Mon.Dec 24, 2012

Happy Holidays!

Jane Hart

Happy Holidays / Happy Christmas. to all my readers. from Jane. Social learning

People don't need experts; they just need someone who knows

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

This is a really good analysis. I think you correctly identify the missing bit – helping students over those rough patches. Interestingly, to my mind, although the problem of understanding and responding to a student question is an almost intractable problem for machines, it is generally pretty straightforward for humans. So what we have tried to do with cMOOCs is connect people with the humans they need to connect with to get over the rough patches.

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The stem cell scammers

Mind Hacks

Ukraine has become a world centre for untested stem cell treatments where patients can fly in and have embryonic stem cells implanted in their brain to supposedly treat everything from Alzheimer’s disease to autism.

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PKM workshop 2013

Harold Jarche

A number of people have requested that I run another Personal Knowledge Management workshop, so the next online PKM workshop is now scheduled for 21 Jan – 15 Feb 2013 through the Social Learning Centre. This will be the last workshop in the current format.

PKM 19

Philosophy as interruption

David Weinberger

I woke up this morning from an anxiety dream about an event that doesn’t exist. In the dream, I’ve been tasked with replying to a presentation by someone talking about something philosophical, except they’ve never made clear to me who’s speaking or what he (it’s a he) is talking about.