learning metrics.

Finally, A Clear Shift in Attitudes About Measuring Social Media

Beth Kanter

I spent a year co-writing on a book, “ Measuring the Networked Nonprofit ,” with measurement guru KD Paine because I felt strongly focusing on vanity metrics such as follower counts or Facebook likes was a waste of time.

Never Under-Estimate the Immune System

John Hagel

Just like the immune system all organisms have, this institutional immune system is adept at recognizing foreign bodies as soon as they appear and very effective at protecting the institution from infection. Focus on operating metrics that tend to be leading indicators of performance and that can be measured quickly, rather than financial metrics that tend to be lagging indicators of performance.

Don’t drink the informal learning snake oil

Jay Cross

A brief quiz tells you whether your organization needs to adopt formal or informal approaches. It’s not an organization-wide choice.). This is BS — unless they’ve incorporated business metrics.). The Tragedy of eLearning. We’ve seen this movie before.

Thoughts on Learning Design Strategy

Clark Quinn

I had in mind the approach taken by an organization to their learning design. It’s also your review approach, and metrics. One was for examples, and I reckon both of better learning designs, and approaches to implement those learning designs in organizations.

Markets for Good Post: Design A Better Dashboard

Beth Kanter

Dashboard design is more than simply clarifying outcomes and key metrics. By applying this approach to any program development or strategy and even your organization’s dashboard, your nonprofit can more innovative and get more impactful results. Metrics for Movements.

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