Stop creating, selling, and buying garbage!

Clark Quinn

One of the causes is unenlightened designers. You know, it’s not like one dreams of being an instructional designer as a kid. Good learning design is not something you pick up in a one week course, sadly. There are heuristics (Cat Moore’s Action mapping, Julie Dirksen’s new book), but the necessary understanding of the importance of the learning design isn’t understood and valued. Finally, the folks buying the learning are equally complicit.

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Grand Unified Theory of Service Design, Systems Design, and Organization Design

Adaptive Path

I sat down with Jeff to pick his brain on putting the ‘service design’ in software-as-a-service. One is that I specialize in helping IT organizations and digital businesses bring together agile, DevOps, and design thinking in order to adopt new methodologies and be able to deliver more continuous value, so I’m really interested in the relationship between design and engineering and design and IT in particular. Very often, DevOps and design never speak.

Design 149

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Designing Higher Learning

Clark Quinn

Even if they’re buying content from publishers, they are focused on content, not experience. Even if you have an instructional designer in the equation, the likelihood that they’re knowledgeable enough and confident enough to work with SMEs to get the real outcomes/objectives is slim. design meta-learning strategy I’ve been thinking a lot about the higher education situation, specifically for-profit universities.

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Co-design of workflow

Clark Quinn

I’ve talked before about how our design task will need to accommodate both the formal learning and the informal job resources, but as I’ve been thinking about (and working on) this model, it occurs to me that there is another way to think about learning design that we have to consider. The first notion is that we should not design our formal learning solutions without thinking about what the performance support aspects are as well. Now, are you ready to buy this?

The Do’s and Don’ts of Managing Designers

Adaptive Path

Are there common personality traits among designers that should shape the way they’re managed? Design managers naturally think about what they need from their team, but Bob Baxley , a design executive in Silicon Valley, believes it’s more interesting to consider what designers need from their manager in order to thrive. How designers want to be managed is an incredibly important topic that’s not getting much attention.

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Are Instructional Designers Making Themselves Irrelevant?


So what does that mean for the poor instructional designer when over 70% of the learning they create delivers poor customer experiences? The easy thing for an instructional designer to do is to rely on simple instinct and maintain the status quo.

Design 275 Go Buy Microcosm Right Now!

Steven Berlin Johnson « Are You A Gifted Interface Designer? Main | Baton Passing » Go Buy Microcosm Right Now! Come Work At Outside.In! Carl Zimmer may be my favorite science writer around today (others seem to agree), so Im excited to report that his new book Microcosm: E. coli and the New Science of Life hit the shelves yesterday.

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Designing Learning Campaigns and Learning Challenges

Jane Hart

In this four week workshop we will look at the different aspects of planning, designing and running a learning campaign or challenge, and you will have the opportunity to start the design of your own challenge or campaign, and share it with the other participants. Week 2: How to design a learning campaign or challenge. Click on the Buy Now button below, and you will be taken to a page at the PayPal site to pay. Next public online workshop runs: 4 – 29 JULY 2016.

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The evolution of design to amplify flow

John Hagel

If we want to understand the importance of flows in our world, the new book Design in Nature released this week by Adrian Bejan and J. As with most great books, this one is impossible to summarize in a brief blog, but I will try to offer enough of a glimpse to tease you into buying and reading the book. There is an imperative here:  “The constructal law is a shout from the rooftops: Everything that flows and moves generates designs that evolve  to survive (to live).

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Shazam will recognize objects as well as music: the implications for retail and design

Ross Dawson

Reuters reports: The next phase of development will be to enable phone users to Shazam actual objects, said Riley, such as a cereal packet in the grocery store to get more nutritional information or a DVD case at home to buy the movie soundtrack. The capability is not new, with services such as Amazon Firefly allowing users to identify objects and buy them on Amazon, and Slyce identifying objects within a store for lookup and purchase. Design.

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Buy a book, save a life | Daniel Pink

Dan Pink

Design (52). Design (52). Buy a book, save a life Every 45 seconds, a child dies of malaria. Go to End Malaria Day and click on the big red Buy button to purchase your copy of End Malaria: Bold Innovation, Limitless Generosity, and the Opportunity to Save a Life. Dan Pink.

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5 impacts of Apple’s app store subscription model on experience design

Adaptive Path

But what does the change mean for experiences and experience design? Designing a good trialing experience will be critical. once for an app that you might or might not like, but a $25-plus subscription isn’t necessarily an impulse buy. This means consumers want to try it out before they buy it. Bottom line: If your trialing/demo experience sucks, people won’t buy your subscription. Design services, not apps. But how do you design for loyalty?

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e-Clippings (Learning As Art): Someone buy me this poster

Mark Oehlert

e-Clippings (Learning As Art) Home Archives Subscribe About My Social Networks « Wikipatterns: A How-To Site on Driving the Adoption of Wikis Within Your Organization | Main | "How to Read A Blog (With a Nod to Mortimer Adler)" (AJ Fortin) » August 29, 2007 Someone buy me this poster ( link ) August 29, 2007 in Errata | Permalink TrackBack TrackBack URL for this entry: [link] Listed below are links to weblogs that reference Someone buy me this poster : Comments The comments to this entry are closed. T2 Subscribe to e-Clippings (a division of blogoehlert) gapingvoid Understanding Comics Quoth he. "The hallmark of revolution is that the goals of the revolutionaries cannot be contained by the institutional structure of the society they live in. As a result, either the revolutionaries are put down, or some of those institutions are transmogrified, replaced, or simply destroyed. We are plainly witnessing a restructuring of the music and newspaper businesses, but their suffering isn’t unique, it’s prophetic."--Clay Shirky My latest additions to stuff Here are some of my main headings, although you might be better served just following the latest things Ive found here. books futures Web 2.0 and check this one as well e-Places to visit copyright game studies anthropology mobile learning e-learning things you should read stat counter View My Stats kaboodle Oehlerts Book. The Digested Digest Categories 9/11 Alienware is So. Apple/iPhone/iPod Application Becomes the Platform Arrghh!!! Belly laughs, guffaws and chuckles Blogging Books Catch Up Collaboration Conference News Cool Tools Copyright and Patent Gold & BS Copyrights, Patents and Trademarks Culture Current Affairs design e-Learning Resources e-Learning/e-Teaching eco EduPatents eLearning Guild Emerging Tech Errata Ethno/Anthro Film Firefox From the land of "I wonder." From the land of Huh? Funny Future of e-Learning Research Cross Posting Futures Games Gaming & Learning Government Hardware Industry informal learning Innovation Insanely Cool Content Job Leads Latest News Learning Learning 2005 Learning As Art Learning/Training Learning/Web 2.0 MASIE Center metadata Mindmapping Mobile Learning Music nature of the universe type stuff Networks Neuro New Learning Models New Tech/Cool Tech Newsletter Open Source podcasting/audioblogging Quote of the Day Quotes Reference Research RSS Search Security Seminal Works Social Social Media Sports Standards The Application Becomes the Platform The Big Question The G Word The Law Things I Never Thought Id See video Virtual Worlds Visualization web conferencing Web/Tech Weblogs Welcome Message Widgets Wikis Working Together Kurt Lewin on The Lewin Links This link should take you to the page I have on where I am linking to all the Lewin stuff I find. If you find something, just tag it with kurt+lewin to add it to the mix. typekey e-Clippings (a division of blogoehlert) Me in Second Life Blog powered by TypePad Member since 08/2003

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Explaining User Experience Design to High Schoolers (and other new audiences)

Adaptive Path

How do user experience designers tell their story in a relevant, meaningful way, to audiences who have no exposure to user experience design (UX)? UX practitioners are keenly aware that everything we use in our lives was designed by someone. But, outside of our industry (and related ones), most people aren’t aware of the many decisions that were made (or not made) on their behalf when a product or service was designed.

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Death to Zombies!

Clark Quinn

I’m not asking you to buy it, unless it helps, but you need to be aware of the myths. design meta-learningLast week, I ranted about a myth that seems inextinguishable. And I ran across another one in a place I shouldn’t have.

Labels for what we do

Clark Quinn

While it’s true for our field as a whole, it’s also true for the specific job of those who design formal learning. He goes through the usual candidates of labels for what we do – instructional designer, learning designer, learner experience designer – and finds flaws.

Guy Kawasaki Makes an Enchanting Offer: Buy One, Get One Free.

Bob Sutton

Financial sector: however good the pay, it doesnt buy results | Business | The Observer. Design school project teaches bike safety - The Stanford Daily Online. Tim Brown: Change by Design: How Design Thinking Transforms Organizations and Inspires Innovation. Bill Moggridge: Designing Interactions. More Reasons Creativity Sucks: Creative People Seen as Having Less Leadership Potential » Guy Kawasaki Makes an Enchanting Offer: Buy One, Get One Free.

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Safety Training Design

Tony Karrer

Some interesting discussions are going on in the Big Question for February The Learning Circuits Blog: Instructional Design - If - When - How Much. I thought I'd take a cut at an answer based on something we've been involved with recent - the design of safety training. This is where design comes in. So, what does this case of Safety Training Design have to do with Instructional Design - If - When - How Much? Students don't care about instructional design.

Design 105

The UX of Money: How Interaction Design Can Help

Adaptive Path

This is where interaction design can help. For anyone designing for consumer finance — banking, investing, billpay, money management tools, insurance providers or any business selling “savings&# as a value proposition (as a consultant, I’ve learned a lot through having had opportunities to touch all of these areas) — here are some design principles you can employ to make saving a little easier for us all: Create perceptions that motivate.

Design 126

Markets for Good Post: Design A Better Dashboard

Beth Kanter

” How Human-Centered Design Methods Can Help You Design A Better Dashboard. Dashboard design is more than simply clarifying outcomes and key metrics. Dashboard design should also inspire buy-in and continuous improvement by using “ human centered design ” methods.

The 3 Qs for Great Experience Design (by Jared Spool)

Adaptive Path

The 3 Qs for Great Experience Design. Using these three variables, we’ve created corresponding questions to help us quickly rate a team’s experience design prowess. Notice that the story doesn’t describe the specifics of the design or the system — that’s not important. In our research, the average team member works on an experience design project for twenty-four months. Jared Spool.

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The Pernicious Effects of Advertising and Marketing Agencies Trying To Deliver User Experience Design

Adaptive Path

This is a glorious time for folks who work on designing for user experience. As those vehicles got more complex, it was recognized they needed UX disciplines like information architecture and interaction design involved, and so agencies grew UX capabilities in order to deliver that service. Unfortunately this leads to another bad practice, which is an expectation that designers will work across multiple projects.

Design 219

Signifying change

Clark Quinn

Are we helping someone be more productive, or asking them to buy into our organizational culture? Three pointers: How to design team rituals to accelerate change. Introducing Ritual Design (and more from the Ritual Design Lab here ). design meta-learning social

Change 148 Are You A Gifted Interface Designer? Come Work At Outside.In!

Steven Berlin Johnson « The Silent Room Tone | Main | Go Buy Microcosm Right Now! » Are You A Gifted Interface Designer? Were actively looking for a lead designer at But we need someone to turn all the geo-data were assembling into a compelling and intuitive design, building on the great UI work that Doria Fan has done for us over the past year. Come Work At Outside.In! right now. As you might imagine, this is an incredibly cool job.

Design 100

Interview with Margret Schmidt, VP of User Experience Design and Research at TiVo (Part 1)

Adaptive Path

Her extensive experience heading up design at TiVo has given her a deep understanding of what it takes to deliver a great experience in a high technology product. At TiVo, we were fortunate that the team that designed the very first TiVo DVR realized they were making something revolutionary, and they wanted the interface to reflect that. Back in 1998 they created a list of mantras that they kept in mind during design. The same collaboration happens with design.

Working with you

Clark Quinn

“Let me tell you why I’d like to buy a VR headset,” and go on to explain how this critical performance piece is spatial and visceral and you want to experiment to address it. design strategyI was talking with my better half, who’s now working at a nursery.

Course 178

Do you want to DO design thinking? Start with the d.School's.

Bob Sutton

Financial sector: however good the pay, it doesnt buy results | Business | The Observer. Design school project teaches bike safety - The Stanford Daily Online. Tim Brown: Change by Design: How Design Thinking Transforms Organizations and Inspires Innovation. Bill Moggridge: Designing Interactions. On the temptation to declare "email bankruptcy" » Do you want to DO design thinking? Bob Sutton.

Product selection with your network | Full Circle Associates

Nancy White

It is time again to buy a new set, but instead of buying the cheapest set at the local office store, I decided to get the recommendations of my network – since many are also frequent users of this product.

The Better By Design Summit: Cool Things I Heard in New Zealand.

Bob Sutton

Financial sector: however good the pay, it doesnt buy results | Business | The Observer. Design school project teaches bike safety - The Stanford Daily Online. Tim Brown: Change by Design: How Design Thinking Transforms Organizations and Inspires Innovation. Bill Moggridge: Designing Interactions. » The Better By Design Summit: Cool Things I Heard in New Zealand. Design is like a sound that only dogs can hear. Bob Sutton.

Playtime is Over: Reflecting on 2015’s Service Experience Conference

Adaptive Path

Service design has matured. The third-annual conference took place November 16-17 in San Francisco, bringing together various industries and organizations to address how we design and deliver great service experiences that create value for both people and organizations.

Making it Real

Adaptive Path

There is a shift from focusing on product to multi-channel user experience, and successful companies are employing multidisciplinary teams involving the disciplines of interaction design, industrial design, architecture, branding and service design.

We’re Sounding Last Call for our Managing Design Projects Conference

Adaptive Path

We’ve got ten spots left at Managing Design Projects , our grass roots project management event (next week!) Sarah Nelson , Design Strategist at Adaptive Path and I will be presenting how to organize, plan, and execute collaborative sessions to facilitate buy-in and participation. February 5, 2009 at Fort Mason in San Francisco.

Shaping a Generation’s First Experience with Star Wars

Adaptive Path

I sat down with him to find out what it’s like to take on such a dream-job project and how he approaches managing designers. What nuggets from your experience as a design manager do you have that you think the audience at MX is really going to value? At the same time, it’s a very similar type of mechanism that has to happen with your design team and your engineers. g Design Management Design Leadership Design Management Managing Experience MX16 Star Wars

Serving Experience As The Product

Adaptive Path

And in a service-based economy, the experience is the product customers buy. Customers weren’t buying an industrial process. Experience Design Service Design From shopping for your first home to seeing a doctor, the experience matters.

“Shoezam” app mimics Shazam to image, identify, and replicate shoes on the street

Ross Dawson

In Shazam users that hear a song and like it can identify it in order to buy the song, with the creators of the music getting paid (hopefully). What will this mean for designers? But will fashion designers, among others, see their earnings plummet, as they have for many musicians?

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1 new edition, 1 cool project, 52 free books | Daniel Pink

Dan Pink

Design (52). Design (52). 1 new edition, 1 cool project, 52 free books To celebrate this month’s publication of the updated, expanded edition of Drive (buy it here , here , or here ), we’re launching a cool new project. Dan Pink. Contact. Follow Dan on Twitter.

Because quality matters

Clark Quinn

They might be persuaded to buy products that can’t really deliver what’s promised. Yet we still see strategies limited to courses, and courses designed poorly, and thus money being wasted that could be doing good. We are seeing more people interested in improving their learning designs despite considerable budget and time pressures. design meta-learning strategyI was reflecting on some of the actions my colleagues and I take.

Ask Jim Collins anything you want | Daniel Pink

Dan Pink

Design (52). Design (52). Buy it on , IndieBound , or Amazon.). Dan Pink. Contact. Follow Dan on Twitter. About Dan. Speaking Engagements. Video. Articles. Office Hours. Drive. A Whole New Mind. Johnny Bunko. Daniel H.

About Nancy White | Full Circle Associates

Nancy White

Technology steward, designer and builder of online interaction spaces (events, teams, learning groups). tools and approaches and community and instructional design. Strong emphasis on the design, deployment and evaluation of productive online interaction spaces. Design, implement and moderate/facilitate online communities and workgroups. Please keep me posted about your next Online Facilitation Course and sign me in to buy a copy of Digital Habitats.

Figuring Out Content Strategy

Adaptive Path

The biggest change in my understanding of design after joining Capital One, by far, is how I understand the importance and nature of content strategy in my design work. Design Research. Mixing in with Design.

How do we mLearn?

Clark Quinn

As preface, I used to teach interface design. My passion was still learning technology (and has been since I saw the connection as an undergraduate and designed my own major), but there’re strong links between the two fields in terms of design for humans. My PhD advisor was a guru of interface design and the thought was “any student of his should be able to teach interface design” And so it turned out. design mobile

Non-invasive Brain Surgery

Clark Quinn

And if we design learning, e.g. instruction, we can potentially change the brain without surgery. Again, the brain is complex, and consequently so is learning design. Why would anyone buy a story that we can achieve anything meaningful by taking content and adding a quiz (read: rapid eLearning)? Let’s treat learning design as the true blend of art and science that it is. designChanging behavior is hard.

Aspiration trumps trepidation

Clark Quinn

In that book, they cited how advertisements in older days were designed to target your concerns. In essence, they made you worry about shortcomings as a motivation to buy remedies, whether to address your personal hygiene or appearance of success. design meta-learning Last week’s # lrnchat (a twitter chat on learning that runs Thurs evenings for an hour 5:30 PT/8:30 ET) was on the topic of fear-mongering in Organizational Learning.

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