Project Aha!

Jay Cross

As business grows ever more complex, fast, and confusing, the quality of learning must increase. I needed a short name for this project. I am open to collaboration on this project. Do you know of anybody who has tackled preparing independent learners to master complex subjects?

Complex or Chaotic?

Dave Snowden

The distinction between complexity and chaos theory can be problematic depending on who you are talking with, or what you are reading. A complex world is not random nor is it arbitrary, we can manage or direct interactions to allow direction.

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Decision Making in Our Increasingly Complex Organizations

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

As machine predictions become inexpensive and commonplace, the human judgement that leverages and complements prediction will become more valuable, especially given the increasing complexity of the decisions our institutions are called upon to make. “It’s

culture is complex

Harold Jarche

Most of the projects or applications were ways of eliminating humans from the business process, ensuring purchasers could buy things quicker. Culture is complex. Communities ComplexityI am in a rural village in France enjoying my last day here before heading home.

Managing in Complexity

Harold Jarche

As our markets and technologies get more complex, we need new models to get work done. However, complex systems are not fully knowable, though they can be partially understood through interaction with them. Complex problems cannot be solved alone. complexity Wirearchy Work

simplifying the complexity

Harold Jarche

Complex Problems. I like complex problem-solving. Perhaps my most interesting project was when a client gave me a statement of work to ‘simplify the complexity’ I did not have a solution but felt that with my extended networked I would be able to solve their problem.

The Complex Nature of Cloud-based Innovation

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

Unless companies are asking themselves how to use the cloud to disrupt their own business models or someone else’s, then adopting the cloud is just another IT project.”. By now, most will agree that cloud computing is a major transformational force in the world of IT.

Bringing the human element and complexity thinking to rebuilding resilience in Puerto Rico

Dave Snowden

Cognitive Edge, through the Cynefin Centre, is part of an exciting project team funded by a United States National Science Foundation grant. Zhen Goh, from Cognitive Edge, in discussion at the project workshop. Check out the project website at [link].

Organizing for diversity and complexity

Harold Jarche

It comes down to the fact that what we know and do inside our organizations is insufficient to address external complexity or to be innovative. Project Teams do complex work (if it’s not complex, it will be outsourced & automated ) which requires strong interpersonal ties.

Big Data, Complex Systems and Quantum Mechanics

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

In thinking about this question over the last few years, I started to notice that a number of subtle, non-intuitive concepts that I learned many years ago as a physics student seem to apply to the world of big data and information-based predictions in highly complex systems. So is the world of highly complex systems , especially those systems whose components and interrelationships are themselves quite complex, as is the case with systems biology and evolution. .

A complex look at task assignments

Clark Quinn

And I’ll be the first to acknowledge that it’s complex, as the diagram represents, but let me tease it apart for you and see if it makes sense. If it’s a complex artefact (such as a product design, not just a presentation), there could be several revisions.

Scale and Complex Systemic Innovation

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

We generally think of large companies as being good at operations and incremental innovations, which require them to excel at management discipline, detailed information analysis and project management. It favors large companies because of their ability to address complex systemic problems, manage the large-scale ecosystems that solving such problems requires, and bring their solutions to market all round the world.

System 163

Negotiating between chaos and project deadlines

Harold Jarche

Communities of practice have the openness and flexibility to deal with complex problems as people can share freely but are in a constrained problem space, so that over time we can share more than what we say or write down. complexity Work

Preparing Students for an Increasingly Complex Business World

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

Are engineering and management schools adequately preparing students for our fast-changing, highly complex business world? Not quite, say a number of recent studies. A good education should include soft as well as hard competencies.

7 principles of intervention in complex systems

Dave Snowden

We have completed a SenseMaker® project to understand employee attitudes and then spent one day with the senior management team. Now one of the basic Cynefin mantras is that of safe-fail interventions, and lots of them, if the problem is complex.

How Can We Ensure that Our Complex AI Systems Do What We Want Them to Do?

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

Things are even tougher with people-centric sociotechnical systems, which not only have to deal with potential software problems, but with the even more complex issues involved in human behaviors and interactions. What is it that makes these systems so intrinsically complex?

System 224

Social Learning, Complexity and the Enterprise

Harold Jarche

Our relationship with knowledge is changing as our work becomes more intangible and complex. Google’s dedicated time-off for private projects, given to its engineers, promotes non-directed learning and collaboration. Complexity: the new normal. Complexity and the new Enterprise.

Cognitive Edge announces training courses for 2016 – Working with Complex Problems

Dave Snowden

So far, we have announced three more Cynefin and Sense-Making courses with Dave Snowden and a variety of courses to introduce people to the practicalities of running SenseMaker® projects. Today we’re announcing practitioner-focused courses on complexity and the Cynefin framework.

On the Complex Evolution toward Mobile Digital Payments

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

In addition, by reaching out to financial institutions, merchants, application developers and others, Apple is helping bring together the different players in the payments ecosystem, something that’s absolutely essential to succeed in such a complex undertaking.

Embracing complexity at work

Harold Jarche

Training is of little use in developing the necessary emergent practices for dealing with complex problems in our work environment. Complex work requires creativity and is where the value of the post-industrial organization lies. Remember, almost all of this complexity is man-made.

Complexity and Collaboration

Harold Jarche

timkastelle Nice post from @EskoKilpi: Complexity. The sciences of complexity change our perspective and thinking. I mean, when was the last time you were working with your colleagues in your same building and on the very same project (Just that ONE project!)? In my own case, the last time I had all of my colleagues in the same building and working on the same project was in 2000. Tags: Friday's Finds complexity

learning in complexity and chaos

Harold Jarche

But more of our challenges are complex and cannot be solved in a standard way — inequality, refugees, populism, racism. Whenever people are involved, within a global context of climate change, the situation is likely complex. We have to learn constantly in complexity.

Complexity and Design in Warfare

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

The workshop explored how design-oriented approaches can help us better understand and deal with the very complex problems we are increasingly encountering in all aspects of business, economies, government, public policy, military operations and society in general. Over the past few meetings the Forum has focused on various topics related to complex systems, - how to best understand and manage them in the present, as well as predict and shape their future directions.

curiosity, creativity, complexity, & chaos

Harold Jarche

In complexity, cooperation trumps collaboration. It works in low levels of complexity. Working cooperatively requires a different mindset than merely collaborating on a defined project. Complexity and chaos require us to structure for curiosity and resolve. Complexity

Dean Krafft on the Linked Data for Libraries project

David Weinberger

Dean Krafft , Chief Technology Strategist for Cornell University Library, is at Harvard to talk about the Mellon-funded Linked Data for Libraries (LD4L) project he leads. Dean will talk about the LD4L project by talking about its building blocks. Mellon last December put up $1M for a 2-year project that will end in Dec. It takes a complexity of inputs and makes them discoverable and usable. Project Hydra. LD4L – the project.

Complexity in Government

Dave Snowden

To see a whole government start to shift towards complexity theory as a new paradigm of government is mist encouraging. On this assignment I am working over two days with a small group of selected civil servants to define a set of experimental projects. Complexity theory is not a universal all embracing management fad, its a way to understand the boundaries if applicability (the Cynefin framework focuses on that) and also an approach to un-ordered and ambiguous situations.

The Complex Transition to the Age of the Cloud

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

Cloud computing is a highly complex initiative - at the technical, business and organizational levels. And, one of the key lessons we all hopefully learned from the dot-com era is that complex, global initiatives take time. It is thus very important for companies to get on the learning curve, formulate the cloud strategy that works best for them and start implementing cloud-based projects, so they can learn from their actual experiences.

complexity & chaos — the new normal

Harold Jarche

A major challenge I have had in my organizational change work is getting people to understand that complicated environments are different from complex ones, and the latter are almost always the situation when people are involved. This is my 200th post on the topic of complexity.

Subverting management and education, one project at a time

Harold Jarche

We work together on projects, public speaking, workshops, and writing. But every once in a while we meet a client who is open to innovative ideas, or at least trying a few probes in the spirit of addressing complexity. We have learned that complex problems require different thinking and innovative solutions. I have been described as “ a keen subversive of the last century’s management and education models ”, a description I like. It’s a difficult business model though.

NTEN’s We Are Media Project | Full Circle Associates

Nancy White

Home About Full Circle Contact Resources Wiki Full Circus Full Circle Associates connections for a changing world, online and offline… Jul 27 2008 NTEN’s We Are Media Project Published by Nancy White at 1:25 pm under social media Beth Kanter is stewarding a very cool project for NTEN, We Are Media. There is a veritable blossoming of projects to help people learn about and adopt social media these days.

How Google may turn its Kansas City broadband project into a business

David Weinberger

Maybe I’m positioning it wrong, but it seems like a pretty complex offer. As you likely know, Google is in the midst of providing ‘ultra high speed fiber’ access to the residents of Kansas City (MO and KS). (‘ Ultra high speed ‘ means at least 1gb, which is 50x faster than your 10mg connection.) This has been positioned as an experiment, and as a poke in the eye to the incumbents to “show ‘em how it’s done.”

TNP 11. Projects and Investigations

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

The Network Phenomenon: Empiricism and the New Connectionism Stephen Downes, 1990 ( The whole document in MS-Word ) TNP Part X Previous Post XI Projects and Investigations A. Human hardware is much smaller and more complex [than] contemporary computer technology. Other Projects When I began by asserting that connectionism vindicates empiricism, I embarked on a philosophical enterprise. Another project of a philosophical nature concerns the foundationalism-coherence debate.

Year two documentary on the Blue Brain project

Mind Hacks

The year two film of director Noah Hutton’s 10-year documentary-in-the-making on the progress of the ambitious Blue Brain Project is now online and well-worth watching. This is exactly what the Blue Brain Project aims to tackle.

[berkman] [2b2k] Carolina Rossini – The Industrial Cooperation Project

David Weinberger

Carolina Rossini is giving a Berkman talk abouut the preloilminaray conclusionss from Yochai Benkler’s Industrial Cooperation Project. The project looked at industries to see if they are moving to collaborative peer production. Within alternative energy, the project looked at wind, solar, and see, because they are at different levels of maturity, a lot of patenting, complicate manufacturing and governance processes, and no evidence of commons based production.

The Napoleon Complex

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

We live in a complex world where a wide range of factors go into producing results. But more to the point, when we ask, “what is killing those people,” a more complex answer emerges. Each type of research project plays the same role: it contributes to our understanding of a wider field. I just want to capture my part of a discussion that took place on Matthew Tabor's website.


Harold Jarche

This would be a far better approach for learning than a set of learning objectives and activities, as any learning intervention involving several people is arguably in a complex environment. However, there are no clear objectives with complex problems. Complexity

Looking for Amazing Multi-Talented Content Project Manager/ Editor/ Web Dev - Part-time - Sydney

Trends in the Living Networks

Amazing Multi-Talented Content Project Manager/ Editor/ Web Dev – Part-time - Sydney. Apply your awesome talent and intelligence to cutting-edge highly visible content projects: reports, web, iPad, events and more: part-time/ flexible. • We are looking for someone extremely talented at content creation and projects. Drive cutting-edge content projects with global visibility. Project management: We have a diverse range of projects on the go.

Design Principles for Complex, Unpredictable, People Oriented Systems

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

An IBM Global CEO Study conducted in 2010 concluded that complexity was the primary challenge emerging out of its conversations with 1,500 CEOs and senior government officials. CEOs told us they operate in a world that is substantially more volatile, uncertain and complex. Over the past several years, we have seen a rising emphasis on design, creativity and holistic thinking in business to help us deal with an increasingly volatile, unpredictable complex world.

The State of AI in the Enterprise

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

All of these respondents were early AI adopters compared with their counterparts in an average company, - 90% were directly involved in their company’s AI projects, and 75% said that they had an excellent understanding of AI.

Data 236

Measuring the Effectiveness of Social Distancing Policies

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

One of the most interesting projects in the MIT Connection Science group I ’ m affiliated with is The Atlas of Inequality. Over time, the project will be expanded to cities around the world.

a global human sensemaking platform

Harold Jarche

” — Project Syndicate 2020-06-11. Open-source projects lower barriers to access, and allow people to use these tools to help themselves or those around them—for example, 3D printer owners can now print medically-approved masks to combat shortages. Complexity Democracy

Why Some AI Efforts Succeed While Many Fail

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

Among Pioneers, 35% have invested in 20 or more AI projects, double that of Experimenters and Investigators. Rather, Pioneers focus on projects with the potential for transformative impact, and they accept that doing so entails greater uncertainty than less transformative projects.

Survey 206

Blockchain and Public Health Solutions

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

Several identity projects in the blockchain space are working to deliver such structure and capabilities.”. The MIT-led Open Algorithms (OPAL) is one such project.