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Top 20 Tools 2007-2011

Jane Hart

As you will know I finalised the 5th Annual survey of Top 100 Tools for Learning in the middle of November 2011, and at that time placed the presentation on Slideshare. I’ve just noticed that in the subsequent two months it has been viewed over 200,000 times!

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Recent Trends in Labor Intensity. Or, the History (and Future?) of Steady Work in the US

Andy McAfee

When I’m trying to understand something, I start drawing graphs using whatever data’s available; pictures help me more than tables of numbers or regression coefficients.

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The decade ahead for media

Ross Dawson

The latest issue of the annual publication Media Trends + Strategy magazine kicks off with a feature article I wrote titled The Decade Ahead for Media. Here is the article: The decade ahead for media. The future of the media industry as a whole is extraordinarily bright.

Democratization of the workplace

Harold Jarche

Tweet There was a most interesting thread on Twitter today. Bert van Lamoen ( @transarchitect ) in a series of tweets, said [paraphrasing several]: “Senge’s five disciplines provided instant utility for learning to organizations in 1990, yet learning organizations remain rare to this day.


Doc Searls

Today I’m in solidarity with Web publishers everywhere joining the fight against new laws that are bad for business — and everything else — on the Internet. I made my case in If you hate big government, fight SOPA. A vigorous dialog followed in the comments under that.

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Meaning and truth

Dave Snowden

I have always rated Yiannis Gabriel's writing and the various conversations I have had with him over the years. Of the major academics involving in narrative I think he has the surest touch in understanding the essential suppleties of the field.

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IBM Lotusphere and CONNECT 2012 – Here We Go Again! #ls12 #IBMConnect

Luis Suarez

Yesterday was my last vacation day and today, once again, to kick off another exciting year ahead of living social , and a few other things, I am sure!, I am on the road again on what means my first business trip of the year, with plenty more to come along over the next few months!

Inside Apple: Adam Lashinsky Revealing and Well-Crafted Book.

Bob Sutton

Last week, I opened up my copy of Adam Lashinsky's new book, Inside Apple. It was about 8 at night, and I figured I would read the first chapter and do something else. Well, I looked-up, and it was 1:30

5 important ways in which crowdsourcing creates business value

Ross Dawson

The intelligent use of crowdsourcing can have many benefits for companies – as well as government and non-profit organizations – in achieving their objectives. Here is a brief excerpt from Chapter 3 on Crowds and Business Value of Getting Results From Crowds. The business value of using crowds. Through history, companies have been limited in what they can achieve through the scope of their internal resources and how well they can draw on external resources.

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Architecture not application: an opportunity

Dave Snowden

Around two decades ago I was arguing that object orientation was not just a way of creating reusable code, but was a more profound shift to enabling architectures that could combine people and technology in evolving systems. The first part was generally accepted, the second more controversial.

Modelling, not shaping

Harold Jarche

Tweet In social networks we can learn from each other; modelling behaviours, telling stories, and sharing what we know. This may not be highly efficient, but it it can be very effective. You will know you’re in a real community of practice if it changes your practices.

Ancient present

Doc Searls

Reality 2.0 was my original blog: a pile of stuff I wrote before there were blogs. All of it is old now, but some of it still rings new, connects to what has happened since then, or is going on now. Since Reality 2.0 is deep in the basement, I’ve decided to surface some old pieces that might be interesting, for whatever reason.

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Data Trumps Opinion: 4 Smart Services that Deploy and Learn

Adaptive Path

Tired of going with the design that will survive the organization's political gauntlet? What if we made decisions based on what actually worked for customers and produced results, not what snaggletoothed solution fit into every stakeholder's personal view of the world?

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New CEO Studies: Nuances of Narcissism, Flattery, and Opinion Conformity

Bob Sutton

I got my copy of the Administrative Science Quarterly in the mail the other day. You can see the cover to the left, it is famous for pretty pictures like this one by Signe Pike, whose mother Linda Johanson is the managing editor (and has been for at least 30 years I can recall). 

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Does being reminded of money make you an uncooperative jerk or.

Dan Pink

Dedicated readers know that I've written a fair bit on how contingent rewards, including money, can go awry in all sorts of ways -- resulting in poorer

Pick up the pitchforks: David Pogue underestimates Hollywood.

Clay Shirky

David Pogue underestimates Hollywood. Writing in his blog on the New York Times yesterday, David Pogue, one of the Times' tech columnists, advises toning down the alarmist rhetoric over SOPA, suggesting that opponents

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Data Trumps Opinion: 4 Smart Services that Deploy and Learn

Adaptive Path

Tired of going with the design that will survive the organization's political gauntlet? What if we made decisions based on what actually worked for customers and produced results, not what snaggletoothed solution fit into every stakeholder's personal view of the world?

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My Thoughts: iBooks 2, iTunes U App & iBooks Author

Dan Pontefract

According to Philip Schiller , Apple’s Senior Vice-President of Worldwide Marketing and Eddy Cue , Apple’s Senior Vice-President of Internet Software and Services, there are: over 1.5 million iPads in use in education institutions. over 1,000 one-to-one iPad deployments in K-12 schools.

What I’d like to say on the subway

Doc Searls

When I was young, New York subways were dirty, noisy and with little risk of improvement. But, even if the maps weren’t readable (as with this 1972 example ), there were lots of them. Now the subways are much nicer, on the whole, and being improved. But there is now a paucity of maps.

OPEN: Using crowdsourced legislation to beat SOPA

Ross Dawson

SOPA, The Stop Online Piracy Act , is big news in many ways, not least in marking what is likely to be a historical landmark in the battle between traditional media and a now-powerful new media, played out in political influence and the shaping of critical legislation. One of the most important ways to beat SOPA is to provide a good alternative.

Google: "A place where it simply isn't efficient to act like an asshole.

Bob Sutton

I just got off the phone with a reporter who was asking about Google, which topped Fortune's best place to work list for the third time. He wanted to talk about Google's lavish perks and how being a great place

Best Practices for Content Curation for Nonprofits at Social Media for Nonprofits Conference

Beth Kanter

Source: via Beth on Pinterest. On January 30th, I’m speaking at the Social Media for Nonprofits in New York City.

There is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in

Harold Jarche

Tweet This site was offline from sunrise to sunset today [yes, I missed you, too], in support of the anti-SOPA/PIPA protests.

So you think you can scrape?

David Weinberger

If you’re thinking about scraping a web page to extract the delicious data bits from it, ScraperWiki looks like a great place to start. It’s got tools, examples, and a community. Right now the tools are in Ruby, Python and PHP, but they’re thinking about adding Javascript. If I have time this weekend, I’m going to give it a try scraping the weekly Berkman Buzz post.

The Stoos Gathering & Working Smarter

Jay Cross

Ten days ago I flew to Switzerland for a mountaintop retreat with twenty thought leaders from around the world to ponder better ways to manage organizations.

Pattern Learning and the Brain

Eide Neurolearning

From NY Times : "For years school curriculums have emphasized top-down instruction, especially for topics like math and science. Learn the rules first — the theorems, the order of operations, Newton’s laws — then make a run at the problem list at the end of the chapter.

Gimme Shelter

Mind Hacks

The Rolling Stones launched their career in a social therapeutic club, designed to help troubled youth with communication skills. The club became legendary in rock ‘n roll history but its therapeutic roots have almost been forgotten. Eel Pie Island is a small patch on the River Thames famous for the underground club that earned a place in 60′s history for hosting the cream of jazz bands and rock n’ roll outfits.

Dominant themes for 2012: transformation and beyond

Ross Dawson

In December I created a list of 12 themes to frame the year ahead, and then explored the ideas in a number of media interviews. The slides for the 12 themes have been seen almost 50,000 times now, suggesting they struck a chord somewhere.

List 28

The Agile Learning Train is Leaving the Station | Unmanagement


Today, the expectations of learners are much different than they were only a few years ago. Much of what is currently rolled up monolithic, one-size-fits-all courses must give way to small but relevant content updated and

The Anti-Social Social Dilemma

Dan Pontefract

The problem I see on the horizon for leaders, teachers and parents is what I’m referring to as the anti-social social dilemma. I believe I am social media, social networking and social learning’s number one fan.

Changing the Book game

Clark Quinn

I was boarding a plane away from home as Apple’s announcement was happening, so I haven’t had the chance to dig into the details as I normally would, but just the news itself shows Apple is taking on yet another industry. What Apple did to the music industry is a closer analogy to what is happening here than what they did to the phone industry, however. As Apple recreated the business of music publishing, they’re similarly shifting textbook publishing.

The peak experiences of Abraham Maslow

Mind Hacks

The New Atlantic has an in-depth biographical article on psychologist Abraham Maslow – one of the founders of humanistic psychology and famous for his ‘hierarchy of needs’ Maslow is stereotypically associated with a kind of fluffy ‘love yourself’ psychology although the man himself was quite a skeptic of the mumbo jumbo that got associated with his work.

Social Media and Cute Dogs Go Mobile And Other Cute Animal and Nonprofit Tales

Beth Kanter

Tomorrow's classroom excuse: SOPA ate my homework | Daniel Pink

Dan Pink

In case you haven't heard, several large websites have blacked themselves out today to protest two pieces of anti-piracy legislation now before the U.S.