Sat.May 11, 2019 - Fri.May 17, 2019

What is innovation?

Harold Jarche

In writing almost 100 posts on innovation since 2007, it’s time to put the core observations together into a cohesive narrative. Here goes. Innovation is fifteen different things to fifteen different people.

Once Lumbering, Now Innovative Incumbents Hit Their Stride

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

Last year, IBM’s Institute for Business Value published Incumbents Strike Back , a global C-suite study based on survey data from over 12,800 executives from 112 countries, including CEOs, CFOs, CMOs, COOs, CIOs, and CHROs.

Learning Lessons

Clark Quinn

So, I just finished teaching a mobile learning course online for a university. My goal was not to ‘teach’ mobile so much as develop a mobile mindset. You have to think differently than what the phrase ‘mobile learning’ might lead you to think.

All hail the Houston Rockets—especially next year

Doc Searls

I thought the Rockets were great in last night’s game—and say that as a Warriors fan. (I I even had season tickets back in the Run TMC era, when tickets were still affordable).

narcissists at work

Harold Jarche

The following series of tweets by @HoarseWisperer is an incredibly good examination of how people with narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) control those who work for them. I am sure many of us have witnessed similar behaviours in toxic workplaces.

Being brave

Euen Semple

Most of the organisations I work with have clearly defined groups whose needs they are intended to serve. Increasingly these days there is a desire reach out online to foster a real connection with those people, but most staff in most organisations find it ridiculously difficult to do so. As a participant in a workshop once said "How do you find your authentic voice while working in a stifling bureaucratic environment?"

Groups 126

Shaming, safety, & misconceptions

Clark Quinn

Another twitter debate , another blog post. As an outgrowth of a #lrnchat debate, a discussion arose around whether making errors in learning could be a source of shaming. This wasn’t about the learners, however, being afraid of being shamed. Instead it was about whether the designers would feel proscribed from making real errors because of their expectation of learner’s emotions. And, I have strong beliefs about why this is an important issue.

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a decade of finds

Harold Jarche

I started Friday’s Finds in May 2009 as an attempt to capture what I was finding on Twitter, as I had joined that platform in December 2007. I felt that I was making a lot of connections but at that time it was difficult to search and retrieve tweets. So I started curating weekly compilations.

Mutual aid

Euen Semple

The main focus of my workshops over the last couple of weeks for Jobs Australia has been helping people to catch up with the impact of technology on how we live and work. In our conversations I was reminded yet again how people have varying levels of comfort and ability in even the most basic use of technology. There is a very real risk of an emerging digital "underclass" if we don't do something about it.

3 Ways to Customize Your Sales Onboarding Program to Reduce Time to Productivity


Effective sales professionals are one of the biggest contributors to company revenue - they’re also extremely difficult to find. A great sales representative is experienced, knows your target market and product, and understands how to pitch your offerings in the most compelling way.

Three Reasons Going Outside Makes Us Happier

21 Days to Happiness

This is the perfect time of year to boost your happiness by going outside every day. What's amazing is you don't have to spend hours outdoors in order to receive the happiness benefits. Just a few minutes each day is usually enough to make a big difference in our levels of happiness and energy.

Tips 52


Euen Semple

It is interesting to be back again in remote Australia where the incoming population exists pretty much in parallel with the indigenous one. These "first people" struggle to fit in with our modern world and are often disparaged for their lack of ambition and success. There is also a lot of alcoholism and drug use in their communities. Yet in their own past they were clearly deeply in tune with their environment and respectful of it in a way that we are only now beginning to learn.


The Biggest Online Learning Myths We Still Hear in 2019


Myths about online learning have been circulating since the first LMS was launched. Despite the fact that the eLearning industry will grow to $325 billion by 2025, many of these myths persist.