Wed.Apr 24, 2019

Infomediaries - A Significant Untapped Opportunity

John Hagel

In a book I wrote 20 years ago, I identified an opportunity that has yet to be addressed, but is becoming more and more attractive. Sometimes when you’re on the edge, it takes a little more time than you thought for opportunities to emerge in practice. The book is Net Worth: Shaping Markets When Customers Make the Rules and I wrote it with my friend and collaborator, Marc Singer.

Zen and the art of HGV driving

Euen Semple

The other day I was headed to a location I hadn't visited before. The postcode that I was given wasn't recognised by the SatNav (it was a building site so the postcode was new) so I entered a nearby location and set off. On top of this imprecision I reckon there had also been an incident blocking a more obvious route because I and a couple of other HGVs ended up down this relatively small road and faced with a bridge with a 7.5 Tonne limit which our SatNavs appeared not to know about!

Skills 122

What’s the next buzzword?

Clark Quinn

I was perusing an old list of potential column topics, and came across one that asked about MOOCs. Now, you probably recognize that the term is pretty much evaporated from any list of top L&D concerns. That’s kind of funny, to me (ok, so you may question my sense of humor). And it makes me wonder what topics are current and are on the horizon. What is the coming buzzword? I talked in a column about the problem with chasing shiny objects.

Simple Tips for Staying Up to Date with Healthcare Regulations and Compliance Standards


Healthcare organizations have to deal with federal regulations and compliance standards that are constantly changing. In the U.S., healthcare providers spend $39 billion yearly on the administrative aspects of regulatory compliance, per the American Hospital Association.¹.