Questions from and for the Digital Public Library of America workshop

David Weinberger

And there is, of course, no consensus even about a statement that broad. Throughout the course of the day, many other visions and pragmatic possibilities were raised by the sixty attendees. Fortunately, most are not intractable, but all are difficult to resolve and, some, to implement: Should the DPLA aggregate content or be a directory? But maybe it should be more of a directory. But being a directory is not as glamorous or useful.

A history lesson in how to automate journalism with war and sports metaphors

Doc Searls

Here is one of my first pieces, published in Reality 2.0 , a directory within my self-hosted site. Heavy with portent, the headlines tromp across the pages (cue the Death Star music — dum dum dum, dum da dum, dum da dummm)… “MICROSOFT TAKES WAR TO THE NET: Software giant plots defensive course based on openness” “MICROSOFT UNVEILS INTERNET STRATEGY: Stage set for battle with Netscape.”

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eLearning Startup Opportunities

Tony Karrer

Of course, should it even be a lecture? Should we all be taking online courses from the very best we can access? My daughter last year took an online summer school course taught by her high school teacher. Rather than buy a textbook, you rent it for the semester.

Because advertising encourages Alzheimer’s

Doc Searls

Every blog has an actual directory path that goes domainname/year/month/day/post. It wants you to buy something, or to know about something so you can act on it at some future time.

Bring on The Live Web

Doc Searls

Like homes and office buildings, our sites have “visitors” unless, of course, they are “under construction”. The Web does have a rudimentary directory with the Domain Name Service (DNS), but beyond that, everything to the right of the first single slash is a big “whatever”.

Learnings from the Browser Wars

Doc Searls

Heavy with portent, the headlines tromp across the pages (cue the Death Star music — dum dum dum, dum da dum, dum da dummm)… “MICROSOFT TAKES WAR TO THE NET: Software giant plots defensive course based on openness&#. Then I went up to the internet level of the site’s directory, but found the Netscape view was impaired. (“Best viewed with Microsoft Explorer,&# it said.)

Online Community Toolkit | Full Circle Associates

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Courses Online Facilitation Course Online Community Hosting Course Chat & Live Event Hosting Course Facilitating and Hosting a Virtual Community Facilitation Facilitating and Hosting a Virtual Community Some Considerations for Facilitating Online Interaction FaciliTips – Quick tips on online facilitation.

We’re gonna need a bigger boat

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In fact, by serving as both an ultimate yellow page directory and an endless spread of real estate for stores and businesses, the Web demonstrates extreme synergy between the publishing and retailing metaphors, along with their underlying conceptual systems. 2. The need to buy. They buy time from the networks and the stations, which serve as both vendors and distributors. If the advertisements work, of course, they’ll take the hook as well.

A Cluetrain talk turns 10

Doc Searls

I figure he had 100 theses, but then decided more people would buy it if he knocked off 5 theses and offered 95 as a discount. His friend wanted to buy a rug displayed in one of the merchant’s stalls. The customer then indicated that he wanted to go ahead and buy the rug for the stated price. Clearly he didn’t know how to buy a rug in this town. There’s war, of course.

Price 156 How To Make The iPhone More Of A Phone

Steven Berlin Johnson

From what I could understand from Steve Jobs is that Apple will be able to update the iPhone without having you to buy a new one. From its opening screen, pressing it downwards takes the user to the directory. Third party apps could go there, too, of course.

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Putting It All Together. Privacy, Security, Cybercrime and Safety

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

Lawsuits - a lot of data information, collected from preferred customer cards - there was a lawsuit from someone who slipped on water and fell, so the supermarket chain that he sued checked his record and saw that he was buying beer every week, so they came back and said he was probably drunk at the time. We need a directory of tech experts in New Brunswick, so we know who's here. Summary of a talk by Parry Aftab at the IFIPTMA Conference in Moncton.

Hot List - April 1, 2009 to April 11, 2009

Tony Karrer

If you are into communication, culture and mobiles, this book will be a good buy. Of course, I cheated and used eLearning Learning to help me come up with these. His company frowns on spending time up front completing an analysis and wants him to dive into course development to "Save Time. Here’s An Easy Way to Create Whiteboard Lectures for Your E-Learning Courses , April 7, 2009 I’m a doodler.

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