Social Physics - Reinventing Analytics to Better Predict Human Behaviors

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

Its prediction algorithms integrate social physics technologies into its data analytic engine, enabling it to efficiently extract the underlying social attributes embedded in the raw data being analyzed.

Open Symposium: Policy and Strategy for Learning Analytics Deployment

George Siemens

We ( SoLAR ) are organizing an online symposium on Policy and Strategy for Learning Analytics Deployment. In higher education, annual rankings produce bragging rights for advancing universities and soul searching declining universities.

Bravais 3.0: Taking Learning Beyond the LMS to Analytics & Personalization


What should come as news to, well, no one, is that in the age of search, social, mobile, and now, wearable technologies, learner expectations have changed dramatically. Gathering intelligence requires tracking and analytics - enter the Tin Can API, or xAPI.

Bravais 3.0: Taking Learning Beyond the LMS to Analytics & Personalization


What should come as news to, well, no one, is that in the age of search, social, mobile, and now, wearable technologies, learner expectations have changed dramatically. Post Type: Blog post.

Johns Hopkins Academic Freedom Statement - An Analytical Representation

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

While there is perhaps no real reason to disagree with the (desired) attributes of a university that necessitate academic freedom, it may be relevant to list them here: free and open freedom of thought search for truth creative exploration and experimentation sifting and winnowing of ideas exchange of ideas environment for learning, teaching and reserach history and legacy Are these all and only the properties of a university relevant to the establishment and maintenance of academic freedom?

Learning Analytics: Big Data Applied to Training, Teaching, and Learning

Beth Kanter

Learning Analytics comes from a report about the impact of emerging technologies for practitioners in a field. Two or three years to adoption: Learning Analytics (K-12/Higher Ed), Open Content (K-12), Games and Gamification (Higher Ed). Learning and Knowledge Analytics.

Three Analytics Tools to Gauge Your Social Audience’s Pulse

Beth Kanter

We talk about finding the right tool for the data collection job and tools come in three different categories: analytics tools, content analysis, and surveys. Analytics tools like the ones described below are good for measuring actions and engagement.

Harold Jarche » Analysing traffic

Harold Jarche

My Old Online Facilitation Workshop Materials | Full Circle Associates

Nancy White

e-Clippings (Learning As Art): Spyware Alert - Thx to DArcy Norman

Mark Oehlert

e-Clippings (Learning As Art) Home Archives Subscribe About My Social Networks « "Games trainers play" (Washington Business Journal) | Main | Foucault, Control and the LMS » April 21, 2007 Spyware Alert - Thx to DArcy Norman A big shout out to DArcy Norman for noticing that Sitemeter (yes, I know Im not linking to it.thats on purpose), a web site analytics tool that I also have been using, has recently begun "inserting cookies for an advertising company.

… and nearer to the Dust

Dave Snowden

Now this was in the early days of data analytics, we were just getting started with key word searches and the like. Team formation became a matter of searching CVs in a database rather than building relationships over time.

Becoming a Data-Driven Business: Challenges and Opportunities

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

A few weeks ago, McKinsey published The age of analytics: Competing in a data-driven world , a comprehensive report on the state of big data, and in particular, on the challenges and opportunities a company faces as it strives to become a data-driven business.

Data 195

2013_07_13 Link Pile

Doc Searls

Search engine optimization (SEO). Search engine marketing. Search analytics. Web analytics. Advertising and marketing. An olive branch to advertising , at ProjectVRM , September 2012. Retailers, STOP dealing with data brokers , by datacoup. The Web Cookie Is Dying. Here’s The Creepier Technology That Comes Next , by Adam Tanner in Forbes. LumaScapes , by Luma Partners.

Social Physics and Cybercrime Detection

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

These patterns can be used to detect emerging behavioral trends before they can be observed by other data analytics techniques. Endor’s analytics engine identified 80 Twitter accounts as potential EOIs because they were similar enough to the positive samples that the agency provided.

The Beginning of a New Work Adventure – Joining panagenda!

Luis Suarez

That search is now over. . On January 20th, it will mark the 20th year anniversary since I started working in the IT industry. A lot has happened over the course of the last two decades both on a personal and work levels, as you can imagine, and, yet, it feels as if it was just yesterday.

Post popularity?

Clark Quinn

For complicated reasons, I don’t have Google Analytics running. I have to admit I’m inclined to believe that folks, searching on the term, came to this post rather than it was so important on it’s own merits.

metrics, thy name is vanity

Harold Jarche

About a year ago I deleted Google Analytics from this website. What search terms were people using? — I no longer know where visitors come from, what they find interesting, or what they click on. This has liberated my thinking and I believe has made my writing a bit better.



Also, LMSs do not provide IDs with the deep analytics required to understand what content is working and what content is not. . Top-notch LCMS solutions can even provide detailed analytics that identify the most effective content. Faceted, Object Search. ?. ?. Analytics API.

Innovation in open online courses

George Siemens

In a few weeks, our edX course Data, Analytics, and Learning (#DALMOOC ) will start. The connection between learning and application is hampered as MOOC resources do not always persist after a course has ended and there is limited search functionality in MOOCs. Learners will have the option to search context relevant resources in ProSolo.

Course 209

Learning to Apply Data Science to Business Problems

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

This past semester I was involved in an interesting course at MIT’s Sloan School of Management , - Analytics Labs (A-Lab). A-Lab’s objective is to teach students how to use data sets and analytics to address real-world business problems.

Data 207

What is a Learning Content Management System (LCMS)?


” Even a Google search for Learning Content Management System returns ads for Learning Management Systems, and articles that claim to rank the top LCMS’s, but really only include Learning Management Systems. Whether you want to see analytics.

I Learned A Lot At My First-Ever F Up Nights

Dan Pontefract

He founded an online search engine marketing agency called Neverblue Media. But for all of his creativity and penchant for innovating—for getting this project and every other product to market on time and on budget—Clayton hated (and still hates) analytics.

The Guru Problem

Martijn Linssen

An example: I was meeting with a client who asked about our internal usage analytics – my firm has a page anyone behind the firewall can see that shows company-wide usage and trends for our collaboration tools. that mattered more than any of the tools or analytics.

What I’ve learned in my first week of a dual-layer MOOC (DALMOOC)

George Siemens

This last week we launched our open course on Data, Analytics, and Learning on edX. Learners in edX use them for a range of reasons including quick search/help, venting, and as a way of orienting to the course.

Drupal 259

The Best of Times, The Worst of Times: opportunities and challenges for the L&D profession

Charles Jennings

Survey 235

Content as a Service


Tracking of use and analytics. This data set can be used to generate powerful analytic tools that can measure an individual’s strengths and weaknesses, and use this information to drive personalization. (In In future blog posts, I’ll elaborate on how analytics can drive personalization.). In conjunction with user tracking data and analytics, the delivery of the content can be personalized to the needs, habits, and preferences of the user.

Increasing “Jointness” and Reducing Duplication in DoD Intelligence

Martijn Linssen

While modest gains have been made in breaking down “stovepipes,” the initial energy of these “collaborative” efforts has waned and increased spending has largely cemented bad habits: siloed analytic reporting that fuels massive duplication of effort.

Cost 155

Site Learnings

Clark Quinn

See, one of the other recommendations was to be more closely tied to Google’s tools for tracking sites, specifically Search Console. Now, I’d try to do this once I’d gotten all my sites tied into Google Analytics, including searching the WP file folders, and browsing a number, to no avail. And I’d searched for guidance, similarly to no avail. I’m now registered with the Search Console, with current Analytics code.

Google Brain: Inductive Thinking and Curiosity

Eide Neurolearning

In a Scientific American blog post Deep thought is dead, Long live deep thought , a bioinformatics analyst broods on the question, ‘Where are these jobs that will require such rapid “searching, browsing, assessing quality, and synthesizing the vast quantities of information?"

Jive 167



Faceted, Object Search. •. ?. Analytics and xAPI. •. ?. LMS vs. LCMS: What is the difference and why does it matter? LMS vs. LCMS?

A Data Scientist You’ve Never Heard of Is Now the Master of Your Domain

Andy McAfee

I went in kind of skeptical, thinking that might not be a lot of novelty here – that ‘big data’ is just today’s marketing term for what we were calling ‘analytics’ or ‘business intelligence’ yesterday.

Data 250

Beyond Machine Learning: Capturing Cause-and-Effect Relationships

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

Machine learning is a statistical modelling technique, like data mining and business analytics , which finds and correlates patterns between inputs and outputs without necessarily capturing their cause-and-effect relationships.

Learning Trends 2014


You need an integrated content delivery, reporting and analytics environment, not simply a collection of TinCan databases or reporting in your LMS. There is a tremendous awareness of the need for performance support, contextual search, self-navigation, and new ideas like 70/20/10.

Trends 186

The 6 capabilities that drive future business value from Staggeringly Enormous Data

Ross Dawson

Data analytics. As such data analytics capabilities must be linked to identifying where business value can or might be created. You cannot necessarily predict where the greatest value in data analysis lies, so there must be the willingness to search.

Data 252

Wrap Up of the Australasian Talent Conference

Kevin Wheeler

There were many new technologies – many beginning to stretch the conventional boundaries: real-time, just-in-time search for candidates as opposed to building databases and communities using natural language as opposed to Boolean strings and arcane bits of knowledge.

Less is more: A different approach to L&D in a world awash with information

Charles Jennings

Having the metadata and the search skills is far more useful than memorising the detailed information in this and many other situations in the day-to-day pursuit of our work and life. This post appeared on the site last month.

Skills 213

Preparing Students for an Increasingly Complex Business World

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

Universities generally do a pretty good job when it comes to teaching hard skills, - engineering methods, technology, analytical tools, finance, marketing, and so on. Are engineering and management schools adequately preparing students for our fast-changing, highly complex business world?

The role of informal social networks in building organizational creativity and innovation

Ross Dawson

Search the relationship networks in your organization to find future creative leaders. It also discusses social network analytics in mapping collaboration. Challenge your analytical and creative talents to design data so that it tells a story.

Help! My Nonprofit Needs A Data Nerd

Beth Kanter

Or maybe you have a board member who works in the business world and is or has connections to people who work in finance, market research, or analytics. Google offers the free MOOC called “ Google Analytics Academy.”

Data 105

Anticipating the Future of the IT Industry

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

These early analytics applications dealt mostly with structured information. This new data-centric era of computing goes by different names, depending on which aspect one wants to emphasize: big data , analytics , data science , cognitive computing , artificial intelligence.

2010 - year in review

Martijn Linssen

I didnt enable Google Analytics until somewhere in June / July, so what you get is what you see up there: stats for half the year Disclaimer number three : I have stats from Google Analytics, and Blogger - and they dont look the least alike. Business or Pleasure? -

Review 155

Is Design Thinking the “New Liberal Arts”?

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

Recent studies have shown that, given our complex business world , companies are increasingly searching for talented individuals that are strong in quantitative, analytical, technical and similar hard skills, as well as in strategic thinking, teamwork, communications and related soft competencies.

Design 273

Teaching in the Digital Age: Guidelines for Designing Teaching and Learning

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

But if they have to learn how to observe analytes under a microscope, then you either need virtual equipment, or a real lab (in science, too often, we don’t teach them how do design experiments, we just give them the experiment to do).