Thu.Mar 29, 2012

Reflections on the Evolving Role of the CIO

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

Much has been written about the future role of the Chief Information Officer in the last few years. Many opinions have been put forward. All pretty much agree that fundamental changes, already underway, will take place over the next few years in how the IT function is organized and managed. Some feel that the CIO role is likely to significantly diminish, with its various responsibilities distributed across the business or subsumed within the CFO organization.

eLearning for Kids

Jay Cross

eLearning for Kids. Khan Academy is popping up everywhere! Sal Khan’s videos have helped millions of students learn algebra, biology, finance, and more. Singlehandedly, Sal Khan has done more to shake up the traditional notion of schooling than anyone since Horace Mann.

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That Something Else Better

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

I saw this thing from John T. Spencer consisting of the first two columns below, 'Management' and 'Leadership' respectively, and while I get that 'Leadership' is supposed to be something better and to be aspired to, it left me short. So I think there's a need to characterize another attitude, one that is neither 'Management' or 'Leadership', which gets to the core of a more ideal state.

An invitation to Sydney (and global) crowdsourcing workshops

Ross Dawson

I hope you can make it! Sydney will be the site of the launch of a global series of crowdsourcing workshops over coming months in Sydney, Amsterdam, Cologne, London, Paris, Brussels, New York, San Francisco and other cities. I am very excited about the workshops, the material we’ll cover, and what we’ll learn during the workshops to help create the forthcoming Second Edition of Getting Results From Crowds. Below is the announcement of the Sydney workshops.

A Method For Determining If A Boss Is Self-Aware (And Listens Well)

Bob Sutton

I was talking with a journalist from Men's Health today about how bosses can become more aware of how they act and are seen by the people they lead, and how so many bosses (like most human-beings) can be clueless of how they come across to others. 

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See You at NTC 2012 in San Francisco Next Week!

Beth Kanter

Flickr Photo by Star Dust. Next week should be officially be named “Nonprofit Techie Week” in San Francisco!