Fri.Mar 30, 2012

Is the cloud hastening the demise of the LMS?


LEARNING REACHES TO THE CLOUD. The IMS Global Learning Consortium has announced the release latest version of the IMS Learning Tools Interoperability Specification – Version 1.1. This specification provides a way for courses running in IMS-conformant Learning Management systems to securely access remote content, tools and services, and receive back user’s results. This is a big change, and a welcome one.


Sharing beyond the classroom and cubicle

Harold Jarche

Tweet Here are some of the observations and insights that were shared via Twitter this past week. Brain Rule #2 : “ There is no greater anti-brain environment than the classroom and cubicle. John Medina” via @chriscognito.


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On the challenges of studying suicide

Mind Hacks

Nature has an important article on why virtually no-one is trying to develop treatments to prevent suicide because research with such high-risk patients is almost impossible to get approved.


Unlocking the Potential of Peer Learning

Beth Kanter


Inside The Ailing Brain

Mind Hacks

The Ailing Brain is a fantastic documentary series on the brain and its disorders that’s freely available online. It has been produced in Spanish but the first part is now on YouTube with English subtitles.


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E-Mediat: Reflections from the Conference in Fez, Morocco

Beth Kanter

Group Photo with Certificates.