Sat.Aug 01, 2020

Vermont Public Radio rating wins, and the future of streaming & podcasting

Doc Searls

Radio is moving from these to servers of streams and podcasts. Public Radio: What is the best NPR station in the country ? That’s a question on Quora I thought needed answering. So I did, with this: Here’s a quantitative answer to your qualitative question: WVPS of Vermont Public Radio. Because, in Nielsen’s Audio Ratings , it scores a 12.6 in its home market of Burlington , and a 16.2 in its neighbor market of Montpelier-Waterbury.

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The Transformational Impact of Blockchain-based Supply Chains: Nine Real-World Use Cases

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

In May 2016, Don Tapscott published Blockchain Revolution , his 16th book , this one co-written with son Alex. Don , whom I’ve known for over 25 years, has an uncanny knack for identifying The Next Big Thing and explaining it to everybody else through his books, articles, and speeches. Don and Alex have each developed a follow-on blockchain book.

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