Tue.Apr 20, 2021

Deep learning and expertise

Clark Quinn

A colleague asked “is anyone talking about how deep learning requires time, attention, and focus?” He was concerned with “the trend that tells us everything must be short.” He asked if I’d written anything, and I realize I really haven’t.

Stop Creating Content Landfills – Reuse & Recycle Content to Improve Sustainability


On Earth Day, with familiar calls to “Reduce, reuse, recycle,” we look for ways to improve sustainability and reduce unnecessary waste. But have you ever considered applying these tried-and-true measures to your proprietary content?


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distributed work

Harold Jarche

I have been working remotely and doing distributed work since 2003. It’s remote work because I live ‘far from the madding crowd’, in a town of 5,000 people, with lots of cows within town limits, many pheasants, and a few coyotes.

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Supporting Everyday Learning

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

This is an unedited transcript of my workshop. There we go, so now I'm recording.

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