5 Features of Enterprise Learning Management Systems that Reduce Administration


Enterprise learning management systems (LMS) are designed to provide business benefits that improve performance –reducing costs, improving efficiency, and increasing learner engagement. Learning Management System Employee Training LMS Features

Designing a game

Clark Quinn

He knew that I had designed games before returning to grad school, and had subsequently done one on my thesis research. I taught my interface design students HyperCard, to have a simple language to prototype in. The post Designing a game appeared first on Learnlets. design game

Design 178

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LMS Key Features Facilitate eLearning


There’s no denying that LMS key features facilitate eLearning. LMS Key Features Facilitate eLearning. It is a learning management system’s features that organize, distribute, and make online learning possible. Learn about TOPYX’s LMS key features today.

What Features Do Technology Companies Need in eLearning Software?


Implementing an LMS with features designed to support the needs of technology companies helps effectively train staff and customers and maintain a competitive edge.

eLearning Learning Launches New Features

Tony Karrer

Over on eLearning Learning , we've just launched a new version with some great new features. You can find a long list of the Featured sources on the right side. There is a lot more content that comes in as well beyond the Featured sources.

Learning Design Insights

Clark Quinn

I attended a recent Meetup of the Bay Area Learning Design & Technology, and it led to some insights. I was tapped to host the Learning Design conversation (there were three others: LMS, Measurement, and Social Learning), and that meant that a subset of the group sat in on the discussion.

Design 192

The Evolution of Design Thinking

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

Design Thinking is the featured topic in the September issue of the Harvard Business Review with four articles on the subject. “It’s The application of design thinking beyond products, - in innovation, problem solving and business strategy, - isn’t new.

Design 281

Design Thinking and the Workplace Experience

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

Design has long played a major role in product innovation. But in the last few years, a shift has been underway bringing design to the very core of the business. “ The Evolution of Design Thinking : It’s no longer just for products.

Design 274

Intervention Design: Overcoming Stiff Resistance to a New, Disruptive Innovation

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

The September issue of the Harvard Business Review features a spotlight on The Evolution of Design Thinking. Last week I discussed this expanded view of design thinking based on one of the articles, - Design Thinking Comes of Age.

Designing the killer experience

Clark Quinn

But I continue my decades long fascination with design, to the extent that it’s a whole category for my posts! An article on how Apple’s iPhone was designed caused me to reflect. Their model was having a large-scope goal, and then various product managers take pieces of that, and negotiated for budget, with vendors for resources, and with other team members for the capability to implement their features. design

Design 149

Designing E-Learning 3.0 in gRSShopper - 6

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

elements, a Typeahead - for longer lists, a form to page, plus a search/lookup feature I won't be able to do all of that now. Ethics I've just finished sending off the ethics review board (REB) documents for research ethics review.

Design 173

Designing E-Learning 3.0 in gRSShopper - 4

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

Activities Each week of the course will feature some events. These are mostly live video conferences with guests. I also want to be able to show slides and to include the activity feed. I've been creating these using xSplit and then broadcasting the entire screen, but it's a bit unreliable.

Design 164

Secret Features of Apple's Proposed New Campus - Bob Sutton

Bob Sutton

This is especially true when it comes to selfish behavior; unvarnished self-interest is a learned social norm, not an unwavering feature of human behavior. How to Be a Good Boss in a Bad Economy| Featured HBR Article. Design school project teaches bike safety - The Stanford Daily Online. Tim Brown: Change by Design: How Design Thinking Transforms Organizations and Inspires Innovation. Bill Moggridge: Designing Interactions. Bob Sutton.

Good functional design

Dave Snowden

Now from the outside this is just a concrete block, but its to my mind one of the best examples of a well designed hotel for the business traveller.

Design 141

EFQUEL Slides Featured on Slideshare | Full Circle Associates

Nancy White

Home About Full Circle Contact Resources Wiki Full Circus Full Circle Associates connections for a changing world, online and offline… Jul 06 2008 EFQUEL Slides Featured on Slideshare Published by Nancy White at 7:54 pm under events , learning I was surprised to get an email that the slides I used at a keynote at the European Foundation for Quality in ELearning are currently featured on SlideShare’s SlideShare’s homepage.

Norman’s Design of Future Things

Clark Quinn

Donald Norman’s book, The Design of Everyday Things is a must-read for anyone who creates artifacts or interfaces for humans. Engineers are even building in noise as a feature when it’s disappeared via technical sophistication. At the end, he comes up with a set of design principles: Provide rich, complex, and natural signals. As an exercise, I looked at his design principles to see what might transfer over to the design of learning experiences.

Design 149

UX Week Keynote Speaker Amanda Dameron on Making Design More Human

Adaptive Path

If you’re a fan of Dwell magazine, you’re familiar with its unique take on modern architecture and design in the home. Dwell editor-in-chief Amanda Dameron is a passionate advocate for the philosophy of design exemplified by the homes, decor, and furnishings showcased in Dwell.

Design 266

The Designer’s Guide to Brooklyn

Adaptive Path

Since our team is heading out next week and possibly some of you will be going as well, we thought it would be great to assemble a Designers’ Guide to Brooklyn. ” Le Barricou – French, really well-designed everything. Imbibe with a fellow designers at Brooklyn Brewery …cheers! Hang out and enjoy Brooklyn’s autumn colors in the Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux designed Prospect Park.

Design 207

Design Elements in a Personal Learning Environment

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

In this paper I would like to address the core design elements in the development of a personal learning architecture being developed in the National Research Council''s Learning and Performance Support Systems program. The NRC-designed MOOC differs significantly from traditional courses. The NRC LPSS program is a 5-year $20 million effort designed to develop these core technologies and bind them with a common platform.

Design 197

The evolution of design to amplify flow

John Hagel

If we want to understand the importance of flows in our world, the new book Design in Nature released this week by Adrian Bejan and J. There is an imperative here:  “The constructal law is a shout from the rooftops: Everything that flows and moves generates designs that evolve  to survive (to live). All designs arise and evolve according to the same law.”. Flow systems have two basic features (properties). The importance of design in flow systems.

Design 176

The initial design influences everything else

Harold Jarche

Actually, it’s the Architect, because the initial design influences everything else. Clay Burell had guest blogger Bill Farren discussing the hidden curriculum of school architectural design.

Design 262

Hosting SF Service Design Drinks January 20

Adaptive Path

Adaptive Path is hosting the January edition of SF Service Design Drinks this Thursday, January 20. This event will feature a design challenge from Chris McCarthy, Director of the Innovation Learning Network at Kaiser Permanente, and UX Week presenter. You can find Service Design Drink groups and events globally at servicedesigning.org. Events Service Design Service Design Drinks

Design 143

Craft in Interaction and Service Design

Adaptive Path

As an Instapaper user, I feel Marco's love and care throughout my use of the service, and I think it suggests an opportunity to approach interaction and service design as a craft. It's a small thing, but so helpful, and indicative of the care in the app's design.

Design 232

Mobile and design are shifting to the center of technology and work

Ross Dawson

The Australian newspaper yesterday featured an article titled Mobile exposes need for design skills, programming languages: Ross Dawson based on an interview with myself and Alan Patterson, CEO of the Australian Computer Society , which is organizing the conference. The article begins: THE rise of mobile technology was accentuating the necessity for strong design skills and higher level programming languages, a leading futurist predicts. design Enterprise 2.0

Design 181

Design a Superhero

Adaptive Path

Experiment #1: You are designing the superhero of _travel. In this experiment, I asked a fellow design researcher who loves to travel to help me design the Superhero of Travel. Real life opportunity: tie in purchasing features.). Real life opportunity: tie in to ecommerce, featuring products that are stylish and suitable for travel.). Real life opportunity: featured neighborhoods and “get lost&# excursions.).

Design 122

The design philosophy of the AK-47

Dave Gray

The design philosophy of the AK-47 , originally uploaded by dgray_xplane. His agnostic design philosophy hides an ethical ambivalence and repositions designers as hired hands of industry who do whatever is needed – even weapons of mass destruction.

Design 221

When the Learner is the Teacher, Do We Need Instructional Designers?


It’s a new world out there for the Instructional Designer. When designing for mLearning, we need to put ourselves in the shoes of the user who is walking around with a very powerful tablet and/or smart phone. The camera, voice recorder, and collaboration features of the devices drive user-generated content that enable every user to be both teacher and student, and the device the collaboration space. Instructional designers are now learning facilitators.

Design 216

Reflections on a Decade of Designing and Facilitating Interactive Webinars

Beth Kanter

I thought I’d take this opportunity to reflect again on a decade of experience of designing and delivering interactive webinars. In order to do that, you have to think like an instructional designer ! As a webinar designer, what tricks and tips have worked for you?

Design 105

How to Design eLearning Content that Improves the User Experience


As a training and development manager, designing eLearning content that improves the user experience is a crucial component of maximizing training effectiveness.

Service Design Drinks and Thinks

Adaptive Path

Service Design Drinks and Thinks is an organic network of designers who believe that better services can and should be designed. From London to Amsterdam to Sydney to São Paulo, groups have self organized to meet and talk about service design, share experiences, and drink together in the interest of making this belief a reality. The third SF Service Design Drinks is Thursday, April 15. Tags: Service Design

Design 100

Report from Denmark: Designing the new public library at Aarhus, and the People’s Lab

David Weinberger

The front of the current library features new programs every few months, rather than the entrance being a way of controlling the users. Also rapid prototyping, with inspiration from design thinking (as per IDEO). Q: Design is crucial.

Report 201

4 LMS Add-Ons You Need to Know About


An LMS is designed to drive employee training and help companies reach their business goals. It’s a common problem that arises when companies don’t match business goals to platform features and capabilities during research and selection. LMS Features LMS benefits LMS Software

Strategy & Design; But Wait, There’s More

Adaptive Path

Strategy and design are two crucial elements when it comes to site design and development. We’ve put in so much hard work to plan and think and design how the features and elements of the site will work. It shows where the Strategy and Design tasks stop and where Implementation starts. In my work at Adaptive Path, I’ve worked on a number of projects that focus on these two key elements.

?Beyond “I hate green:” Managing Productive Visual Design Reviews

Adaptive Path

Raise your hand if you’ve ever been a part of a design review that included any of the following comments: [ ] I hate green. [ ] Can you make it “pop?&#. [ ] Just tweak it around a bit and we’ll have another review. [ ] Make the logo bigger. [ ] Can you just make it look like Apple? It’s a common challenge in visual design: creating a feedback structure that respects the subjective nature of visual design, yet also generates actionable items for moving forward.

Designing for Better Sex: In Conversation with Cindy Gallop Pt. 2

Adaptive Path

Allison Huang, our Design intern, and I talked to Cindy. This portion includes Cindy’s vision for how diversity and inclusion can be used to design spaces for open conversation around human sexuality and technology, and how that conversation can lead to personal and relational transformation. Are there any other supporting design principles or criteria that you think sextech requires in order to support that humanity?

Design 159

Explaining User Experience Design to High Schoolers (and other new audiences)

Adaptive Path

How do user experience designers tell their story in a relevant, meaningful way, to audiences who have no exposure to user experience design (UX)? UX practitioners are keenly aware that everything we use in our lives was designed by someone. But, outside of our industry (and related ones), most people aren’t aware of the many decisions that were made (or not made) on their behalf when a product or service was designed.

Design 166

Learning Design Tools (Demonstrations)

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

TELOS - Gilbert Paquette IMS Learning Design (IMS-LD) is a bridge between design and delivery. It is designed to address various needs, for example, K-12 lesson plans, higher education learning patterns, or workplace training. TELOS isn't exactly an LD designer and player, it's an educational modeling designer and player that exports to IMS-LD. One of its main features is a visual scenario editor and a multi-actor scenario player.

Tools 109

Experiential futures and the intersection between design and foresight

Ross Dawson

Stuart joined global design firm Arup six weeks ago after finishing his Ph.D Stuart says that he and his colleagues as futurists stumbled into design because of engagement as their goal and experience as their canvas. Design intermediates imagination and the tangible.

Design 202

How To Think Like An Instructional Designer for Your Nonprofit Trainings

Beth Kanter

I’ll be sharing my best tips and secrets for designing and delivering training for nonprofit professionals that get results. So, expect to see regular reflections on good instructional design and delivery for any topic, but especially digital technology and social media related. Design.

The 3 Qs for Great Experience Design (by Jared Spool)

Adaptive Path

The 3 Qs for Great Experience Design. Using these three variables, we’ve created corresponding questions to help us quickly rate a team’s experience design prowess. Notice that the story doesn’t describe the specifics of the design or the system — that’s not important. In our research, the average team member works on an experience design project for twenty-four months. Jared Spool.

Design 126

Images processed 60K faster? No! And more…

Clark Quinn

Is there a plausible scenario when you did beneath the surface features. So, please, practice professionalism, avoid the hype, and use good principles in design and practice. design meta-learning strategyRecently, I’ve run into the claim that images are processed 60K times faster than text. And, folks, it’s a myth. More over, it’s exemplary of bad practices in business.

Design research as the fourth estate

Adaptive Path

In preparation for teaching the Design Research day of our upcoming UX Intensive in San Francisco, from June 15-18, I’ve been reflecting on the different roles that design research plays in the design process and in the organizations we work with. It seems to me that organizations seeking to evolve their products and services, or even revolutionize their offerings, can benefit greatly from something like a fourth estate for design.

Designing for Better Sex: In Conversation with Cindy Gallop Pt. 2

Adaptive Path

Allison Huang, our Design intern, and I talked to Cindy. This portion includes Cindy’s vision for how diversity and inclusion can be used to design spaces for open conversation around human sexuality and technology, and how that conversation can lead to personal and relational transformation. Are there any other supporting design principles or criteria that you think sextech requires in order to support that humanity?

Design 100