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Questions for the New Year

John Hagel

As we enter the New Year, it’s an opportunity to step back and reflect in an increasingly hectic world. In an earlier post , I suggested we need to find time to reflect in a world increasingly dominated by flows – it’s a healthy form of friction that can actually enhance our ability to generate more insight from flows. Embrace the New Year as an invitation to reflect. One area for reflection is what we are doing to accelerate our learning.

Twelvetide 18:08 meaning making

Dave Snowden

Some years ago I was at an Academy of Management meeting in Washington DC to receive an award for original contributions to the field of knowledge management.

The World Bank’s Human Capital Index

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

Last week I wrote about a recently published World Bank report, The Changing Nature of Work. The report highlights the increasing importance of investing in human capital by both the public and private sectors.

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the democratization of media

Harold Jarche

“You’re just hearing about it [microaggression] more, because the people who have been suffering it for a long time have decided that they aren’t going to suffer it anymore. The disempowered recognize that it’s time for them to be heard.

The Wrong Choice

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

Joanne Jacobs links to an article titled Why I Wish I Hadn’t Gone to College by Keri Savoca. Savoca writes that she would have been a lot better off had she spent the 11 years doing something else. "I

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Twelvetide 18:09 habits & the soul

Dave Snowden

One of those quotes from the bible that most people are, at least in the western tradition, aware of comes from Mark 8:36 “ For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?

Venus, Moon, Jupiter and Mercury in the dawn’s early light

Doc Searls

Walked out on the front deck this morning and grabbed a photo set of the Moon between conjunctions with Venus (that was yesterday), Jupiter (tonight and tomorrow) and then Mercury (Saturday), before passing next to the Sun as a new moon on Sunday. More about the show at EarthSky.

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#2 Story of the Year

Nine Shift

The $15 an hour minimum wage made big strides this year. Some 20 states increased their minimum wages, and Amazon, Charter Communications, Target, and other corporations are moving their minimum pay up to, or close to, $15/hour.


Twelvetide 18:05 metaphor

Dave Snowden

Yesterday’s post looked at a case in which narrative techniques were used to present individual leaders with multiple challenging perspectives; seeing themselves as others see them.

MWL Newsletter No 96

Jane Hart

Articles and news about Modern Workplace Learning (MWL) for the period 16-29 December 2018. the case for PKM, threat & opportunity of lifelong learning, truth act behavioural change, & more]. Modern Workplace Learning

Utopia, dystopia, or a more mundane truth in between?

Euen Semple

Every time someone sends me a link to an article about how the internet or social media are destroying the very fabric of civilisation I am struck that they wouldn't be able to send me the link without the internet and I wouldn't be able to maintain a connection to them without social media. I gave up on Cal Newport's books because I got so wearied with someone who I had only heard of through social media wasting half his books telling me what a negative force social media was!


#4 Story of the Year

Nine Shift

Freelancers and entrepreneurs, the "gig economy," now estimated at 36% of the workforce. The new economy is taking hold employment-wise, with people working from home, people working from a distance, people on contract, entrepreneurs and freelancers.

Twelvetide 18:12 lle i enaid cael llonydd

Dave Snowden

Writing this series has been an interesting process – a few of the posts were planned but in the main I just started writing with a view to seeing what would emerge. Speaking can be like that as well and allows you to respond to the audience in the moment.

What is Digital Literacy?

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

Short response to a questionnaire. What is Digital Literacy Digital literacy is a type of literacy, specifically, the type of literacy that arises in the digital context. By 'the digital context' we mean the multimedia and inter-networked context enabled by digital technology.

Digital Ethics

Euen Semple

Digital Ethics is fast becoming the latest victim of what I call thingification - the tendency to turn a good idea into a thing that gets oversold, underdelivered and becomes a displacement activity that distracts us from the need for real change. But I think it is important that we hold onto the idea that technology amplifies our human characteristics, both good and bad, and literally hard wires them into the tools that increasingly shape our world.

#1 Story of the Year

Nine Shift

A zinc-air battery, capable of providing power with just sunlight, is the Top Story of 2018. It was announced several months ago by Patrick Soon-Shiong of NantEnergy, which created it several years ago.

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Twelvetide 18:07

Dave Snowden

I’ve managed to pass the half way point in this series and I’m feeling confident about completion.

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Jane Hart’s Pick of the Year

Jane Hart

My 30 favourite posts and articles in 2018. I think you will quickly spot the the theme running through them all. Modern Workplace Learning


Life imitating art

Euen Semple

Having been learning a lot about consciousness, psychedelics, and the origins of computing recently I had my head done in this afternoon by Brandersnatch, the first episode of the new Black Mirror series. Watching the gob smacking programme I wondered what the origin of the word Brandersnatch was. Apparently unconnected, recently read references to Alice in Wonderland in Jed McKenna's Theory Of Everything mean that my unread copy of The Annotated Alice is on my desk.



Clark Quinn

We interrupt your regularly scheduled blog series for this important public service announcement: A number of times now, I’ve discovered that there was email being sent to me that I was not getting.

Twelvetide 18:10

Dave Snowden

In my opening post I mentioned integrity as one of the key words I wanted to address and in this post I want to link it to the idea of virtue – Philosophers amongst you will anticipate a reference to Aristotle here and I’ll come to that.

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3 New Year’s Rituals for Nonprofit Professionals to Build Resilience

Beth Kanter

Flickr photo by Geoff Livingston. I wish you a very happy and healthy 2019! I had a great holiday break, although unfortunately I got sick.

The Invention We Had Hoped for in 2001

Nine Shift

Remember in 2001, the Internet/World Wide Web had just blown us away, the new century had just begun, and Dean Kamen said he would announce an invention of enormous impact. . Everyone speculated and speculated about the new Kamen invention, and everyone widely expected and hoped it would be a solar battery, giving power to villagers in Africa.

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Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

As always, I (a) have plans, and (b) know that the plans never survive very long. That's OK; I include options and backups in my plans, and I'm always ready with the tools I need to take advantage of any opportunities that arise. Courses Offering online courses allows me to test my ideas in the real world, both in terms of the course design and software itself, as well as in terms of the ideas presented through the course. Last year's E-Learning 3.0 course was an excellent example of this.

Twelvetide 18:11 the numinous

Dave Snowden

I first came across the idea of the numinous when I picked up a second hand copy of Rudolf Otto’s book The Idea of the Holy which I picked up on one the Ampleforth retreats I mentioned in a previous post.

Twelvetide 18:06 Free Will

Dave Snowden

It’s very difficult to talk about ethics without at least mentioning the question of free will, and (I would contend) impossible to understand aesthetics without accepting its existence.

#3 Story of the Year

Nine Shift

The 'Data Subject' privacy law passed by Europe protects Americans. Europe is leading the way in passing legislation to make society work in the 21st century. The 'Data Subject' privacy law says that an individual's data (you and I are 'data subjects') is subject to protection by law. . And it includes Americans! Within a week of the law being passed LERN had to sign an agreement regarding privacy in obtaining some free software from Europe, even though we are only using it here in the U.S.

Top 5 Stories of the Year 2018

Nine Shift

#5 Net Neutrality Law Passed By California. Joining Canada and Europe, California passed a law preserving Internet Neutrality for the state. The "state" is 10% of the U.S., the sixth largest economy in the world, and generally sets the trends for the rest of the country. . Net Neutrality means you and I, and your lifelong learning program, will have equal access to the Internet no matter how small or poor you, I or your program is.

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Thanks for a Great NineShift Year!

Nine Shift

For the 19th straight year, Thank You for a great year with NineShift. . We now enter the last year of the 2000-2020 transition from the Industrial Age to the Knowledge Society. All 9 of the major shifts we predicted are taking hold on society. And over 500 hundred NIneShifters continue to read our book, attend NineShift presentations, read this blog, and tell us how meaningful NineShift has been to their lives. . Here's the Top 5 NineShift Stories of the Year.

State of the Universe

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

Yes, the world probably existed before me, and it will probably continue to exist after I'm gone, but for me, my life is the universe, and vice versa. This is the state of it. This coming year I will turn 60, which I suppose will leave me in a state of reflection for the next twelve months or more. It's hard to know how far to plan ahead. I'm as eager to start new things as I ever was, but there's a horizon there.