Mon.May 13, 2019

What is innovation?

Harold Jarche

In writing almost 100 posts on innovation since 2007, it’s time to put the core observations together into a cohesive narrative. Here goes. Innovation is fifteen different things to fifteen different people.

Once Lumbering, Now Innovative Incumbents Hit Their Stride

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

Last year, IBM’s Institute for Business Value published Incumbents Strike Back , a global C-suite study based on survey data from over 12,800 executives from 112 countries, including CEOs, CFOs, CMOs, COOs, CIOs, and CHROs.


Euen Semple

It is interesting to be back again in remote Australia where the incoming population exists pretty much in parallel with the indigenous one. These "first people" struggle to fit in with our modern world and are often disparaged for their lack of ambition and success. There is also a lot of alcoholism and drug use in their communities. Yet in their own past they were clearly deeply in tune with their environment and respectful of it in a way that we are only now beginning to learn.