eLearning Templates – 20 Resources

Tony Karrer

Recently, I’ve been seeing a lot of posts come through eLearning Learning that provide eLearning templates or toolkits or other kinds of interesting resources. eLearning Technology.

SharePoint Templates for Academic Departments

Tony Karrer

I have recently been charged to lead a team to assist with the design, look, feel and governance of our existing SP deployment. I work at a University and one of our first task’s is to work on a template that might meet 80% of an Academic Departments needs. I’m wondering in your search if you’ve come across others who may have created a more customized template that better suits the needs of a department vs the out of the box templates that you might be able to share.

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Real learning – let’s not confuse it with completing templated exercises

Charles Jennings

Learning professionals spend a significant amount of their time (maybe even the majority) designing and delivering content and then evaluating completions and short-term memory outputs from structured mandatory and compliance training modules and courses.

Designing E-Learning 3.0 in gRSShopper - 3

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

The background reading I did for this course looked not only at new e-learning trends but also advances in artificial intelligence and analytics, cloud hosting systems and server virtualization, as well as blockchain and related distributed ledger technologies.

Module 159

Designing E-Learning 3.0 in gRSShopper - 9

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

Figure 117 - RSS Newsletter page in the Page Editor Some things to note: - I've made the heading pretty generic (I may actually make it a template in the future) by using page variables (such as [*page_crdate*] and site variables ( like st_url ).

Design 152

Nonprofit Technology Training: Book List

Beth Kanter

At this year’s Nonprofit Technology Conference, I’m thrilled to be doing a panel on nonprofit technology training and it has a bit of a star wars theme, “ Learn You Will.” Brilliance by Design: Creating Learning Experiences that Connect, Inspire, and Engage.

List 111

8 Fantastic Facilitation Playbooks for Designing Productive Nonprofit Meetings

Beth Kanter

Whether our meeting is useless or valuable depends on how we design, facilitate, and follow up. Meeting design is more than just agenda planning or identifying topics. Often, we get stuck in meeting design ruts where we blindly follow the same template or recipe.

The Future IMS Learning Design

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

The Future IMS Learning Design What is the future of learning design? Joel Greenberg My own personal view: maybe the world is moving on, and maybe the idea of 'design' is a bit old fashioned. It's interesting, because they all use techn ology, but there has been a lack of interest in using technology in their teaching. The idea is to lead academics to a lightweight narrative, and having them design around it. So, what is the future of learning design?

Design 122

Notes from Information Technology Based Higher Education and Training ITHET 2013, Antalya

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

A New Strategy for Higher Education and Training Shirley Alexander Some intro stuff about the buildings being built for the University of Technology, Sydney (UTS). Do Engineering: Delivering First Class Online Engineering Education with Graphical System Design Michael Haddad - National Instruments Arabia Online learning: - access to education to hundreds of thousands of people - platform for dissemination of a wide variety of topics - ideally suited for arts, humanities, finance.

Some new elearning companies ;)

Clark Quinn

Their signature offering is a suite of templates for your elearning featuring cooperative play. OffDevPeeps: these folks a full suite of technology development services including mobile, AR, VR, micro, macro, long, short, and anything else you want, all done at a competitive cost. design mobile social technologyAs I continue to track what’s happening, I get the opportunity to review a wide number of products and services.

How to Use Design Thinking to Improve Your Nonprofit’s Digital Strategy

Beth Kanter

We used some Human Centered Design techniques from their “ Innovating for People ” design methods recipe book. It was the most stimulating web platform strategy session that I have ever experienced! What is Human Centered Design?

How To Create A Terrific Facebook Cover Image If You Don’t Have Resources To Hire A Designer

Beth Kanter

And, you need to think about the cover image design in the context of your overall content strategy. But what if you don’t have the resources to hire a graphic designer and need to do it in-house? Cover Photo Template. Full Mock-Up Template.

The latest in 3D printing trends: guns, ears, body parts, and now in your local store

Ross Dawson

The gun is designed to fire standard handgun rounds, using interchangeable barrels for different calibers of ammunition. 3D printing of guns is, among other things, part of a broader trend of lack of control of technology and weapons. design Future of business Retail Technology trends

Trends 247

Supporting our Brains

Clark Quinn

One of the ways I’ve been thinking about the role mobile can play in design is thinking about how our brains work, and don’t. Technology, for instance, is bad at pattern-matching and meaning-making, two things we’re really pretty good at. design meta-learning mobil

Working wiser?

Clark Quinn

And, of course, it means using Serious learning design. So we can have job aids that provide guidance, or bake it into our templates. design meta-learning strategy technologyNoodling: I’ve been thinking about Working Smarter, a topic I took up over four years ago. And while I still think there’s too little talk about it, I wondered also about pushing it further.

Jive 108

Shiny objects and real impact

Clark Quinn

Yesterday I went off about how learning design should be done right and it’s not easy. The analogy here is that using all the fancy capabilities: tarted up templates for simple questions, 3D virtual worlds, even adaptive learning, might not be needed if we did better learning design! And, as a corollary, if you don’t get the design right, it doesn’t matter how you implement it. design

How Not to Adopt an LCMS


Modern learning organizations understand that, in order to provide learners with the resources they expect (such as content personalization, mobile learning, microlearning, and just-in-time support) new technology tools are no longer a “nice to have” — they’re a necessity.

Site Redesign

Harold Jarche

If this site is popular, it is because of the content, not the design. I have not put much effort into the design and visual art is definitely not one of my skills. For the most part I have just used templates or very simple layouts. I guess this is what a good designer does.


Clark Quinn

The topic is interesting to me, because like with Design Thinking , it seems like well-known practices with a new branding. As context, during grad school I was in a research group focused on user-centered system design , which included design, processes, and more. What was current at the time were iterative, situated, collaborative, and participatory design processes, so I was pretty familiar with the principles and a fan. design strategy

Stop creating, selling, and buying garbage!

Clark Quinn

One of the causes is unenlightened designers. There are lots of them, for lots of reasons: trainers converted, lack of degree, old-style instruction, myths, templates, the list goes on. You know, it’s not like one dreams of being an instructional designer as a kid. Good learning design is not something you pick up in a one week course, sadly. That’s the designer’s job, but they’re not equipped. design strategy

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Content engineering

Clark Quinn

We’ve heard about learning engineering and while the focus is on experience design, the pragmatics include designing content to create the context, resources, and motivation for the activity. What’s involved is tighter templates around content roles, metadata describing the content, and management of the content. By this tighter process, we not only provide better content design, delivery, and management, but we set the stage for the future.

Tools and tradeoffs

Clark Quinn

RapidWeaver uses templates: there are quite a few included, and you can pay for more. I haven’t dived into the actual design behind the themes, as that takes me somewhere I don’t want to go. Tags: technology design Old Site.

Tools 130

Model responses

Clark Quinn

The problem is that our technology to evaluate freeform text is difficult, let alone anything more complex. There are times where this may be problematic, but increasingly we can and should mix media and use technology to help us close the gap between the learning practice and the performance context. Or we can give them a document template and criteria, take their response, and ask them to evaluate theirs and another, again with a rubric. design meta-learning

RFP 136

Smart.fm: Why Goals are the new Lists

Adaptive Path

And changing the way we think about something can have powerful implications on what we design and how we evaluate it. Using our Elevator Pitch “mad-lib&# template, we brainstormed ways to fill in the blanks: “For people who… the new smart.fm Part of the Smart.fm

List 254

The role of the university?

Clark Quinn

However, we now have the power of technology. Sure, there’d likely be some templates around for learning, but it’d be more self-directed, customizable, and put the appropriate responsibility on the learner. Tags: design social strategy Unhappy in many ways with the current status of education, particularly here in the US, I’ve been thinking a lot about what would make sense. What’s the role of K12, and then what’s the role of a university?

Think like a publisher

Clark Quinn

While that could be custom designs (and in some cases it must be, e.g. simulation games), for content curators and providers it also has to be about flexible business models and quality development. strategy technology

Are you able to personalize your content? LCMS 3.7 can help you!


include: Microsoft Word Output – Publish your content in Word format whose design is defined through your own Word templates. Learning Technologies NewsMore and more, users are demanding that their learning be personalized.



The Learning and Development industry, like any other, has been inundated with new technologies and tools for learning. This is an important aspect of the Instructional Designer’s job. Content Authoring Tool/Templates (Includes Assessment). ?. ?. Content Output Templates. ?. ?.

Learning Trends 2014


Having recently returned from Learning Technologies in London, I have a few new reflections about what''s "trending" in the L&D world. I also noticed that there is a lot of "buzz" around responsive design.

Trends 186

Six Tips for Evaluating Your Nonprofit Training Session

Beth Kanter

I’m co-facilitating a session on Nonprofit Training Design and Delivery with colleagues John Kenyon, Andrea Berry, and Cindy Leonard at the NTEN Nonprofit Technology Conference on Friday March 14th at 10:30 am! Training Design

Tips 114

Knight Foundation Launches The Giving Day Play Book

Beth Kanter

You can expect to continue to see more blog posts from me on the topic of peer learning design and training techniques as I continue to do this work. Capacity Free Agent Training Design

Trainer’s Notebook: Just A Few Participatory Facilitation Techniques

Beth Kanter

Many of us do this and take content notes, but it is also great to take notes about instructional design and facilitation techniques. My colleague, Dirk Slater , has written about how he applies the Spectragram technique in his technology/activist trainings.

Content Models and Mobile Delivery

Clark Quinn

For instance, if you design into a template even for the quick one-off requests that often come through the door in learning units, you are more likely to be able to reuse that content elsewhere, and, conversely, draw upon available content to shorten the development time. Tags: mobile strategy technology On Friday, I had the pleasure of a conversation of Kris Rockwell , CEO of Hybrid Learning for my in-process mobile learning book.

The year’s top posts on Working Smarter

Jay Cross

Working smarter draws upon ideas from design thinking, network optimization, brain science, user experience design, learning theory, organizational development, social business, technology, collaboration, web 2.0 The Dark Side of Technology .

PKM 166


Euen Semple

This has meant me not only touching the Windows world for the first time in many years but also encountering Microsoft's attempt to design an operating system that works on both a touch devices and conventional computers. Everything seemed harder than it had to be, logic appeared to be an alien concept to the interface designers, and everything looked so damn ugly! It is a reflection of the cultures in which the technology is predominantly used.

NTEN Leading Change Summit #14lcs: Reflection

Beth Kanter

Kudos to NTEN for breaking the template on the typical type of events it has hosted. The team’s first planning session should be one of learning about each’s other trade craft versus diving into the design of the session. The Session Design and Implementation.

Change 114

Reflections from Networked Nonprofit Workshop for Latin American NGOs

Beth Kanter

They also created network maps for each country as well sharing examples using online networks using technology tools. Both ideas were new, so it took a little bit of adaption of the templates and techniques, but we managed to come up with something useful for all.

Manipulating narrative?

Dave Snowden

The latest of these attempts to the commoditisation of design thinking but narrative, or rather story telling was one of the first. We got most of the way through this exercise, using the water engineer story as template today.

5 New Year’s Rituals for Nonprofit Professionals to Build Personal Resilience

Beth Kanter

I use my own self-care plan template to write down what I will do. We wrote a paper about Nonprofits and Machine Learning for NTEN and wrapping a research paper for the Gates Foundation on how these new technologies might scale generosity and the challenges.

3 reasons to change your learning content management strategy now


The technology market research firm Radicati Group estimates the enterprise content management market will bloom from $5.1 Capgemini Academy publishes a large number of information technology courses. It improves the speed of design and the amount of reuse," May indicated.

Nonprofits Are Adding Bots to their Social Media Teams

Beth Kanter

While easy to set up, designing an effective bot for a nonprofit from scratch can be daunting. Chatbots or “conversational artificial intelligence,” are one way that nonprofits are embracing the next wave of emerging technology, artificial intelligence.

meaning and failure

Harold Jarche

“Human beings augmented by other human beings is more important than human beings augmented by technology” — @eskokilpi. When you rank theorists over practitioners, split work tasks into atoms and pulls templates onto the leftovers, you lose commitment.

Learning and Development Webinars


Eric Span, lead content developer at Benefitfocus shows the before and after of their learning ecosystem and how Xyleme helped them optimize their learning content design and delivery. Xyleme and Principled Technologies talk about a customer project that they delivered in half the time. They offer three ways to shorten your development time: collaboration, job roles and templates. Effective Responsive Design.