Thu.Feb 15, 2018

What are the priorities for L&D in the modern workplace? Our survey says …

Jane Hart

I recently ran a short survey about the role of L&D in the modern workplace. In this article I want to share the results and describe what I think it shows for the priorities for L&D in the modern workplace. Social learning

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For The Love Of

Dan Pontefract

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The Societal Changes in Puerto Rico That May Affect You

Nine Shift

Some of the societal changes in Puerto Rico from the hurricane that, combined with the larger context of America, may affect you. There's less health care, poorer health insurance, which is one reason people are moving to the states. Big corporations are ready to swoop in and turn Puerto Rico into a rich-poor Disney land, buying up land and putting up fancy expensive "American" resorts and paying Puerto Ricans minimum wages. . Some young people are defiant in wanting to stay here.

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