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How Khan Academy Nike Training Club and SparkPeople Motivate Users Behavior

Tony Karrer

I mentioned in my post Online Systems for Behavior Change that I'm working on a very interesting project that is designed to lead to some important changes in behavior that has already had dramatic impacts.

Why My Next Car Needs to be LESS Digital

Andy McAfee

Am I right that carmakers today have a serious technology problem with their customer-facing digital technologies? I took my car in to the dealer today. While it was being worked on I wandered around the showroom looking at all the latest models.

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Professional Learning: The SCOPE Approach and Plan

Jane Hart

Professional Learning is often seen as something that takes place outside the workplace.

Coherence in complexity

Harold Jarche

Many of our older business models are not working any more. Anecdote reports that John Kotter, leadership guru , is accepting that methods like his 8-step process for leading change may not be effective in the face of complexity.

The leading indicators of social business maturity in 2012

Dion Hinchcliffe

The consumer numbers of social media are well understood and it's the leading way people engage online. However, the numbers are a bit murkier for social business, yet an interesting picture has emerged. CIO Collaboration Consumerization IT Priorities Software

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Why Don’t We Tip Flight Attendants?

Dan Pontefract

In my career I’ve done a fair amount of traveling. Airplanes have become a place of solace for me, ironic as that may seem.

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Journalism is outlining

Doc Searls

In Journalism as service: Lessons from Sandy , Jeff Jarvis says, “After Sandy, what journalists provided was mostly articles when what I wanted was specifics that those articles only summarized. Don’t give me stories. Give me lists.” ” Journals aren’t going to stop giving us stories, because stories are the main attraction. But lists are the service. They are also the frontier, because journals on the whole suck at lists.

Personalization for Knowledge Workers


Post Type: Blog post. This is the 2 nd in a 3 part series addressing the impact of personalization in the education and training markets. In the first post, I addressed the application of personalization in K12. In this post I address use cases that apply to a high-skilled knowledge workforce.

Working in the dark

Harold Jarche

I discuss transparency a lot on this blog. I see it as one of the three principles for net work. Transparency is a key enabler of shared power and making our organizations more democratic. Alex Bogusky says that, “ Transparency isn’t a choice.

Flat Army Book Trailer (one minute)

Dan Pontefract

This is the first in a series of 15 short videos outlining the Flat Army book that publishes April 8, 2013. The inaugural video below is a one-minute movie book trailer. Feedback (positive, neutral or negative) is always welcome.

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Hurricane Sandy: a 21st Century Wake-Up Call?

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

As I was personally experiencing the fury of Hurricane Sandy a few weeks ago, I thought of the Internet Highway System and President Dwight D. Eisenhower.

Personalization for Knowledge Workers


This is the 2 nd in a 3 part series addressing the impact of personalization in the education and training markets. In the first post, I addressed the application of personalization in K12. In this post I address use cases that apply to a high-skilled knowledge workforce.

Ask not for whom the Reaper comes

Harold Jarche

My colleagues and I often get cast as informal learning zealots in pieces written to placate the training industry and maintain the status quo , especially the lucrative compliance training market.

Advances in artificial intelligence: deep learning

Mind Hacks

If you want to keep up with advances in artificial intelligence, the New York Times has an essential article on a recent step forward called deep learning. There is a rule of thumb for following how AI is progressing: keep track of what Geoffrey Hinton is doing.

Genius vs. Talent

Dan Pink

The latest issue of Scientific American Mind , which I read during a vacation last week (yes, I’m an exciting guy), takes on the subject of genius. “Genius” is one of those freighted words, something we consider exceedingly rare and overwhelming innate.

11 Books Every Leader Should Read:Updated for 2012

Bob Sutton

I first posted this last December, but I thought that it would be fun to update it for 2012.    Note I have removed two from last years list: Men and Women of the Corporatio n and Who Says that Elephants Can't Dance?   They are both great books, but I am trying to stick to 11 books and the two new ones below edge them out.

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The evolution of radio from waves to streams

Doc Searls

WMVY is a delightful little FM station on Martha’s Vinyard that I always enjoy tuning in when I head down to visit friends in Falmouth or Woods Hole. Alas, like so many other good small radio stations, it’s is going off the air. The station’s signal on 92.7fm has been sold to WBUR , one of Boston’s two big public radio stations. WGBH is the other.). Here’s WBUR’s press release , issued early this morning. The gist: The sale of the 92.7

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Thanks Australia

Euen Semple

I reckon I can write that title as it does feel as if I have "done" all of it - or at least a lot of it. Twenty individual events in thirty six days, four long haul flights within Australia crossing the country from all angles, and lots of small flights and car drives. My main reason for being in Australia was a speaking tour of branches of The Australian Computer Society, an association of IT professionals.

5 freebies for first movers

Dan Pink

Tick, tick, tick. In just 30 days, I’ve got a new book coming out. It’s called To Sell is Human – and I think you’ll like it. BTW, you can now read the 6-page Introduction here.). Already several thousand people have pre-ordered the book.

Elevating Advocacy Voices for Children Through Social Media

Beth Kanter

Note from Beth: As part of my work at the Packard Foundation, I’ve had the honor of designing and facilitating a “networked capacity building project” for a cluster of grantees, state-based groups, to be more effective in engaging their networks toward covering uninsured children.

Free and Not Free

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

So Everton Zanella Alvarenga tossed a hand-grenade into the OER discussion group: "An interesting text by Stallman. On-line education is using a flawed Creative Commons license. the CC-BY-NC and CC-BY-NC-SA licenses, as they are today, should be avoided.'"

Quotes to learn from

Harold Jarche

Here are some of the observations and insights that were shared via social media during the past week. Paul Getty: ”In times of rapid change, experience could be your worst enemy.” ” via @kanta_sharma.

Emotionally intelligent signage: Coffee, poop, and vintage biker chicks

Dan Pink

Folks, it never stops. Each week brings more emotionally intelligent signage from readers around the world. One of these days I’m gonna set up a Tumblr dedicated to this topic.

Help! My Nonprofit Needs A Data Nerd and How To Find Them!

Beth Kanter

Yesterday, KD Paine and I delivered an NTEN Webinar on measurement based on the ideas in our new book ” Measuring the Networked Nonprofit: Using Data to Change the World.”

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Doc Searls

First, ICANN, Make a Difference: The $100 million raised by the sale of new Web domains should be used to wire Africa , by Sascha Meinrath and Elliot Noss. Ambitious and worthy, if it can actually be done. (I I always like betting on optimists.). Second, a raft of advertising coverage. We’ll start with several from Don Marti: The next big thing in advertising. Destroying the Internet as we know it. Can privacy tech save advertising? Which responds to—.

Google Atmosphere: The future of the enterprise and the economy of individuals

Ross Dawson

Earlier this year I gave the opening keynote at the Google Atmosphere on Tour events in Sydney and Melbourne. Below is the 2 minute summary video of the event, giving a flavor for the rich ideas shared on the future of the enterprise.

Suppose the Irvings Had Not Set Up Shop In Moncton

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

Responding to David W. Campbell, Thanks, Robert. What’s next? Suppose the Irvings had not set up shop in Moncton. Would we have a transport company, like Midland? Almost certainly! In fact, we may have had several, with competition making them more productive, and wages reflecting national averages. Perhaps national and international companies would have set up shop here, creating potential for servicing and spinoffs. Would we have frozen potato products, like Cavendish?

Unicef’s Little Bet on Pinboard

Beth Kanter

Last month, I had the honor of keynoting the Social Good Brasil Conference and one of the other keynote speakers was Peter Sims, author of “ Little Bets: How Breakthrough Ideas Emerge from Small Discoveries.” ” I will have a full book review coming.

Signposts for the Week Ending November 30

Adaptive Path

Can good design save the economy ? Maker's Row. Cassette tape art. Dan Saffer on the best design advice he ever got. If there were a contest for the 'about' page this is the winner. Scroll. We definitely have to see this. Embracing the industrial Internet. Food for thought: the soul-crushing backstage for a positive customer experience. The Wall Street Journal and a VC in NYC on how things are changing on VC funding of web companies

Thinking about thinking out loud

Clark Quinn

This past weekend, we were doing some home work, and I had occasion to go to the hardware store. Several. Several times. What’s interesting to me was two different interactions and the possible implications. So, first I needed some paint. The guy I worked with was quite helpful, asking questions. Somehow, he always seemed to be up selling, but that’s beside the point.) Actually, we ended up short on the quantity of paint, but we got paint we liked.

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Nine Shift "On Fire" this year

Nine Shift

Stay tuned for full coverage of the annual all-new Nine Shift presentation reviewing the year and making more predictions.

How Experimentation and Measurement Can Help Win A Little Bet with Facebook Promoted Posts

Beth Kanter

As part of my work at the Packard Foundation, I have the honor of working with a cluster of grantees working on children’s healthcare coverage on a networked capacity building project called “ Friending the Finish Line.”

At the corner of Hollywood and Web

David Weinberger

I greatly enjoyed last weeks’s Berkman Center event about some of the ways the Web is affecting the movie industry, which included a screening of an indie movie that has been released only on the Web. First here was a panel discussion with Rob Burnett [twitter: robburnett1 ], Elaine McMillion , and me, moderated by Jonathan Zittrain. Rob is the executive producer of “The Late Show with David Letterman” and the director and co-creator of the new indie movie We Made This Movie.

The thin line between transparency and vanity

Martijn Linssen

I had an interesting discussion with Joseph Jude on the share buttons on my blog. In short, his opinion was: @ martijnlinssen I don't c transparency in tat number. Just a ego push for author. Btw, u shd hv a share btn. Just not the numbers.