Importing HTML into Google Docs spreadsheets

David Weinberger

Rick Klau points [ g+ ] to a feature of Google Docs spreadsheets I didn’t know about (although I’m far from a spreadsheet maven): It can automatically include a table from any HTML document accessible on the Web. Wouldn’t it be useful to be able to import a single element into a Google spreadsheet, even if it’s not in a list or a table?

Every business document should be in the cloud and concurrently editable

Ross Dawson

I’m at the Melbourne Google Enterprise Atmosphere on Tour event , the first of 25 events around the world. I am doing the keynote on The Evolution of Business at the Melbourne and Sydney events, giving an external perspective which happens to be highly aligned with the Google vision. The event included a Google Apps demo. The demo seemed to be over-emphasizing the concurrent editing and collaboration features of Google Docs, which I think of as pretty basic.

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Documents: Dead or grizzled survivors?

David Weinberger

My friend Frank Gilbane has unearthed an issue of my old e-zine from 1998 in which I proposed that documents are dead, and in which he counter-proposed that they are not. ” I will acknowledge that there is one itsy-bitsy way in which Frank was right and I was wrong: Documents are not dead. So, we still write and read documents. The finality of the document is serving as a forcing function for getting us literally on the same page. So, no, documents live.

Google Docs path to competency

David Weinberger

I use Google Docs a lot because I frequently want to share my drafts with some set of people and because no-frills writing software keeps me from distracting myself with frills. But, as a writing tool, Google Docs heads us back to somewhere between NotePad and a 1998 wysiwyg HTML editor. For it to catch on for anything more than the occasional shared doc, it needs to add a whole bunch of features that leverage its social usage.

9 great ways to make the iPad a useful work tool: structures, setup, apps

Ross Dawson

But they are basically useless because there is no easy way to access and edit documents hosted on cloud servers such as Dropbox , Google Docs , or There are three major third-party office suites: Documents To Go , QuickOffice , and Office2 HD. That’s not to say the others aren’t good or have improved their game since I looked at them in depth, but I have found Documents To Go a solid office suite. Office doc formatting.

Being clear on collaboration

Clark Quinn

It can be a document, spreadsheet, visual, or more. When we can jointly create our shared understanding, we’re developing a richer outcome that we could independently (or by emailing versions of the document around). Google Docs), but it’s central. You can write documents, or adjust tables and formulas, or edit diagrams together. Twice recently, I’ve been confronted with systems that claim to be collaboration platforms.

Collaboration, Communication, and Cooperation

Clark Quinn

On a recent #lrnchat , a colleague shared how she was collaborating on presentations using Google Slides. And I’ve done much important work with others using Google Docs and Sheets.


David Weinberger

The HTML standard itself was at best serviceable; it was a specification using an already-existing standard, SGML, that let you specify the elements and structure of particular document types. Anyone who wanted to could write applications for displaying hyperlinked documents.

Low-Cost Test and Quiz Tool Comparison

Tony Karrer

He helped me pull together the following evaluation of a few different solutions: ClassMarker Quia ProProfs Google Docs Forms Creator, and Quibblo. Google Docs Forms Google Docs has a built-in Form document type that allows the creation of a set of questions. This can be an interesting quiz / test tool especially if you already use Google docs.

1st update on 10 Tools Challenge 2013

Jane Hart

3- Google Docs/Drive 87- OpenOffice. Document tools. 30- Wikispaces 32- Google Sites 88- PB Works. 1- Twitter 9- Facebook 17- Google+ 23- LinkedIn. 45- SharePoint 55- Google Apps. 35- Google Chrome 65- Firefox and addons.

WebEx 38

Google Chrome: The OS, the laptop, the browser

David Weinberger

Klint Finley at ReadWriteWeb writes : Google is bringing Web apps one step closer to having full desktop functionality. This brings Chrome the Browser one step closer to Chrome the OS … and if I were Google, I would not go much further than that. I say this as the recipient of one of the tens of thousands of CR-48 Chrome notebooks Google sent out over the past couple of months. (I

Open Education, MOOCs, and Opportunities

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

To support the free distribution of software documents and support materials, the free software documentation license (FSDL) was developed. It was similar to the GPL, but in order to ensure the integrity of documentation, did not allow derivatives. This followed the calls of academics (in documents such as the Berlin Declaration and Budapest Open Archives Initiative) for the free distribution of academic content.

Most popular posts about Working Smarter for July 2012

Jay Cross

Importing HTML into Google Docs spreadsheets . Rick Klau points [ g+ ] to a feature of Google Docs spreadsheets I didn’t know about (although I’m far from a spreadsheet maven): It can automatically include a table from any HTML document accessible on the Web.

Education Technology Strategies - Day One

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

Daniel - teachers encourage collaboration, many classes use cloud websites to collaborate on docs - EdSpee?

Have social networks replaced groups?

David Weinberger

Since 2003, there are now services that bundle together these different modalities: Skype and Google Hangouts both let a group talk, video, chat, and share documents. Google Docs are functionally wikis, except without the draft>compile>post process.) Likewise, Facebook, Google Groups, Twitter, and the other dominant forms of “social software” (to use the term from 2003) are amazing at building social networks.

Attention #NPdataNerds: Report back from the first-ever Do Good Data Conference

Beth Kanter

She turned to Facebook to ask how we might document the day for those who couldn’t join in person. After much discussion about Etherpad, Piratepad, okfnpad, Storify, and other tools, we settled on good old Google docs.

Real-Time Collaborative Editing

Tony Karrer

A while ago I asked in several places if people knew of a text or document editor that would allow real-time collaborative editing during a conference session (or workshop, seminar, course, etc.). Doesn't Google docs already do all of this?

Digital Habitats Editable version of Chapter 10 – Action Notebook

Nancy White

Step 1: View the Google Doc version using this URL: [link]. Recently a group of students in the Foundations of Communities of Practice workshop completed a Word-Doc version of Chapter 10. Log in to Google Docs. John Smith likes to work on his vacation, it seems.

Social Software Adoption

Tony Karrer

An example of that is the adoption of Distributed Content Editing via an agreed to technology such as Wiki, Shared SharePoint Documents, Google Docs, etc. I personally expect that the days of emailing around documents will be long forgotten.

Social media & workplace performance matrix

Harold Jarche

I’ve looked at it many times and thought that it might be easier to see the big picture as a matrix , which I’ve created as a Google Document. If you would like to edit the Google Doc, or get it as a spreadsheet, please contact me.

Web Conferencing Services

Tony Karrer

I found a Google doc via delicious that I have a feeling wasn't intended to be public, but it has such a wonderful comparison of the various web conferencing tools that I felt compelled to copy it here and as a new Google Doc in case the document goes away.

Open Learning, Open Networks

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

I have three examples of openness from this talk: First, in an earlier presentation that I saw, everything was up on Google Docs, and anyone could edit it. It used to be that only Google and Microsoft could have these web-based services. Google Sites.

Under the radar: great technologies you could be using

Jay Cross's Informal Learning

Google Docs/collaborative writing. Scribd “social publishing&# for documents. Google for an ever-greater array of services. Learning Technologies 2009. Track 1 Session 1. Learning technologies: the road ahead. Under the radar: great technologies that you could be using. URL for this page:[link]. TInyURL for this page: [link]. Collaborative Learning; for exploring music (and our soundtrack) MariaFernanda choconancy.

Remote Collaboration

Tony Karrer

At the core, when I look at what a team needs, it's a pretty simple list: Real-time Voice Screen Sharing Document Editing (sometimes) Asynchronous Share / collaborate on documents, web pages Discussion Notification Of course, I'm simplifying by leaving out things like video chat, recording, etc.

[berkman] Chris Soghoian on privacy in the cloud

David Weinberger

Vivek Kundra switched 38,000 DC employees over to Google Docs becore he became Federal CIO. “It’s clear he’s Google-crazy.&# provide offline access without even requiring synchronizers such as Google Gears. With Prism, you have an icon on your desktop for, e.g., Google Docs. Your documents, your spreadsheets, etc., It took Google a year to release a fix, and even so it hasn’t been turned on by default.


Jay Cross

When I’m looking for something beyond what Google or Wikipedia will find for me, I turn to my research page. For example, I set up a Google search that limits what it finds to learning voices I trust; another pulls answers only from people on John Hagel’s blogroll. Seminal documents and seminal video list things I’m forever pointing people to. Other tools I could not do without: Google Desktop Search: find anything on your computer or web sites really, really fast.

[berkman] Transforming Scholarly Communication

David Weinberger

Dynamic documents. [cf. Interleaf Active Documents, circa 1990. Google Wave. Swivel, IBM’s Many Eyes , Google’s Gapminder , Freebase, CSA’s Illustra… The business models are shifting. Also Slideshare and Google Docs. But we’re also thinking about how you do it without the old containers, on the Web, in Google Wave, etc.

How I use social media

Nancy White

80% of my working time is mediated using social media, from Skype, Google Docs, Twitter, Drupal, Moodle, Elluminate and an every changing myriad of other tools. Without Skype, email, Google docs, Flickr, and publishing on demand, this book would not have been born.

[berkman] Microsoft on the multinational legal complications of cloud computing

David Weinberger

I’m worried that users are naively using online programs such as Google Docs and Office Live without knowing they’re online and that they’re lacking legal protection. A: We hope that it’s apparent to users that they’re storing documents online.

How I use social media | Full Circle Associates

Nancy White

80% of my working time is mediated using social media, from Skype, Google Docs, Twitter, Drupal, Moodle, Elluminate and an every changing myriad of other tools. Without Skype, email, Google docs, Flickr, and publishing on demand, this book would not have been born.

New Work and New Work Skills

Clark Quinn

Well consider the following: I effectively use the Google filetype operator? I know what does the Google "~" operator does? I'm effective at reaching out to get help from people I don't already know I'm good at keeping, organizing my documents, web pages that I've encountered in ways that allow me to find it again when I need it and remind me that it exists when I'm not sure what I'm looking for. My recent Survey - Do You Know What These Are?

The Enterprise 2.0 Recovery Plan

Andy McAfee

This suite would include blogs, wikis (including collaborative document production tools like Google Docs), discussion boards, SNS, a microblogging tool like Twitter or Yammer, a tagging utility, prediction markets, ways to vote on good content (a la Digg ) and ways to give praise or good karma to particularly helpful colleagues. I’d probably allow only group collaborative document production tools to have limited membership. (#3)

The Reality of Virtual Learning

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

This allows for the creation of online applications, such as Google Documents, for example, or the Zoho suite of applications or things like, which is a web page that allows you to draw diagrams, flow charts and things like that. One of the things that we’re seeing is more and more people are using online applications like this instead of applications that would be loaded on their computer, like Microsoft Office Word document and PowerPoint slides.