What is the locus of change?

Dave Snowden

A storm could well pluck you of the soil if you are not well rooted or force you to bend to the wind, a habit that can be permanently crippling. Well, there is a clue in the basic complexity principle that connections matter more than things.

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A bland (sic) insipid betrayal

Dave Snowden

Emsworth's plucks up the courage to get rid of the terrible Baxter over several stories and Baxter is never a pantomime villain. You can’t invest psychological complexity into Wodehouse’s characters, the clarity and depth comes from the writing, and so the cast were all at sea. I'd been looking forward to the BBC's serialisation of P. Wodehouse's Blandings series for some time, the cast looked good and in general the BBC does these things well.

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It is mind control but not as we know it

Mind Hacks

The dizzying complexities of brain activity are compressed into an EEG signal which is still highly complex, and pretty opaque as to what it means – hardly mind reading. Even producing a signal which said what to fire at, as well as when to fire, would be a step change in complexity and wasn’t attempted by the group. Real progress on this front will come as we identify with more and more precision the brain areas that underlie complex behaviours. The Headlines.

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What Improvisation Can Teach Social Change Leaders

Beth Kanter

The Improviser Mindset knows how to take risks, react, co-create, and navigate a complex world. Her talk on leadership was “ We Are All In This Together ” – leadership in a complex world. I was lucky enough to walk the DISH with David last week and he shared a few books and resources about improvisation, plus one that I plucked from his Twitter stream. This post follows yesterday’s post about networked leadership skills.

A cortical atlas of ghostly sensations

Mind Hacks

Here's the entry for the temporal lobe: Stimulations in the anterior medial temporal structures were associated with complex feelings and illusions such as feeling of unreality or familiarity (déjà vu) or illusion of dream-like state; emotional feelings such as feeling of loneliness, fear, urge to cry, anger, anxiety, levitation, or lightness; and recall of past experiences.

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On inspiration

Doc Searls

Of Obama’s non-reductive rhetoric , Gene Koo writes, Whatever the accolades for the speech that Obama delivered at his inauguration, it seems it won’t generate a singular sound bite as in JFK’s “Ask not…&# or FDR’s “Fear itself&# (Many of the major papers picked themes, rather than pluck quotes, although a few took to “hope over fear&# ).

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Questioning 'one in four'

Mind Hacks

The issue of how many people have or will have a mental illness raises two complex issues: how we define an illness and how we count them. The '1 in 4' figures seems to have been mostly plucked out of the air. The Guardian has an excellent article questioning the widely cited statistic that '1 in 4' people will have a mental illness at some point in their lives.