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Pinterest may be worth more “nothing” than Instgram, however, because as Scoble pointed out, women have buying power, which is why brands cozy up to mommy bloggers. Like”) and exercise their consumer power by broadcasting their intent via a sort of online RFP (Request for Proposal). In the Intention Economy, the buyer will notify the market of his/her intent to buy and then sellers will compete for the buyer’s purchase.

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Common business wisdom used to be that nobody gets fired for buying IBM. There is a belief that large companies have to buy products and services from other large companies. I have worked on both sides of the RFP/Proposal & purchasing/selling continuum. However, most large corporations and government agencies write their requestes for proposals (RFP) in such a way as to exclude small operators, thinking that they are mitigating their risks.

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Try Before You Buy Tools Used Better Conferences - Response Needed Roles in CoP's The science of learning Learning 2.0 LMS RFP The Nature of Online Collaboration Connectivism and the modern learner Nursing Simulation in Second Life eLearning Course or Online Demo - which is better? Using eLearning Learning , I thought it would be interesting to go look what it thinks are some of the top items of all time. Learning 2.0 - The Things How we read online. -

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Also at the complex end, you should be able to issue a “personal RFP&# in the form of a request to the whole market for something you’re ready to buy, without having to go into a silo such as eBay or Amazon.

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for Learning Professionals Ten Predictions for eLearning 2008 Test SCORM Courses with an LMS Request for Proposal (RFP) Samples Training Method Trends Corporate Learning Long Tail and Attention Crisis SCORM Test Web 2.0 But YOU won't get to build one, or buy one, or participate in one.

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“Personal RFPs&# where a customer sends a query to vendors for bids on things the customer wants to buy. It could also represent an intention to buy, and intention to sell, etc. Or you buy one book and Amazon thinks you’re interested in the category. Imagine that for car rentals… A: That’s an example of a personal RFP.

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It begins, Want to address ongoing concerns about the buying, selling and consolidation of people’s personal information without their knowledge or consent? ” Notably, consumers might be shocked at how little their data buys them, while continuing to distrust what advertisers are doing with their data. Consider, for example, how Google, Facebook and Twitter could work as routers of actual ready-to-buy intention from real customers. (In Personal RFP.

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