Sat.Feb 18, 2006 - Fri.Feb 24, 2006

Edge Perspectives with John Hagel: Hamel on Management Innovation

John Hagel

Gary Hamel's latest article in Harvard Business Review, “The Why, What, and How of Management Innovation” (purchase required) is a useful but puzzling piece. It's really two articles in one – and there's an underlying tension between

Harold Jarche » Training: A Solution Looking for a Problem

Harold Jarche

While listening to the radio the other day, the person being interviewed spoke about the need for training for those responsible for ensuring clean water in many remote Canadian communities. Now, I'm not going to say that training is

Trending Sources

Steven Berlin Johnson

funny. i just noticed that neil postman's amusing ourselves to death-- which everything bad was something of a response to -- has just been reissued with a bright red jacket featuring people with televisions on their heads

Steven Berlin Johnson

maybe lost could start its own little book club: seen briefly on the abc hit series "lost," a surreal comic novel by an irish author who died 40 years ago has been rescued from obscurity, reuters reported

Steven Berlin Johnson

very cool -- malcolm has a blog. this should be fun: in the past year i have often been asked why i don't have a blog. my answer was always that i write so much, already, that i don't have time to write anything else

More Trending Staten Island, Land Of Wonder

Steven Berlin Johnson

there was a great story in sunday's times on new york city's projected population boom, filled with all sorts of tasty demographic nuggets. but my favorite thing about it was the infographic that accompanied it on front page of the city

Harold Jarche » Jury Duty 2006

Harold Jarche

Just received a summons for jury duty today. Not sure if I should be pleased to be doing my civic duty or perturbed that I'm going to be missing five days of work. I'm not a dentist, lawyer, veterinarian etc., so I'm not officially