November, 2012

Emerging new roles for learning and performance professionals

Jane Hart

Over the last week or so I have been posting about how (I think) the workplace learning landscape is changing. For me, the biggest shift is not going to be about moving from creating instructional, formal courses to producing informational (or performance support) resources.

Ranking and comparing the world’s top 20 startup hubs

Ross Dawson

Earlier this year I wrote about the top 25 startup hubs in the world as ranked by the Startup Genome project. As I noted at the time, it was based on skewed data from the sample used, but was probably the best available.

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How Khan Academy Nike Training Club and SparkPeople Motivate Users Behavior

Tony Karrer

I mentioned in my post Online Systems for Behavior Change that I'm working on a very interesting project that is designed to lead to some important changes in behavior that has already had dramatic impacts.

Why My Next Car Needs to be LESS Digital

Andy McAfee

Am I right that carmakers today have a serious technology problem with their customer-facing digital technologies? I took my car in to the dealer today. While it was being worked on I wandered around the showroom looking at all the latest models.

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Announcing the Front Cover of Flat Army

Dan Pontefract

I’m excited to show you for the first time the front cover of the book. More details to come shortly. book flat army


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eLearning Conferences 2013

Tony Karrer

Clayton R. Wright has done his 28th version of his amazing list of conferences again this year. Past years eLearning Conferences 2012 , eLearning Conferences 2011 , eLearning Conferences 2010 , eLearning Conferences 2009. You can contact him at: crwr77 [@]

The Pathetic Pundit Playbook

Andy McAfee

In 2008, Nate Silver correctly predicted the winner of 49 of the 50 states in the US presidential election. Based on this impressive track record the New York Times hosted his fivethirtyeight blog this year.

5 Ways to Become Less Collaborative at Work

Dan Pontefract

I spend so much time yammering – the word, not the product – about collaboration and how to become more collaborative as a leader (and team member) that over the years I’ve neglected those of you that are looking to become less collaborative.

Social business for organizational survival

Harold Jarche

The potential of social business is organizational survival, because enterprises must be able to share knowledge quicker than before. As everyone and everything gets connected to the Net, feedback loops, both positive and negative, accelerate.

Why support self-organized learning in the workplace?

Jane Hart

I recently shared a diagram of what it might look like to move from a focus on organizing and managing training, to helping individuals and teams self-organize in the workplace? But why would you want to do this, some have asked?

The global brain is like a child’s brain – let’s nurture it

Ross Dawson

In my book Living Networks I wrote about how the networks in which we live are coming to life, making us all part of what we can quite accurately think of as a global brain. I wrote an extended introduction to the book that went into this concept in depth.

International MOOCs Past and Present

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour , a venture born out of the University of New South Wales ( UNSW ) in Sydney, Australia. Starting this week, you can begin taking two of their courses ( Observing and Analysing Performance in Sport & Services Marketing – The Next Level ). University of Western Australia. By next March, the Perth-based university plans to offer two courses (one in sociology, the other in oceanography) using an adapted version of Stanford’s open source platform, Class2Go. SpanishMooc ?

How Much are Free Goods Worth? A LOT.

Andy McAfee

Here’s the money slide from Erik’s Brynjolfsson’s presentation earlier today at the Techonomy 2012 conference. His talk was titled “How the GDP Statistics Ignore Free Goods and Why it Matters.” ” It’s based on research he conducted with post-doc Joo Hee Oh.

The Coherent Organization

Jay Cross

Co·her·ent (k -hîr nt, -h r -) means. Sticking together; cohering. Marked by an orderly, logical, and aesthetically consistent relation of parts: a coherent essay. Physics Of, relating to, or having waves with similar direction, amplitude, and phase that are capable of exhibiting interference. The American Heritage Dictionary). This post continues an ongoing conversation about The Coherent Organization.

What is learning’s role?

Harold Jarche

My colleague, Clark Quinn , in Building a Performance Ecosystem states that the benefits of maximum information for people to get work done, combined with minium barriers to achieve their work goals, are good for the entire organization.

From organizing and managing learning to supporting self-organized and self-managed learning

Jane Hart

In Harold Jarche ‘s recent post What is learning’s role? , he writes: “Learning is not something done to us, it is what we do together. Learning delivery in a constantly changing work environment is an outdated notion.

Why Don’t We Tip Flight Attendants?

Dan Pontefract

In my career I’ve done a fair amount of traveling. Airplanes have become a place of solace for me, ironic as that may seem.

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Predators and Producers: Whither Flat World

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

In what was probably an unintentional release of the information, Flat World Publishing made the world aware this weekend that it is ceasing distribution of digital textbooks without charge. Readers of Campus Marketplace were the first members of the public to know, but "The company is making direct calls to many of its bookstore partners." Flat World CEO Jeff Shelstad told the publication that “while free access goes away, our mission to be fair and affordable remains as strong as ever."

Even in the Moneyball Era, Baseball’s Pundits Won’t Go Away

Andy McAfee

This past season Miguel Cabrera of the Detroit Tigers won baseball’s triple crown – he led the American League in home runs, runs batted in, and batting average. No one had done this since 1967, so Cabrera was the near-universal pick as the league’s most valuable player, winning 22 of 28 first place votes. This is a bit odd, since he was only the second most valuable player in the league.

The leading indicators of social business maturity in 2012

Dion Hinchcliffe

The consumer numbers of social media are well understood and it's the leading way people engage online. However, the numbers are a bit murkier for social business, yet an interesting picture has emerged. CIO Collaboration Consumerization IT Priorities Software

Enterprise social network dimensions

Harold Jarche

Many organizations are using social media and social networks, but how do they know if they are using them appropriately or adequately? Do they have all the aspects of collaboration and cooperation supported in order to succeed as a social business?

Professional Learning: The SCOPE Approach and Plan

Jane Hart

Professional Learning is often seen as something that takes place outside the workplace.

Formula for happiness

Jay Cross

I spent Monday and Tuesday getting inspired at the Future of Talent Retreat. This is my eight year in row. Every returning alumnus said they inevitably depart with new ways of looking at the world. Kevin Wheeler pulls insights out of the group that we didn’t know were there.

Journalism is outlining

Doc Searls

In Journalism as service: Lessons from Sandy , Jeff Jarvis says, “After Sandy, what journalists provided was mostly articles when what I wanted was specifics that those articles only summarized. Don’t give me stories. Give me lists.” ” Journals aren’t going to stop giving us stories, because stories are the main attraction. But lists are the service. They are also the frontier, because journals on the whole suck at lists.

Personalization for Knowledge Workers


Post Type: Blog post. This is the 2 nd in a 3 part series addressing the impact of personalization in the education and training markets. In the first post, I addressed the application of personalization in K12. In this post I address use cases that apply to a high-skilled knowledge workforce.

[2b2k] MOOCs as networks

David Weinberger

Siva Vaidhyanathan [twitter: sivavaid ] has a really well-done (as usual) article that reminds us that for all the excitement about Massive Open Online Courses — which he shares — we still have to figure out how to do them right. There are lots of ways to go wrong. And I should hear note that I’m posting this in order to: (1) recommend Siva’s article, and (2) make an obvious point about MOOCs. Feel free to stop here.).

The training world is changing

Harold Jarche

From the Citrix GoTo Blog : Open online courses, talent management, social collaboration: The training world is changing. Traditional training structures, based on institutions, programs, courses and classes, are under pressure.

The Role of the Collaboration Advisor

Jane Hart

In my previous post, Emerging new roles for learning and performance professionals , I identified some of the new roles appearing in the workplace. Today I want to look at the role of the Collaboration Advisor.

Jay Cross - Untitled Article

Jay Cross

October 26, 2012, 12:26 p.m. THE JOURNAL REPORT: LEADERSHIP IN HUMAN RESOURCES. So Much Training, So Little to Show for It. An expert on corporate programs reveals why they often are a waste of time and money. In this lopsided Wall Street Journal article , a professor slams training for all the wrong reasons. For one thing, he disregards experiential learning on the job and seems to think that training always takes place away from the job.

Sometimes, you suck Canada

George Siemens

I was 8 years old when I officially became a Canadian citizen. For our family, moving from Mexico, Canada was a land of opportunity. Literally. It was an opportunity for a quality of life that was not accessible to us in Mexico. My parents, as with most immigrants, were hard working. I remember my dad working full time during the day and evenings until 2 am. He would go weeks, months, with 3-4 hours of sleep a night.

Personalization for Knowledge Workers


This is the 2 nd in a 3 part series addressing the impact of personalization in the education and training markets. In the first post, I addressed the application of personalization in K12. In this post I address use cases that apply to a high-skilled knowledge workforce.

Flat Army Book Trailer (one minute)

Dan Pontefract

This is the first in a series of 15 short videos outlining the Flat Army book that publishes April 8, 2013. The inaugural video below is a one-minute movie book trailer. Feedback (positive, neutral or negative) is always welcome.

Video 53

The right information is not enough

Harold Jarche

There is quite a bit of research on the significant value of making the right information available to the right person at the right time – and quite a bit of research shows clearly that Enterprise Search has a direct impact on the success of organizations.

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Professional Learning Portfolios Workshop

Jane Hart

In The future belongs to those who take charge of their own learning I talked about how enterprise training will only provide you with the skills you need to do your basic duties, so in order to to keep your skills up to date, you will need to take charge of your own professional learning.