Demoing Out Loud (#wolweek and #DevLearn)

Clark Quinn

Demoing is a form of working out loud, right? So I recently was involved in a project with Learnnovators where we designed some demo elearning (on the workplace of the future), and documented the thinking behind it. Second, if you’ll be at DevLearn next week, I’ll be demoing the resulting course at the DemoFest (table 84). The post Demoing Out Loud (#wolweek and #DevLearn) appeared first on Learnlets. design meta-learning social strategy

Thoughts on Learning Design Strategy

Clark Quinn

At the DevLearn conference, I ran a Morning Buzz on Learning Design Strategy. I started with a set of questions to address, so I’ll go through their comments in roughly that order (though we didn’t exactly follow this structure): What is learning design strategy?

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Impressive startups! Report from PushStart Australian accelerator Demo Day

Ross Dawson

Yeseterday afternoon I went to PushStart’s demo day for their first intake. They say that social media is not designed for business, it is designed for individuals, so. Incubators and accelerators are blossoming all over the world, with in Australia the seed accelerator space represented most prominently by StartMate , PushStart , and Melbourne-based AngelCube. I wrote about the Australian accelerator scene when PushStart was launched.

Report 171

Thinking Context in the Design Process

Clark Quinn

I was talking to the ADL Mobile folks about mobile design processes, and as usual I was going on about how mobile is not the sweet spot for courses (augmenting yes, full delivery no). design mobile

Four TED Talks for Experience Designers

Adaptive Path

From Microsoft comes two nifty product demos emerging from their Labs. The recent TED Talk that most surprised me as relevant to experience design actually comes from TED India, and I think has been overlooked in the blogosphere.

Design 219

Human-Centered Design & AI: Google AI Impact Summit

Beth Kanter

Last week I was lucky enough to attend the Google Impact AI Summit that shared the learning and case studies from Google AI Challenge winners. The Summit included presentations, panel discussions, and a “science fair” where we could see demos from and talk with the winners.

5 impacts of Apple’s app store subscription model on experience design

Adaptive Path

But what does the change mean for experiences and experience design? Designing a good trialing experience will be critical. Bottom line: If your trialing/demo experience sucks, people won’t buy your subscription. Design services, not apps. But how do you design for loyalty? Bottom line: Know what triggers renewal and design experience to engender it. The experiences you design have to fit in the consumer’s context (e.g.,

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e-Clippings (Learning As Art): Croquet Virtual World Demo

Mark Oehlert

Main | We Lost A Good One Folks.Well Miss You Philip » September 24, 2007 Croquet Virtual World Demo The development of multiple platforms for virtual worlds like Croquet speaks, I think to the power of these environments to form new mediums. e-Clippings (Learning As Art) Home Archives Subscribe About My Social Networks « Anybody Else Notice How Much Context Amazon is Now Wrapping Around A Book?

Death to Zombies!

Clark Quinn

Update 2: I was pointed to a post on LinkedIn about building a VR demo…on the MBTI! design meta-learningLast week, I ranted about a myth that seems inextinguishable. And I ran across another one in a place I shouldn’t have.

How to Design an iPhone App in 48 Hours

Adaptive Path

But when I stepped off the stage after presenting the first native demo of Foodspotting to a crowd of 500-some participants, I couldn’t have been happier with how far our team had come! So that’s how we were able to do “good design faster&# at iPhoneDevCamp 3.

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The Future IMS Learning Design

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

The Future IMS Learning Design What is the future of learning design? Joel Greenberg My own personal view: maybe the world is moving on, and maybe the idea of 'design' is a bit old fashioned. The idea is to lead academics to a lightweight narrative, and having them design around it. My experience is that your standard academic simply won't touch this stuff (learning design). So, what is the future of learning design? The same could be for larning design.

Design 122

Razing barriers: on-demand customer input to design

Adaptive Path

The biggest barrier to human centered design is just getting it done. Which, of course, is often difficult to predict in the ambiguous design process. We were working on the interaction design of a very lengthy and specialized media submission tool.

Design 130

Agile Bay Area #LNDMeetup Mindmap

Clark Quinn

I’ve been interested in process , so I attended this month’s Bay Area Learning Design Meetup that showcased LinkedIn’s work on Agile using Scrum for learning design. At the end they demo to the stakeholders and reflect. design strategy

Beyond the Desktop

Adaptive Path

Mobile is a realm of user experience that has long held my imagination because it’s an accessible opportunity space for designers to explore, prototype and ultimately invent new ways for people to interact with information. Mobile is a place where we can experiment; it’s a place where designers can test the tethers of the PC desktop legacy and create interactions that begin to bring Mark Weiser’s original vision of ubiquitous computing closer to reality.

Trends 100

e-Clippings (Learning As Art): PaperVision 3D - a 3D Flash Engine

Mark Oehlert

You can go here or here and see the demo live.that shark you see was swimming around my head and I could use my mouse to look around a 360 degree arc as well as looking up and down.all in my widdle ole browser.

Mac memories

Clark Quinn

I confess that, at the time, I was a bit young to have been aware of the mother of all demos by Doug Engelbart and the inspiration of the Parc work.) So while I dabbled in meta-learning, I was right there at the heart of thinking around interface design. Naturally, if you cared about interface design, had designed engaging graphic interfaces, and had watched how badly the IBM PC botched the introduction of the work computer, you really wanted the Macintosh.

Augmenting Human Intellect: Vale Doug Engelbart

Clark Quinn

His mission manifested further in the ‘ mother of all demos ‘, where he showed collaborative work, video conferencing, and more, working with a mouse, keyboard, and graphic display. design meta-learning social strategy technology Somehow, I forgot to farewell one of the finest minds to cross our paths. (I I was sure I had, but searching this morning found no evidence. Mea culpa.)

Three Mobile User Experience Trends to Watch in 2009

Adaptive Path

Design decisions were largely based on product design; user interface was an afterthought. Whether the cleverness of parallax sliding on of the Android G1 UI, the whimsical transitions of the HTC Diamond, or the “gosh that’s cool” response to applications like Koi Pond and Urban Spoon , these interfaces introduced UI design that was clever, creative and intuitive. 2009 will be the year inspired mobile UI design goes mainstream.

Trends 184

ATD 2019: Oprah, Seth Godin & “Causing a Ruckus” in Training & Development


From keynotes by Seth Godin and Oprah, to practical tools for visual design and a big picture look at the future of learning management, this year’s conference featured 300+ sessions, 12 content tracks and 3 industry tracks, and drew more than 13,000 attendees to Washington, D.C. Contact Us today to schedule a call, or to request a customized demo. “Your mission, which you have already accepted, is to make change happen… Go make a ruckus.” – Seth Godin.

[iab] Robert Scoble

David Weinberger

Vuforia was designed for mobile phones, placing virtual objets in real space. He shows a Facebook demo. Very cool demo. I’m at a IAB conference in Toronto. The first speaker is Robert Scoble , who I haven’t seen since the early 2000s.

The Electricity of Learning

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

We have a design error. Demo of learning with a 3D brain that lights up. Summary of a talk at eLearning Africa given by Jef Staes. I'm going to tell a story of why education is failing. This is a battle of two groups of people. There was an information shortage.

More on European UX Events

Adaptive Path

Below are the most interesting ones, followed by my impressions of 3 more European conferences: Euro IA, UX Russia and Design by Fire. I enjoyed sharing Adaptive Path’s experiences with Faceted Navigation ( slides here ) and attended good presentations on Designing Beyond the Glowing Rectangle, the HSBC Brazil Intranet Redesign, When Info Exchange Brings Service Intelligence, Why We Should NOT Focus on UX, the panel on advertising, and Social Media for Samsung, amongst others.

Less than words

Clark Quinn

I should’ve added ‘personalized’ when a demo of an elearning authoring suite I sat through yesterday could capture the learner’s name and use it to print a ‘personalized’ certificate at the end. Tags: design strategy Yesterday, while I was posting on how words could be transcended by presentation, there was an ongoing twitfest on words that have become overused and, consequently, meaningless.

It’s Time to Cross That Bridge: Building Learning in a Highly Regulated or Compliance-Driven Industry


To be mobile-friendly having responsive design is mandatory! Xyleme’s learning content management platform is designed to help organizations with complex learning content challenges make creating, managing, and distributing their learning significantly easier. •

$1 million e-learning no more…


Home > Instructional Design , Single Source > $1 Million e-Learning no more… $1 Million e-Learning no more… April 15th, 2009 Goto comments Leave a comment I’ve been in the training and development business for nearly 20 years now. My first job out of graduate school was as an Interactive Designer for a small but growing multimedia development firm. In the instructor-led version of the course, you might do a live demo but for the e-Learning you’d use a recorded demo.

What’s New in Pastiche™ Version 1.4?


On top of the glossary and module feature, we have updated the look and feel of the questions in the Quiz Me section in our demo app. The new design is cleaner and more user friendly. The Pastiche iPad app version 1.4 is out! You can now download it from the App Store.

Module 158

The MIT of Entrepreneurship Studies

Andy McAfee

The Founders’ Skills Accelerator pilot is designed as a hands-on summer active learning experience for MIT students (including 2012 graduates). Teams also participate in a Demo Day to be held in conjunction with the t=0 Festival in mid-September.

Study 211

Is a Learning Management System Really Worth the Investment?


A learning management system is a computer program designed to train employees, volunteers, and members. If so, consider requesting an LMS demo. A learning management system demo allows you to “try before you buy,” which can be more than helpful when making a decision about purchasing an eLearning platform. If you are interested in a fully hosted LMS with no per-user fees, request a demo of the LMS TOPYX.

TOPYX Topics – Social Learning Newsletter – September 2015


Request a demo at and let’s pick up where we left off. Once a system of organization is established within a business, every employee and administrator should understand it and adhere to its design.

[lodlam] Convert to RDF with KARMA

David Weinberger

They are demo-ing using a folder full of OWL ontology files. The mapping format is R2RML , which is designed for relational databases, but they''ve extended it to handle more types of databases. For the demo, they''re using CSV files from a Smithsonian database that consists of display names, IDs represented unique people, and a variant or married name.

UX in Public Transit

Adaptive Path

The panel was a balanced mix of perspectives: Steven talked about what transit agencies can to do woo developers, Teague demonstrated the simplicity of their transit IT system, and I made the case for a user-centered approach to app design. A demo of Transporter sealed the deal.

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Future of Conferences: Why People Attend

Jay Cross

Basic foundation skills for those new to the field: ROI, design, media. Meet with vendors, see demos, compare products. I’m investigating the future of f2f conferences. Will conferences be disrupted à la newspaper business?

Neurosurgery simulated

Mind Hacks

It’s great if you’re just curious, as there’s plenty to learn about the procedure, but even if you’re a neuroscience fanatic there are questions throughout the demo that allow you to flex your problem-solving skills. A cleverly designed and engaging bit of software.

What the Corporate LMS Market Tells Us About the Future of Online Learning in the Workplace


A learning management system is a software application designed to deliver educational courses, as well as track, report, document, and administrate them. If you aren’t ready to commit to having an LMS installed, we suggest launching a free LMS demo and seeing how your employees interact with it. If so, request a FREE demo of the award-winning LMS TOPYX. Don’t forget to request a FREE demo of this robustly featured, economically priced learning management system.

Signposts for the Week Ending September 23

Adaptive Path

The BankSmiple demo is here. 7 Organizational Barriers to Designing Better Experiences. Here's a folding grid system for responsive design. Buy a pizza by waving your MasterCard at your TV ? Dangerous or amazing? Or both? (We We sense trouble for people with impulse control issues or uncontrollable arm-waving syndrome. Is that a thing?). Africa is supposedly the real cradle of future financial services innovations.

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Is a Learning Management System Really Worth the Investment?


A learning management system is a computer program designed to train employees, volunteers, and members. If so, consider requesting an LMS demo. A learning management system demo allows you to “try before you buy,” which can be more than helpful when making a decision about purchasing an eLearning platform. If you are interested in a fully hosted LMS with no per-user fees, request a demo of the LMS TOPYX.

Friday’s Finds #10

Harold Jarche

From my Twitter files this week: via @cammybean: The Agile Elearning Design Manual. via @Dave_Ferguson Meet Jessica (good demo for people new to social tools) Slideshare. via @CarlosDiaz Reduce your cost with business 2.0 Blue Kiwi video. via @bduperrin You can’t govern what you don’t understand. via @rossdawson Where do you want to play? Where the economy used to be or where the economy is going? Bonus: two humourous links: via @jalam1001 The Hierarchy: How it is? cartoon.

[liveblog][AI] Perspectives on community and AI

David Weinberger

One approach is work on goal centered design. Lionel: We need to co-design with more people. She’s met designers who thought it might be a good to make a phone run faster if you yell at it. What’s the context in which such designers work? They asked what designers see as their responsibility for the social implications of their work. She and Tim wrote An AI Pattern Language [ pdf ] about the frameworks that guide design.

3 Reasons Learning Management Systems Fail (And How You Can Avoid)


Social learning platforms were designed to promote training. First, he explained that the average LMS is not designed for learners, but for learning administrators. He wrote, “LMSs are, and always were, designed to track learners’ activity as their raison d’être.

What is an LMS?


Put simply, an LMS is a computer program that is designed to help administrators/employers train learners/employees. This is because they are not all designed for the same type of organization. An LMS is an online platform designed for training.

Signposts for the Week Ending January 30, 2009

Adaptive Path

In addition to speaking at Managing Design Projects Scott Berkun will be giving his “Why Designers Fail&# talk at MX. Gmail Offline Video demo. It’s worth watching the demo just to see the mix of screenshots, animation and sketching. This week we had some fun with the UX Evolution timeline. Got current on the world’s smallest fuel cell. We were also reminded of how great copy can sell products.

Class 100…now for datasets!

David Weinberger

The second demo lets you search for databases related to education via the work done by LRMI (Learning Resource Metadata Initiative); the LRMI work has been accepted (except for the term useRightsUrl ) as part of Schema was designed initially to let computers parse information on human-readable pages (“Aha! I had a chance to talk with Dan Brickley today, a semanticizer of the Web whom I greatly admire.

Search 141

Create a Collaborative Company Culture with an LMS


Did you know that some LMSs are designed with built-in collaborative learning tools? In 1915, Edward C. Register said, “None of us is as smart as all of us.” Indeed, two heads are better than one, and ten heads are better than two.