Has AI (Finally) Reached a Tipping Point?

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

After many years of promise and hype, AI seems to be finally reaching a tipping point of market acceptance. Artificial intelligence is suddenly everywhere… it is proliferating like mad.” So starts a Vanity Fair article published around two years ago by author and radio host Kurt Andersen.

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33 Twitter Tips in 140 characters

Jane Hart

33 Twitter Tips, in 140 characters or less comes from Ethos3 | Presentation Design and Training. Social learning

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Designing outside your comfort zone

Adaptive Path

That’s what we tell ourselves because as designers we often rely on tried and tested tools, methods and standards to help us arrive at a solution that should work. They may sound like best practices for just being a good designer, and they are. “Trust the process!”.

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Service Design Soft Skill Builder: Empathy

Adaptive Path

We, the design community, talk (and write and speak) a lot about empathy. Some, at the extremes, position human-centered designers as Platonic figures releasing stakeholders from the shadows of opinion and faceless analytics into the reality of human emotions, needs, and desires.

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Is the Blockchain Now Reaching a Tipping Point?

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

But their inclusion in the Top Ten List indicates that each has now reached a market acceptance tipping point where its impact can be meaningfully felt. What does it mean for an infrastructure technology like the blockchain to have reached such a tipping point?

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From instructor to designer & facilitator

Clark Quinn

While I posted an answer there, I thought I’d post it here too: I see two major roles in that of the ‘teacher’: the designer of learning experiences (pre), and the facilitator of same (during/post). I think the design changes by returning to natural learning approaches, an apprenticeship model (c.f. Tech can make it easier to follow such a design paradigm. The facilitation role is to help bring out misconceptions and important hints and tips to lead to learner success.

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How to Design Experiences the Adaptive Path Way! (Or Not.)

Adaptive Path

It’s a conversation I’ve had many times with fellow designers over the years. In the course of a given year, an experience designer may have the opportunity to take on as many as half a dozen discrete projects—if they’re lucky. Methods Tips and Tricks

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A jot of design

Clark Quinn

First, it was an iPad app supporting design. Given that I’m very much about improving design, *and* quite into mobile, this was of interest. Second, I mistakenly thought it came from Michael Allen’s company Allen Interactions, and he’s not only been an early advocate of engaging design, but also he’s a supremely nice guy to complement his smarts. On the other hand, there are handy tips for many if not all of the steps. design mobile

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Instructional design in 140 characters #140id

Jane Hart

This got me thinking, could we do the same for other knowledge domains in order to provide some shared daily tips or instructions? Evernote tip: search (e.g.: ‘ tag:xx -tag:yy notebook:yy ‘) ; click magnify glass icon; name & save search for reuse.

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Virtual Meetings: 5 Tips for Nonprofits Working Across Time Zones

Beth Kanter

Here’s my best tips for scheduling virtual meetings for your nonprofit across time zones: 1. These tips work well if you don’t travel. There are other tools, tips, and ways to handle this in this post. Meetings Tools and Tactics Training Design

Guest post: A Tipping Point in Learning

Jane Hart

When I saw the practical application of her thinking I recognised that Share&Learn may well in future be recognised as a tipping point in our understanding of learning, and heralds a new era in the way learning is viewed and supported. Initially designed to assist administration, the LMS quickly became an enterprise tool for the L&D Community, gathering into its arms content management, course curricula, and delivery. Tweet.

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Remote Teams Tips & Tricks

Adaptive Path

The downside of Adobe Acrobat Connect: Document resolution is so-so, so don’t use for visual design. Or, send the visual design documents and use the Adobe Acrobat Connect screen simply for reference/orientation during the meeting. Please add to this post if you have good tips and tricks to share with the rest of us! I just finished working on a project where half of my team was in our Austin office and half was here in San Francisco, which meant 2 different time zones.

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Employee Training in Cyber Security: 4 Tips and Techniques


Tips for Quickly Training Employees in Good Cybersecurity Practices. Here are a few helpful tips for executing this type of training across your organization immediately: Tip #1 – Train employees about social engineering scams. Hackers design graphics to appear ‘normal’ so that people click without thinking. Tip #2 – Provide Password Construction Training. Tip #3 – Ban Potentially Dangerous Downloads. Tip #4 – Have Personnel Secure Physical Materials.

Tech Wellness in the Nonprofit Workplace: Tips for Avoiding Collaborative Overload

Beth Kanter

The session is designed to answer three questions: Why does collaborative technology overload lead to loss of nonprofit workplace productivity and what are the best practices to avoid it? Here’s some tips on how to say no without burning bridges.

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Trainer’s Notebook: Tips for Good Openings

Beth Kanter

My role in the project is to the facilitate the training sessions, design the overall training, facilitate openers and closings, help prep the curriculum, and deliver modules on digital strategy and social media. Nonprofit blogger Vu Lee has some tips on what types of openers to avoid.

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Gamestorming for service design

Dave Gray

As part of the kickoff for the Global Service Jam, I was asked to offer some tips on how service designers could use gamestorming. So I put together a few thoughts in this short video

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UX Week Keynote Speaker Amanda Dameron on Making Design More Human

Adaptive Path

If you’re a fan of Dwell magazine, you’re familiar with its unique take on modern architecture and design in the home. Dwell editor-in-chief Amanda Dameron is a passionate advocate for the philosophy of design exemplified by the homes, decor, and furnishings showcased in Dwell.

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Horrible User Experience Design…On Purpose

Adaptive Path

I wonder if Money Magazine and National Geographic Traveler know or care that this vendor designed a system to lock me in. I have no idea what name of this company is…but if you feel like reminding yourself that yes, user experience designers do, in fact, have the opportunity to make the world a worse or better place…please call this number and enjoy! how to magazine subscriptions money magazine national geographic traveler tips tricks user experience design

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19 Tips for Effective Online Conferences

Tony Karrer

Session timing and design is difficult online. Most presenters are not used to designing for online, so it’s important to help them plan their sessions to be effective. It’s best to design things where the discussion forums are an added bonus and have some set questions to spark discussion. I was recently asked me about my recommendations for conducting effective online conferences (virtual conference). They had attended the LearnTrends free online conference.

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Coloring Outside the Wireframe: 3 Tips to Integrating Visual Design in the UX Field

Adaptive Path

But when the tables turned and I got to ask AP-ers my questions I was interested in one thing in particular: “What do you see as the role of a visual designer at a UX company?” Having come from a start up where everyone did everything (from research to coding) I was worried about getting slotted into a specific phase of the design process, essentially “skinning” other designers’ work. However, up to this point visual design was typically tacked on at the end of projects.

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Six Tips for Evaluating Your Nonprofit Training Session

Beth Kanter

I’m co-facilitating a session on Nonprofit Training Design and Delivery with colleagues John Kenyon, Andrea Berry, and Cindy Leonard at the NTEN Nonprofit Technology Conference on Friday March 14th at 10:30 am! Training Design

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Entering a design project mid-stream? Sometimes, you just paddle.

Adaptive Path

Design work isn’t always glorious. Much of the “designerly&# work was finished, and the team had already switched into production mode. This, despite the fact that the project room was covered in sketches, concepts, Post-It notes, and all sorts of artifacts from the design process. Design is thinking through doing. As designers, we think through doing. Design is a reflective practice between the designer and her design materials.

Tips for Activating a Culture of Wellbeing in the Nonprofit Workplace

Beth Kanter

Happy Healthy Nonprofit Training Design

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?Beyond “I hate green:” Managing Productive Visual Design Reviews

Adaptive Path

Raise your hand if you’ve ever been a part of a design review that included any of the following comments: [ ] I hate green. [ ] Can you make it “pop?&#. [ ] Just tweak it around a bit and we’ll have another review. [ ] Make the logo bigger. [ ] Can you just make it look like Apple? It’s a common challenge in visual design: creating a feedback structure that respects the subjective nature of visual design, yet also generates actionable items for moving forward.

Travel Tip #11 ? The Hidden Benefits of Mickey D's | Daniel Pink

Dan Pink

Design (52). Design (52). Travel tips (14). Travel Tip #11 – The Hidden Benefits of Mickey D’s. PREVIOUS TIPS: Tip #1 — Never get sick again. Tip #2 — The magic of earplugs. Tip #3 — Four road food rules of thumb. Dan Pink. Contact.

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Explaining User Experience Design to High Schoolers (and other new audiences)

Adaptive Path

How do user experience designers tell their story in a relevant, meaningful way, to audiences who have no exposure to user experience design (UX)? UX practitioners are keenly aware that everything we use in our lives was designed by someone. But, outside of our industry (and related ones), most people aren’t aware of the many decisions that were made (or not made) on their behalf when a product or service was designed.

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Information overload and Beth’s tips | Full Circle Associates

Nancy White

Take a quick hop over to her tips. And don’t be overwhelmed by the number of the tips. Photo credit: verbeeldingskr8 Share and Enjoy: 2 responses so far 2 Responses to “Information overload and Beth’s tips&# # steve on 13 Aug 2009 at 7:30 am I must be very relaxed.

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Don’t Be So Precious: Tips & Tricks to Help Creativity Flourish

Adaptive Path

Tags: Adaptive Path Staff Creativity Idealism (Uncensored) Management Methods People You Should Know Perspective Podcasts Product Management Project Management Tips & Tricks Visual Design design film pablo picasso process scott berkun tea with teresa the mystery of picasso tips tricks

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Trainer’s Notebook: Facilitating Tech Training Internationally – Tips for Working with Interpreters

Beth Kanter

They started WAKE after working together for 15 years designing and leading global programs at the intersection of technology, civil society and women’s empowerment. Training Design

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Writing For Designers: Be Like Papa

Adaptive Path

Designers write proposals, reviews, presentations, specifications and dozens of other forms of written expression. ” As designers, we may not use symbolism in our day-to-day writing, but we can still learn from this. Some other tips beyond the iceberg: Don't bury the lede.

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Trainer’s Tip: Your Room Set Up Can Make or Break the Learning Experience

Beth Kanter

I had designed the leadership workshop on resilience to include a lot of solo and peer reflection time and small group work and some small amounts of presentation and context to do the exercises. Training Design

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Make It Rain: Tips and Tricks for Nonprofit Crowdfunding Success

Beth Kanter

It is called ‘Make It Rain: Tips & Tricks for #Crowdfunding Success.’. The guide, which was sponsored by JustGiving and the Institute of Fundraising offers tip and recommendations for planning, implementing, and following up on a crowdfunding campaigns.

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3 Tips to Make Corporate eLearning Courses More Engaging


They also make it simple for leaders to design eLearning courses that encourage engaged learning. In 2014, it was reported that 41.7 percent of Fortune 500 companies utilized eLearning (online learning) technologies.¹ Large companies aren’t the only organizations investing in eLearning; small- and mid-sized companies are, too.²

Facilitating Rapid Service Design for Healthcare

Adaptive Path

That’s a question Chris McCarthy, Director of the Innovation Learning Network and an Innovation Specialist with Kaiser Permanente’s Innovation Consultancy, brought to the table at the latest San Francisco Service Design Drinks event hosted by Adaptive Path*. Designers, healthcare experts, and a fair number of non-designers interested in the topic came together for drinks and a chance to take a quick stab at the issue.

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5 Tips for Nonprofits To Host Effective Walking Meetings

Beth Kanter

” The conversation that ensued was great, so I thought I’d share a few practical tips. If you have a larger group you might want to designate someone as the notetaker. What are your tips? @kanter A walking meeting in progress.

Tips and Cheat Sheets To Help Your Nonprofit Plan and Implement FB Brand Page Changes

Beth Kanter

But Facebook hasn’t played god with us and flipped the switch – they’re actually giving us a month to absorb the change - and create a plan, design, and test it. Here’s some tips and ideas to get you started. Tips Tools and Tactics

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Facilitating Rapid Service Design for Healthcare

Adaptive Path

That’s a question Chris McCarthy, Director of the Innovation Learning Network and an Innovation Specialist with Kaiser Permanente’s Innovation Consultancy, brought to the table at the latest San Francisco Service Design Drinks event hosted by Adaptive Path*. Designers, healthcare experts, and a fair number of non-designers interested in the topic came together for drinks and a chance to take a quick stab at the issue.

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Productivity Tips for the Mobile (Social) Knowledge Web Worker – Mophie, Gum Max and Logitech

Luis Suarez

As I have mentioned on my last blog post , here’s a follow-up entry for today where I’m going to pick things up from where I left them around some additional Productivity Tips for the Mobile (Social) Knowledge Web Worker.

Walking During Board Retreats: A Few Tips

Beth Kanter

The human body was not designed for sitting all day long. Here’s a few tips: We took a photo of any flip chart notes, instructions, or report information we needed to reference. I recently joined the advisory board of the Leadership Learning Community.

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14 smart tips from single women entrepreneurs | Daniel Pink

Dan Pink

Design (52). Design (52). Travel tips (14). 14 smart tips from single women entrepreneurs Erin Albert is a multi-talented, multi-tasking pharmacy professor at Butler University (Go Bulldogs ! These are good tips for any entrepreneur. Dan Pink. Contact.

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Reflections on a Decade of Designing and Facilitating Interactive Webinars

Beth Kanter

I thought I’d take this opportunity to reflect again on a decade of experience of designing and delivering interactive webinars. In order to do that, you have to think like an instructional designer ! As a webinar designer, what tricks and tips have worked for you?

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5 impacts of Apple’s app store subscription model on experience design

Adaptive Path

The App Store and NetFlix are just the tip of the iceburg. But what does the change mean for experiences and experience design? Designing a good trialing experience will be critical. Design services, not apps. Subscriptions tip the orientation of your product to a service. But how do you design for loyalty? Bottom line: Know what triggers renewal and design experience to engender it. Experience Design Service Design

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Flexible Space: The Secret To Designing Powerful Training

Beth Kanter

Join me for a FREE Webinar: Training Tips that Work for Nonprofits on Jan.29th at 1:00 PM EST/10:00 AM PST. I’ll be sharing my best tips and secrets for designing and delivering training for nonprofit professionals that get results.