Avoiding paralysis in major change

Dave Snowden

It may well be that your concern about a drop in share price or a significant loss doesn’t impact on your workforce if they are highly mobile in terms of skills and pretty pissed off with you anyway. The post Avoiding paralysis in major change appeared first on Cognitive Edge.

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What price freedom?

Euen Semple

What price freedom? Having social tools doesn''t guarantee change. Real change requires consistent changes in behavior and often manifesting those changes in behavior in public spaces takes considerable courage. There is nothing inevitable about it. All it takes to maintain a repressive national regime is to shoot the occasional blogger. All it takes to maintain control over your corporate messaging is to make dissent a sackable offence.

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Six topics for the price of one

Jay Cross

If you prefer just the industry-changing posts, finished white papers, and a more conservative tone, subscribe to jaycross.com. I’m spending the first quarter of the year learning experientially by walking around and trying new things. This blog is turning conversational.

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Sign of a change?

Clark Quinn

We need this change! And they priced it right, too. For instance, I have a learning design process audit I offer that’s reasonably priced and will identify wastes and opportunities for the smallest change in your approach for the maximum impact.

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A (so far) suckless printer at a good price

Doc Searls

The price is currently $59.99, which could hardly be better, since Consumer Reports top-rates it over Canons, Brothers and HPs, and gives surveyed prices from $129 to $179 (both, oddly, at Walmart). This is far below Consumer Reports’ reported prices of $127 – $199 (both Walmart).

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Resisting Change – Luddites Unite!

Luis Suarez

To prove it, they selectively destroyed the machines owned by factory managers who were undercutting prices, leaving the other machines intact’. . We all know change is hard, very hard, yet, we all acknowledge that, if anything, change is inevitable.

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Embracing Disruptive Change - Why Is it So Difficult?

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

One of the topics discussed was how companies generally deal with major technology and market changes, - like those that have been taking place all around us for the past few decades. Transformative change comes naturally to young companies, as it generally does to young people.

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Five Ways People Adopt And Love Change

Adaptive Path

Is it that users just hate change ? Price is one barrier and the freemium model removes that barrier so people can try out the value of the experience and worry about the pay barrier later. Oh dear Lord. The new experience.

The Societal Changes in Puerto Rico That May Affect You

Nine Shift

Some of the societal changes in Puerto Rico from the hurricane that, combined with the larger context of America, may affect you. The island government is considering turning the power and electricity over to a for-profit company, which will have huge price and availability and rich-poor implications for people. There's less health care, poorer health insurance, which is one reason people are moving to the states.

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What price sobriety (in vouchers)?

Mind Hacks

Over the past seventy years especially, the macroeconomic goals of sovereign states — for high levels and rapid growth of output, low unemployment and stable prices — have resulted in a highly dysfunctional world. Businesses and governments are facing the Herculean challenge of reducing climate change and pollution while alleviating poverty without economic growth — a task for which the Market State is neither prepared nor designed to handle.

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The Leader's Guide to Radical Management: Leading change? Start.

Steve Denning

Main | My New Years Resolutions » December 22, 2010 Leading change? Satisfying the need for integrity can be the key to inspiring people to be more open and tackle the possibility of change. Self-affirmation is a great strategy for change!

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The Leader's Guide to Radical Management: 84% vote for change in.

Steve Denning

84% vote for change I reported on Tuesday the shocking statistic that 84% of workers in the US plan to change jobs in 2011. It also shows the futility of changing jobs: when most of the jobs suck, changing jobs won't do anyone much good.

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Cloud Computing and the Changing Role of the CIO

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

I now want to turn my attention to cloud computing, and its impact as a key driver of the changing role of the CIO. As cloud vendors assume more risks and responsibilities for the services they provide, their price advantage over in-house services may begin to erode.

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Changing the Book game

Clark Quinn

They’ve set a price cap (ok, perhaps just for high school, to begin ), and a richer target product. That may change, however. I was boarding a plane away from home as Apple’s announcement was happening, so I haven’t had the chance to dig into the details as I normally would, but just the news itself shows Apple is taking on yet another industry.

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How tablets are changing how we consume news

Ross Dawson

There are still major uncertainties on issues such as news pricing structures, screen technologies, and device formats, however the trends are clear.

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Three critical domains of change driving the future of professional services

Ross Dawson

There has been substantial change in the professions over the last decade, however there will unquestionably be far greater change in the years to come. Changing Clients. One of the biggest challenges to professional firms is how clients are changing. There are a wide variety of fundamental factors that firms can consider changing, including pricing structures, workforce models, ownership structure, and market positioning.

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Enterprise microblogging should be pay-per-use

Martijn Linssen

Extended trials at some higher levels of access and control follow, expire, its a seemingly endless dance around each other, where neither is really sure of the next step to take Why not change the business model ? Business or Pleasure? -

Explore Impact Leadership at NTEN’s Leading Change Summit: Free Registration Giveaway

Beth Kanter

I’m giving away a free registration to NTEN’s Leading Social Change Summit. NTEN is hosting the “ Leading Change Summit ” in San Francisco from September 3-6th.

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What’s 10,241,704.22kb between ex-friends?

Doc Searls

The change will go into effect 30 days after customers receive the note. Also, the carrier said it will call customers next month to make sure they’re aware of the changes. I’m not sure how to price the good will they’ve lost. In fact, I’m not sure that has a price. Tags: Business VRM problems Sprint "courtesy call" price

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A Billion + Change = Shared Value for Corporations and Nonprofits

Beth Kanter

I had the privilege of attending an event for A Billion + Change , a national campaign to mobilize billions of dollars in skills-based and pro bono volunteer services to help build the capacity of nonprofit organizations to effectively meet community needs. Flickr Photo by kayaker1204.

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4 Trends That Will Dominate This Century

Kevin Wheeler

Here are 4 trends that are significant enough to change our lifestyles and challenge our assumptions. In the Western world there are now enough women in the workplace to change how it looks, feels, and functions. Beyond impact on work, huge social changes are resulting.

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The Leader's Guide to Radical Management: Wake-up call for.

Steve Denning

When most jobs suck, changing jobs isn't an answer.

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The Leader's Guide to Radical Management: Radical management is.

Steve Denning

So tearing down the big corporations without changing the rationality which produced them will simply produce more corporations of the same ilk. It is about a revolution that is to be achieved, not by guns or legislation or diktats, but by changing people’s minds and hearts.

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The Leader's Guide to Radical Management: 800-CEO-READ publishes.

Steve Denning

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"Lend Me Your Wallets:" Research on the Link Between Charismatic.

Bob Sutton

Howard Gardner: Changing Minds: The Art and Science of Changing Our Own and Other Peoples Minds. Guy Kawasaki: Enchantment: The Art of Changing Hearts, Minds, and Actions. May: The Shibumi Strategy: A Powerful Way to Create Meaningful Change. Chip Heath: Switch: How to Change Things When Change Is Hard. Tim Brown: Change by Design: How Design Thinking Transforms Organizations and Inspires Innovation. Bob Sutton.

4 Trends That Will Dominate This Century | Over the Seas

Kevin Wheeler

Here are 4 trends that are significant enough to change our lifestyles and challenge our assumptions. In the Western world there are now enough women in the workplace to change how it looks, feels, and functions. Beyond impact on work, huge social changes are resulting.

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The Leader's Guide to Radical Management: Student surveys work.

Steve Denning

It also requires a change in heart.

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Why you should embrace open source

Jay Cross's Informal Learning

Changing customer and market perceptions. Changing the rules. Changing pricing practices. Tags: working_smarter metalearning change Innovation Happens Elsewhere: Open Source as Business Strategy by Ron Goldman and Richard Gabriel. Online, free , very good reading.

Local Bookstores, Social Hubs, and Mutualization ? Clay Shirky

Clay Shirky

Last month, the American Booksellers Association published an open letter to the Justice Department , asking Justice to investigate Wal-Mart, Target, and Amazon after they lowered prices of best-selling books to under $10. Lower prices will lead to higher prices, and cheap books threaten to reduce the range of ideas in circulation. Fifteen years ago, when use of the web was still a minority pursuit, online bookselling changed this game, but hadn’t yet ended it.

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A Novel Method for Measuring the Value of Free Digital Services

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

But, concerns have long been raised about the adequacy of GDP-based measurements given the major changes that’ve taken place in economies around the world over the past several decades. If the price is zero, then “zero times any quantity is still zero.

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Ten years after

Jay Cross's Informal Learning

The rules have changed. Tossing around on a sea of turbulent change, companies that can’t respond to new situations rapidly are sunk. These “strategic inflection points,” as Andy Grove calls these transitional moments, arrive when conditions change and existing businesses do not adapt. The coming of the network age is as big a change as any of us are likely to see. Revolutionary change calls for revolutionary action. Seismic change cannot be delegated.

stevenberlinjohnson.com: Jane Jacobs Remembered

Steven Berlin Johnson

» Jane Jacobs Remembered Some transformative books change your life by opening up new vistas, or giving you new tools to make sense of the world, or simply by moving you emotionally. But some books change your life by building bridges between regions of your intellectual life that youd imagined to be separate. are selling the phones at affordable price. are selling the phones at affordable price.

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Irving Wladawsky-Berger: Hybrid Models of Capitalism

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

Irving Wladawsky-Berger A collection of observations, news and resources on the changing nature of innovation, technology, leadership, and other subjects.

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Rethinking conferences

Jay Cross's Informal Learning

If I missed one, I could still view the recording, and the price was more than right (free!!). It’s time for change. Tags: change

Get Out of the Training Business

Jay Cross's Informal Learning

If you’re looking for a way to weather the economic downturn, the first thing you need to do is realize that it’s a permanent climate change, not a passing storm. Nonetheless, it’s time to get ready for massive change. Survivors will develop and present agendas for change while things are in flux. I’m changing my title from VP of training to VP of core capabilities. Everything has a price tag. Tags: change

Edge Perspectives with John Hagel: Internet Strategy - Red Ocean or Blue Ocean?

John Hagel

Yahoo says it made the changes to allow the company to move faster. gra_Te[ | December 15, 2006 at 07:21 PM One of the reasons could be in the rapidly changing technology and, more importantly, the user approach to technology.

The UX of Money: How Interaction Design Can Help

Adaptive Path

These tactics include: Reframing scenarios to see if I’d change my mind by changing my thinking. Because most investment communications emphasize the current value of your portfolio, people tend to panic and sell low, when they’re “losing&# money, and buy high, when stock prices are soaring. What if instead, investment communications made shares feel more tangible — something you want to hold on to and only sell when you can get a good price for them?

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Buy TurboTax software + $10 Amazon Gift Card As Low As $39.86!

David Gurteen

Price was current at publishing time: 12/28/17 at 09:00 CST, however prices and availability are subject to change. Be sure to confirm the price before purchasing to ensure this deal has not changed or expired.

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stevenberlinjohnson.com: Brooks/Cheney

Steven Berlin Johnson

Technology | The Guardian | Main | Games and the iPhone » Brooks/Cheney David Brooks writes about Obama and Clintons Jefferson-Jackson speeches last November in his column this morning: Obama sketched out a different theory of social change than the one Clinton had implied earlier in the evening. And standing up, with courage and clear purpose, they somehow managed to change the world!” stevenberlinjohnson.com « Dawn of the digital natives - is reading declining?

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The UX of Money: Why is saving so hard?

Adaptive Path

But humans are curious creatures — as a growing number of books are bringing to popular attention, from our own Subject to Change to Dan Ariely’s bestseller, Predictably Irrational — and we tend to make “irrational&# decisions again and again. Already Ours (studies show that while people might not buy a $1000 espresso machine, if they won one in a raffle, they’re quite resistant to selling it, even for the same price).

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#1 Progressives Transform America This Month

Nine Shift

Last week the New Yorkers finished its session, with new laws on rent regulation, climate change, criminal justice, congestion pricing, sexual harassment, gun control, and more. Like 100 years ago, now is the time when progressives make their move for change.

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Harold Jarche » Wake up and smell the coffee

Harold Jarche

link] ConstellationW hjarche: Want to change education? At the risk of repeating myself, the following message doesn’t get through to many training departments, and now they will pay the price. Attitudes must change!

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Irving Wladawsky-Berger: Trust, Responsibility and the Globally Integrated Enterprise

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

Irving Wladawsky-Berger A collection of observations, news and resources on the changing nature of innovation, technology, leadership, and other subjects. " Business strategist and author Don Tapscott has focused on the changing nature of companies in his research at New Paradigm and has written extensively about what he calls Enterprise 2.0