Mon.Nov 07, 2011

Cognitive Biases in Times of Uncertainty

John Hagel

We live in a world of increasing pressure and uncertainty, driven in large part by digital technology infrastructures. These marvelous infrastructures bring us unprecedented connectivity and opportunities to better ourselves. That is a core paradox of our life in the 21st century: our new infrastructures create both opportunity and pressure.

So you (still) want to be an elearning consultant?

Harold Jarche

Tweet Last week I commented that many people in the “learning” field are too absorbed in their own interests and not the businesses they are supporting. Working smarter in the 21st century requires the integration of learning into the workflow.

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Employee Engagement is not about Buzz Word Bingo

Dan Pontefract

This is the first in a series of posts where I’m going to focus my writing on employee engagement. I’ve always been fascinated by the term engagement. It can mean so many things. It can also be interpreted in so many different ways too.

How governments research and communicate about the future

Ross Dawson

Governments around the world are increasingly recognizing that they have a responsibility for structured thought and research about the future, both to shape their own initiatives, and to assist companies and institutions in the nation to survive and thrive in times of change. Examples of government futures groups include: Egypt : Center for Futures Studies. France : Centre d’Analyse Stratégique. India : Technology Information, Forecasting and Assessment Council.

Call my cell | Daniel Pink

Dan Pink

On Saturday night, Mrs. PinkBlog and I -- along with two-thirds of our progeny -- decided to go out for pizza. We chose a place about three miles from our house

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The rise and fall of ‘space madness’

Mind Hacks

‘Space madness’ was a serious concern for psychiatrists involved in the early space programme. A new article in history of science journal Endeavour tracks the interest in this ‘dreaded disease that never was.’

Learning 2011 Interview Mindmaps

Clark Quinn

Elliot Masie has interviewed Stephen Lambert (Producer of Undercover Boss) and Peter Capelli (Managing the Older Worker). Here are the mindmaps: social strategy

Avi Warshavsky on the future of textbooks

David Weinberger

I’ve posted a brief video interview with Avi Warshavsky of the Center for Educational Technology, the leading textbook publisher in Israel. Avi is a thoughtful and innovative software guy who has been experimenting with new ways of structuring textbooks

Ken Zolot Mindmap

Clark Quinn

Ken Zolot spoke on entrepreneurialsm in orgs. Good lessons for coupling execution with innovation. strategy

Social Artists, Connecting the Dots and Steve

Nancy White

Pulitzer and the Pedestal – Or Why Crowdfunding Needs Influencer Marketing

Beth Kanter

Flickr Photo by PeterJBellis. Guest post by Jesse Noyes. The outlook for the Statue of Liberty was bleak in 1885. Construction of the statue had been completed the year before in France, but efforts to construct a pedestal in New York ground to a halt.