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Open Business – From Document-Centric to People-Centric Collaboration

Luis Suarez

Instead, I keep pondering about how we can transform and redefine the way we do business through our day to day workflow(s) and if there is an idea that keeps coming back stronger by the day is that one of perhaps facilitating the transition from document-centric collaboration into a people-centric one. Think about how perhaps you could achieve that very same goal through the use of a blog post, or a microblog entry, or a wiki page, or just an activity.

Putting Enterprise 2.0 into Context

Andy McAfee

The biggest failure is the lack of workflow integration to drive culture change. Orders get filled using the ERP system, while conversations about why the order’s not getting filled happen in email, IM, a wiki, and so on. But most informal collaboration, I bet, happens ‘close to’ the formal work of the enterprise. Chatter will turn these into social objects to foster collaboration.