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The Current State of AI Adoption

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

For the past few years, McKinsey has been conducting a yearly online survey to help assess the state of AI adoption. The 2019 survey garnered responses from over 2,300 companies, and found that AI was becoming more mainstream, with nearly 80% of the responding companies using AI in some capacity.

I Still Can’t Believe I Travelled Week of March 8, 2020

Dan Pontefract

The week of March 8, 2020, still feels surreal to me. Even a year later. My youngest turned 13 that day. A teenager! Naturally, we… The post I Still Can’t Believe I Travelled Week of March 8, 2020 appeared first on Pontefract Group. humour Pandemic pandemic Toronto

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Animation thoughts

Clark Quinn

Sparked by a conversation, I generate some animation thoughts. And, as always, a transcript. In a conversation the other day, my colleague mentioned how she was making a practice of creating animations.

Trend of the Day: NFT

Doc Searls

NFTs—Non-Fungible Tokens —are hot s**t. Wikipedia explains (at that link), A non-fungible token ( NFT ) is a special type of cryptographic token that represents something unique.

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Looking back at the Acorn Study; Part 8.1: And then COVID happened

Dave Snowden

The Acorn Study began in the autumn of 2019. As often happens, most stories were collected in its early days in the flurry of sharing that followed its release. As the initial flood stopped, stories kept coming in, slowly but steadily, until the collection was closed down at the end of 2020.

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Top 3 Reasons Our Customers Love Xyleme


At Xyleme, we are committed to our customers. We know that their success is our success, and we continually strive to provide the best technology and services available. Check out the top 3 reasons our customers rate Xyleme 5 Stars on the software review site G2.

platforms and the precariat

Harold Jarche

Is it possible to be a musician today and earn a middle class income? The music industry is fundamentally broken up into three separate arms: recorded music, music licensing and live music.

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The future of enterprise content is modular and headless

Dion Hinchcliffe's Web 2.0 Blog

The classic approach to enterprise content management was to provide a central place to edit and publish content. But in a world filled with hundreds of digital channels, and dozens of types of devices, the traditional content management platform has become a spoke on a hub.

5 Tips for More Effective Meetings

KCC Business Psychology

5 Tips for More Effective Meetings. Meetings: people seem to love them or hate them. Some see meetings as a time waster, while others thrive on the collaborative energy that comes from regular check-ins or stand-ups.

ordinary creativity

Harold Jarche

Karen Caldwell calls personal knowledge mastery — ordinary creativity (3.5 minute video). I think this is a great analogy as PKM is something that anyone can practice and improve.

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Why is the “un-carrier” falling into the hellhole of tracking-based advertising?

Doc Searls

For a few years now, T-Mobile has been branding itself the “un-carrier,” saying it’s “synonymous with 100% customer commitment.” ” Credit where due: we switched from AT&T a few years ago because T-Mobile, alone among U.S.

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Speed Online Training for Healthcare with an LMS


There are a lot of tips on the Web about how to make online training for healthcare more engaging, but what about making it speedier? Faster online training not only reduces time to productivity, which can increase revenue for healthcare organizations, but it can also boost employee satisfaction.

The eventual normal

Doc Searls

One year ago exactly (at this minute), my wife and I were somewhere over Nebraska, headed from Newark to Santa Barbara by way of Denver, on the last flight we’ve ever taken. Prior to that we had put about four million miles on United alone, flying almost constantly somewhere, mostly on business. The map above traces what my pocket GPS recorded on various trips (and far from all of them) by land, sea and air since 2007. This life began for me in 1990 and for my wife long before that.