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This means changing the defaults, a cultural change. This type of change has little cost, brings benefits, and is beginning to change the culture of government. Aneesh is announcing “the blue button to liberate personal health data.&# Press it and you can get your data from government databases. Its your data.&# “No RFP, no convoluted process, just a smart person&# that the prize system uncovered. Aneesh Chopra, the U.S.

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For example, we’ll want one easy way to issue a personal RFP, or to store and selectively share personal data on an as-needed basis. We won’t want our health data in five different clouds, each with its own app. But we’ll also need for that data to be portable, and the services substitutable. We need our own tools for controlling the way our data and other personal information is used. We can do this without changing any laws at all – just the way we engage.

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The reality is we need a different way of thinking about data, and in an age marked by innovation we shouldn’t find a reframe too difficult. Generations of marketers have been brought up on an adversarial view of the customer, the target, the win… In all the discussions we’ve had here in Forbes about social business we have yet to stray into the use and purpose of social data, as if we too largely accept that the adversarial view is the only one.

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All Social is Learning | Organizational Knowledge Design

Martijn Linssen

So the world is changing. The feedback we receive from the tire that needs changing at night in the rain is powerful, but nothing compared to the feedback we receive around a dinner table or during a seminar Q&A. Learning Management Suite RFP Template | Catadoc.com - [.]

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But they make you enter a ton of personal data, the same data you enter at every other e-comm site. With VRM, the individual is the point of integration for his or her own data" and is also the "point of origination of what's done with" that data. Some of that we’re solving with Ian Henderson’s personal data store, some with Lukas’ The Mine. A lot of CRM is about companies aggregating anonymized data and using it for recommendations, etc.

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e-Clippings (Learning As Art): Foucault, Control and the LMS

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But since this is not usually possible, there isa need for "relays" of observers, hierarchically ordered, through whomobserved data passes from lower to higher levels."

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