Agency: privilege & complexity

Dave Snowden

The daily email from Gaping Void is saving me the effort of searching the internet for images before posting. So to start this journey, let me look at two issues, the moral question of privilege and the ontological question of complexity: Firstly to the morality of privilege.

The Firm as a Large, Complex, Extended Family

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

Transaction costs are incurred in obtaining goods and services outside the firm, such as searching for the right people, negotiating a contract, coordinating the work, managing intellectual property and so on. A firms is best viewed as a kind-of rather large and highly complex family.

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Social Learning, Complexity and the Enterprise

Harold Jarche

Our relationship with knowledge is changing as our work becomes more intangible and complex. PDL – Personal Directed Learning: from Clockwork & Predictable to Complexity & Surprising. In complex environments it no longer works to sit back and see what will happen.

Big Data, Complex Systems and Quantum Mechanics

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

In thinking about this question over the last few years, I started to notice that a number of subtle, non-intuitive concepts that I learned many years ago as a physics student seem to apply to the world of big data and information-based predictions in highly complex systems. So is the world of highly complex systems , especially those systems whose components and interrelationships are themselves quite complex, as is the case with systems biology and evolution. .

PKM is making sense of complexity

Harold Jarche

This is what you find on the first page of most searches for PKM : Personal knowledge management (PKM) is a collection of processes that a person uses to gather, classify, store, search, retrieve, and share knowledge in his or her daily activities – Wikipedia.

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Learning to Apply Data Science to Business Problems

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

But more important for the students, the various A-Lab projects served as a concrete learning experience on what data science is all about, - how to leverage messy, incomplete, real-world data to shed light on a complex and not-so-well-defined problem.

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The Importance of Empathy in Our Services-Centric, People-Oriented Economy

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

It gathered additional data through online surveys and partnered with Korn Ferry , - the world’s largest executive search firm, - which gave them access to data on almost 1,900 executives with a broad range of professional backgrounds. .

In Defense of Data Centrism

Martijn Linssen

Home About Complexity Reading List Knowledge Management Reading List In Defense of Data Centrism John 0 comments Education System Dec 23 In the never ending search to know “what works,” we have a few choices. These theories are often referred to as ‘common sense.’

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“Complicated” vs. “Complex”

Martijn Linssen

The background: A gentleman who makes a living “reducing complexity” for IT systems keeps running into some of us on Twitter who study complexity. The ask: There is a group of complexity aficionados that criticize my use of the word “complexity.” ” In general, these are folks who are influenced by the Cynefin framework that considers complexity and complicated to be different attributes of a system. The Emergence of Complexity.

Anticipating the Future of the IT Industry

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

How can we best anticipate the future of a complex, fast changing industry like IT? Over time, sophisticated applications were developed to help manage more complex operations, including enterprise resource planning , customer relationship management and human resources.

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Towards a Hyperconnected, Digital Economy

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

As defined in Wikipedia, globalization refers primarily to the process of business and economic integration that has resulted from advances in digital technologies and the rise of the Internet. It has enabled companies to integrate their business processes, information and workforce around the world, in search of lower costs and higher productivity as well as new markets for their products and services.

What Should We Think of Machines that Think?

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

Are there serious concerns about the future of AI that require our attention, not unlike the concerns inherent in the evolution of other highly complex technologies like the Internet, genomics and nanotechnology. . Complexity of AI software. “We

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The Emergence of a Digital Money Ecosystem

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

This has resulted in all kinds of innovative applications, - search, e-commerce, entertainment, social networks, Watson-like intelligent systems, and so on. As far as I know, no standards or open source reference platforms have yet emerged that all vendors are willing to embrace for their basic wallet functions, which they can then complement with their unique proprietary enhancements.

Open, Collaborative Trust Frameworks

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

What distinguishes ID³ from NSTIC and similar such organizations developing policy principles for trust and identity frameworks is its objective to embody the policy principles in open software reference implementations that can be tested, verified, improved and scaled. Self-organizing, open communities are now well accepted as a production model for complex initiatives with major societal benefits, - like trust frameworks.

We Are All New Immigrants to the Hyperconnected World

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

Tom (whom I know personally and will therefore refer to by his first name) moderated a session on The Importance of Systems Thinking. Such an expanded view of entrepreneurship is reminiscent of the immigrant culture that attracted millions to the US in search of prosperity through talent and hard work. Complex Systems Economic Issues Education and Talent Innovation Management and Leadership Political Issues Society and Culture

Un-Sucking the Touchpoint

Adaptive Path

For me, the touchpoint has become a central way to view designing moments across increasingly complex journeys. Whether it’s an expanding digital product ecosystem, a cross-channel retail experience, or a complex, intangible service experience.

The role of informal social networks in building organizational creativity and innovation

Ross Dawson

However this is often difficult in large, complex organizations. To this point, the IBM Institute for Business Value has released a report on Cultivating organizational creativity in an age of complexity.

to illuminate a small field

Dave Snowden

I spent a long evening searching through his collective works for this series and The Bright Field is one of the few that does not on first reading express a bleak view of life for which the phrase “brutal realism” was made.

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70-20-10: Origin, Research, Purpose

Charles Jennings

The 16 categories were too complex to use in the course so we in turn re-coded the 16 categories into five to make them easier to communicate. Just look at the web searches you have done in the last week. This is a re-post of an article by Cal Wick of Fort Hill.

Reflections on the Future of TV

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

Once upon a time, the term television generally referred to TV sets , the TV programs we watched on those sets, and the TV networks that broadcast those programs to our sets. The TV industry is being massively restructured as its companies keep searching for viable business models.

70-20-10: Origin, Research, Purpose

Charles Jennings

The 16 categories were too complex to use in the course so we in turn re-coded the 16 categories into five to make them easier to communicate. Just look at the web searches you have done in the last week. This is a re-post of an article by Cal Wick of Fort Hill.

EPortfolios and Badges Workshop - #OEB14

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

The idea was to provide a framework to describe the maturity of eportfolio initiatives, trying to describe the complex nature of learning, to go beyond the basic ''how to implement an eportfolio system'', to the point where an eportfolio will have a transformative effect.

A huge sigh of relief – a title | Full Circle Associates

Nancy White

I could not resist searching for a few Flickr creative commons images for the post … not intended as book images, but just … just… because I CAN!

Working Smarter in Social Business

Jay Cross

You have to be learning continuously to deal with the onslaught of unfamiliar, complex problems. If you’re not plugged in and running fast at work, you’re falling behind. Continuous improvement. Business people face more and more novel situations every day.

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On cryptocurrencies, blockchain and all that

Doc Searls

It has the potential to vastly reduce the cost and complexity of getting things done in the real world.” These coins are referred to as tokens and are similar to shares of a company sold to investors in an Initial Public Offering (IPO) transaction.”

e-Clippings (Learning As Art): A Resource on the Visualization of Complex Networks

Mark Oehlert

His site, is a great resource - a great compilation of a ton of resources related to visualizing complex networks.

[eim] Alphabetical order explained in a mere 27,817 words

David Weinberger

This is one of the most amazing examples I’ve seen of the complexity of even simple organizational schemes. ” But it’s way, way, way more complex than that. The Case or Kana Subtype entry refers either to a case distinction or to a specific list of characters. Users often find asymmetric searching to be a useful option.

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Not So Grand Narratives

John Hagel

But others, particularly in the academic world, have a very specific meaning they attach to narrative, although they usually refer to it as “Grand Narrative” or “meta-narrative.”    Lyotard was referring to the efforts by ruling elites to explain how the status quo had evolved and, in the process, to rationalize why the status quo was destined to emerge and needed to be embraced. The search for stability. Narrative is a powerful concept with enormous potential.

Some new ways to look at infrastructure

Doc Searls

Infrastructures shape complex systems of human activity, including economic, cultural, and political systems. Nothing challenges our understanding of infrastructure better than a crisis, and we have a big one now in Houston. We do with every giant storm, of course.

Working smarter, daily

Harold Jarche

I often refer to a blog post instead of writing the same email a dozen times. It’s more than a mere aggregation of blog feeds, though.The comprehensive topic search function yields interesting results from 42 different perspectives, on everything from culture to complexity.

Becoming MOOC

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

A student who cannot navigate complex websites, search for and assess resources, or make new friends through a social network may have difficulty navigating through a cMOOC. Other writers refer to these criteria under the heading of flow, and trace its origin to game design. Constructivist principles acknowledge that real-life learning is messy and complex. It is about operating and interacting in a complex and multi-dimensional environment.

Five years of editing Wikipedia

Dave Snowden

I could also see why the Citizendium initiative was doomed to fail in the main because it didn't follow the obliquity principles that is key to complex adaptive systems. I and others argued that the lack of mention in the main directories and references mean that she isn't.

The 2016 Look at the Future of Online Learning

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

Here I refer not only to the inherent conservatism in society, but also in the infallible human inclination to use new things in new and unexpected ways. So I'm going to work through the Contact North predictions (note that I refer to the 'Contact North Author' throughout because the author is not named). We've been through this with learning objects, with learning design, and more: the problem of learning is not a search problem.

Edge Perspectives with John Hagel: The Next Revolution in Interactions

John Hagel

Confronted by accelerating change, Western executives search desperately for “safe harbors”, sources of advantage that will give them some respite from growing competitive pressures.

The US Constitution: A Pantheon of (Sometimes Conflicting) Values

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

I recently saw a reference to a speech given at Harvard’s commencement in May of this year by David Souter. The Constitution has a good share of deliberately open-ended guarantees, like rights to due process of law, equal protection of the law, and freedom from unreasonable searches. But those are not the complex systems problems that baffle us. In fact, what we are judging is one of the most complex systems imaginable - a large, fast changing nation and society.

The future of higher education and other imponderables

George Siemens

pdf) state that “Change is as inevitable as the passage of time, but line of movement in the modern world seems to be accelerating and presenting higher education more complex challenges with each passing decade.”

Beyond Institutions Personal Learning in a Networked World

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

Best practices for typical learning tasks: this is a reference to a paper that talks about the conditional release of materials , what we used to call back in the day programmed learning. You create standardized descriptions, standardized search mechanisms. I searched yesterday.

On the Three or Four Problems of Connectivism

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

Consider, for example, the computational model called '' the game of life '', which shows how complexity can develop out of simple rules. Learning theories, ranging from simple Hebbian mechanism to complex Boltzmann engines , create and modify connections between entities. Connections can be extremely complex; there is no requirement whatsoever that they be two-state on-off types of things.

Network Learning: Working Smarter

Harold Jarche

There are also tools that use mechanical filters, such as search engines or analytical engines that show trending topics. Keyword alerts can be set up with a variety of online systems, or regular searches can be conducted on social media platforms. REFERENCES.

Review: The Edupunks' Guide, by Anya Kamenetz

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

In so doing, a person might take a course, search for recipes, ask for help, or - in the style of the underrated film ' The Raman Girl ' or that overrated film ' The Karate Kid ' - find a mentor to show you how to steam noodles. It becomes pretty apparent from the advice (which begins "start with Google" and continues through search terms and hashtags) that by "research" Kamenetz means something like "find stuff." This guide refers to none of it.