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Build the bridge to self-learning: Help individuals help themselves

Jane Hart

n the workplace individuals learn in many different ways for, through and at work – in what might be termed the 4 D’s of Learning: DIDACTICS – ie being taught (aka education or training) DISCOVERY – ie finding out for oneself (aka informal learning) DISCOURSE – ie interacting with others (aka social learning) DOING – […].

AI and our Social Interactions

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

I recently wrote about the event I attended on February 28 to celebrate the launch of MIT’s Schwarzman College of Computing.

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working collaboratively and learning cooperatively

Harold Jarche

Improving Organizational Performance. Organizational performance improvement is comprised of reducing errors and increasing insights, according to Gary Klein.

Learning Tools and Uni Change

Clark Quinn

As part of a push for Learning Engineering , Carnegie Mellon University recently released their learning design tools. I’ve been aware of CMU’s Open Learning Initiative for a suite of reasons, and their tools for separate reasons. And I think both are good.

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A reflection from the Cynefin™ Retreat on the Aran Islands in Ireland

Dave Snowden

The Aran Island Cynefin™ Retreat on narrative was a resounding success. It was a small and intimate group which suited the remote, but spectacular setting.

Beginner’s mind

Euen Semple

I have a driving job coming up soon that, frankly, terrifies me. It pushes me way beyond my comfort zone. I already have a knot in my stomach and the work is days away. But what am I afraid of? If I am honest I'm afraid of looking a fool, of being incompetent, of being seen to have screwed up. The title of Shunryu Suzuki’s book, Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind, has always meant to me something about aspiring to return to an open mind, to being a blank slate, being chilled and relaxed.

sensemaking in a networked world

Harold Jarche

It’s a networked world. As we become more connected we should not be cutting out social media, instead we should be using them in smarter ways so that we are sensemaking beyond the outrage. Don’t teach people how to fish.

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Free Learning Culture Webinar

Nigel Paine

Michelle Ockers and I are delivering a free webinar on “ How to Build a Learning Culture” [link]. Please register and we will see you there

finding and sharing information

Harold Jarche

One of the challenges we face in our professional and personal lives is making sense of the flow of information that passes by us each day and then aligning that with our current priorities and challenges.

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3 Ways L&D Professionals Can Use LMS Reports to Prove the Business Value of Training Programs


It’s widely accepted by company leaders that training is a worthwhile and necessary investment. This is because many statistics prove the importance of staff training.