Social media workshops

Harold Jarche

Focus: understanding web social media and how they can be used for training, education and personal learning. Topics: What is Web 2.0? Personal knowledge management – a sense-making process. Tools, techniques and resources for social learning on the web: e.g. social bookmarks, blogs, twitter. Focus: understanding web social media to connect with customers. Topics: What is Web 2.0?

Social tools for networks

Harold Jarche

Effective knowledge sharing is what many organizations do not do well, or as Lew Platt past-CEO of Hewlett-Packard said, “if only HP knew what HP knows, we would be three times more productive&#. That’s the key benefit of personal knowledge management, in my opinion. If each person can better manage knowledge creation and capture, then it becomes easier to share it. Many Web 2.0 The powerful aspect of most Web 2.0

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Exchanging knowledge in Ottawa & Montreal

Harold Jarche

On 3/4 Feb I will be presenting a framework for social learning in the enterprise in Ottawa with the Canadian Council for Learning and Development as well as the Knowledge Strategy Exchange Networks. My presentation will discuss: Social media, distributed work and unlimited information are changing our relationships in the workplace. Courses are an artifact of a time when information was scarce and connections were few. Web social media for business.

Disruptive Changes in Learning

Tony Karrer

George Siemens recent post - Formal and informal.control vs foster discusses the move from mainstream, controlled information to consumer generated information. His examples include: Mainstream media -> YouTube Mainstream press -> Blogs Microsoft Office -> Office 2.0 and eLearning 2.0 Tools for Personal Learning Improving Personal Learning - A Continuing Challenge for Learning.

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New Meme - Media I Consume - How about a change?

Tony Karrer

Then I took a look at the information contained in his post and saw that Nancy White had done one as well. I'm personally not that interested in music, movies, magazines, but I was very interested how people were using the web. One thing for sure is that whenever I need to get information on a particular subject the Web is one of the first resources I check. Tools for Personal Learning Improving Personal Learning - A Continuing Challenge for Learning.

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195 posts about MOOCs

Jay Cross

From Learning Management to Personal Knowledge Management. Acquiring new knowledge and skills – e.g. in webinars, online workshops, MOOCs , and through videos and screencasts, etc. “If E-Learning Generations. The future belongs to those who take charge of their own learning. Negating the learner in the learning process GEORGE SIEMENS | SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 3, 2013. Slow Learning – #change11 CLARK QUINN | SATURDAY, DECEMBER 3, 2011.

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Harold Jarche " PKM - Personally Managing Your Knowledge

Harold Jarche

Harold Jarche on Get thee to a theatre Gilbert on Get thee to a theatre Harold Jarche on Get thee to a theatre Karyn Romeis on Get thee to a theatre Jon Husband on Invert the Pyramid Virginia Yonkers on T&D Learning in 2020 Harold Jarche on Invert the Pyramid Traci Fenton on Invert the Pyramid CCK08: Thank You! Harold Jarche on An educated and informed citizenry. Informal Learning. Learning. PKM - Personally Managing Your Knowledge.

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LCB Question for December - Past Year, Present Challenges, Predictions

Tony Karrer

The Learning Circuits Blog Question for December has been posted. It is the year that I recognized that there is a revolution going on in eLearning similar to 1996 when I saw that web-delivery of tools, content, etc. I had a very interesting disagreement with a client about the technical direction for their solution - they wanted local editing via a Word add-in locally installed - I advocated providing a pure web delivered solution. What is the form of informal learning?

2012?s Top articles on Working Smarter

Jay Cross

Working Smarter Daily points to ideas from design thinking, network optimization, brain science, user experience design, learning theory, organizational development, social business, technology, collaboration, web 2.0 ” Working smarter embraces the spirit of agile software, action learning, social networks, and parallel developments in many disciplines. The Top 100 Tools for Learning 2012 list is revealed. E-Learning Generations . Web 2.0

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Working Smarter eFieldbook $12

Jay Cross

Point your smart phone at a QR code, and you’ll be led to a location on the net with more information. In this 2011 edition, we added a more lucid description of workscapes, streamlined the social learning chapter, updated the cheat sheets, and included a glossary. Knowledge work and learning to work smarter are becoming indistinguishable. It’s the platform where learning and work transpire. It’s an organization’s learning ecosystem. Informal Learning.

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