Open Learning Analytics

George Siemens

While those sensemaking approaches won’t disappear, they will be augmented by data and analytics. Educators often find analytics frustrating. Or can analytics actually measure what matters instead of what is readily accessible in terms of data? All educators need to be familiar with data and analytics approaches, including machine and deep learning models. Open Learning Analytics. Learning Analytics Masters Program (LAMP).

Analytics in Learning and Knowledge

George Siemens

Analytics_Milan. View more presentations from gsiemens

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Transforming learning through analytics

George Siemens

Data, big data, analytics, and visualization are significant trends in education. There is much to be alarmed about with analytics, including the mechanization of teaching, learning, and assessment. My interest in learning analytics, however, doesn’t blind me to potential risks.

Learning Analytics: Higher Education

George Siemens

Educational datamining and learning analytics are getting substantial attention in education. With learning analytics in particular, the term has come to mean anything and everything that involves data in learning. Learning Analytics: Higher Education

Open Learning Analytics: A proposal

George Siemens

Learning analytics are increasingly relevant, and prominent, in education. Startups and established software vendors are targeting learning analytics in their product offerings for the education and training and development sector. View more presentations from gsiemens

Impact of Data Analytics in Today’s Digital Workplace

Luis Suarez

So, how about if I share with you all how I got involved into the space of data analytics for online collaborative environments in the first place? Anyway, back to data analytics. Just in the recent past, for instance, I gave a couple of presentations on this very same topic.

The Promise and Challenges of Health Analytics

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

On February 24 I attended a workshop in MIT on the Future of Health Analytics. In a recent paper , Ausiello notes that health analytics has the potential to become the next frontier in medicine, driven by the confluence of three key revolutions: .

Notes On "Global Guidelines: Ethics in Learning Analytics"

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

In my post referencing the ICDE's Global Guidelines: Ethics in Learning Analytics yesterday I said: This document summarizes the considerations of an ICDE working group on learning analytics. The presumption throughout is that a global ethic in learning analytics is needed, can be known, and comprehends the issues in this document. Definition and purpose of the use of Learning Analytics Where is data drawn from? What data must be included in learning analytics?

Presentations I’ve recently enjoyed watching

George Siemens

The number of lectures and presentations freely available online provide great opportunities for professional development. Learning analytics, soft and hard. Learning Analytics: Notes on the Future.

Open Symposium: Policy and Strategy for Learning Analytics Deployment

George Siemens

We ( SoLAR ) are organizing an online symposium on Policy and Strategy for Learning Analytics Deployment. We have a great group of presenters next week. If you are interested, you can join the course here:

The Competitive Value of Data: From Analytics to Machine Learning

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

And higher prices for consumers are not present with free internet services.”. Business analytics predates the big data era. A recent article by NY Times reporter Steve Lohr discussed the rising importance of data as a major competitive differentiator.

Learning Analytics: A foundation for informed change in education

George Siemens

Yesterday, partly to kick of the open course Learning and Knowledge Analytics , I delivered an online presentation as part of the EDUCAUSE ELI Webinar series. Slides form the presentation are below. Learning Analytics: EDUCAUSE

Johns Hopkins Academic Freedom Statement - An Analytical Representation

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

It is interesting that ''learning'' does not appear until the fifth paragraph, and only as an aside, when presenting a justification of academic freedom. I took the liberty of subjecting it to OCR for presentation here; this may have resulted in some minor errors. Drafted in January and just released, the Johns Hopkins statement on academic freedom will no doubt be widely cited.I cite the full text below.

Ethical Codes and Learning Analytics

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

Presented at EDEN 2020 - Presentation page. Abstract The growth and development of learning analytics has placed a range of new capacities into the hands of educational institutions. Which ethical issues from the literature of learning analytics issues do they address? ·

"Communilytics".Analytics on Capturing Communities

Mark Oehlert

A community analytics funnel in practice View more presentations from Alistair Croll and Sean Power Still noddling my way around this one but wanted to pass it along. What Is Communilytics? :

Three Analytics Tools to Gauge Your Social Audience’s Pulse

Beth Kanter

We talk about finding the right tool for the data collection job and tools come in three different categories: analytics tools, content analysis, and surveys. Analytics tools like the ones described below are good for measuring actions and engagement.

Please Vote for SXSW 2014 Panel: What Social Media Analytics Can’t Tell You

Beth Kanter

What Social Media Analytics Can’t Tell You. Here’s the description: Social media analytics can help you understand the active members of your social media audience, but what about the people who aren’t posting? That’s the title of my proposed panel for SXSW 2014.

Presentation to UNCTAD's Advisory Group on "Developing skills, knowledge and capacities through innovation: E-Learning, M-Learning, cloud-Learning"

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

Web course tools, then became mechanisms for collecting, packaging, and presenting these. And there is a lot of talk about the need of the instructor to be present, with the interaction between the student and instructor, or a student and a team of teaching assistants, or whatever. Where experts, or people who are in active in the field, make presentation, provides resources, and generally serve as a focus or an attractor to bring people to the event.

Groups 161

Social Media Measurement and Learning Analytics: How Do I Love Thee, Let Me Count the Ways

Beth Kanter

View more presentations from Beth Kanter. That’s why I always start a webinar with a framework for learners to assess where they are and what change is needed (if anything) to embrace a new way of doing something. I presented the five stages of falling in love with measurement.

Online Community Purpose Checklist | Full Circle Associates

Nancy White

Guest speakers or presenters?

SXSW: What Social Media Analytics and Data Can’t Tell You

Beth Kanter

I’m just back from the SXSW Interactive Festival where I was on a panel called “ What Social Media Analytics Can’t Tell You ” moderated by Alexandra Samuel of Vision Critical , Jeremiah Owyang , Crowd Companies, and Colby Flint, Discovery Channel.

My Old Online Facilitation Workshop Materials | Full Circle Associates

Nancy White

But the NC presents difficulties, as Wikiversity is SA only.

Semantic Technologies in Learning Environments

George Siemens

We’re into Week 3 of our open course Learning and Knowledge Analytics ( syllabus can be found here ). Recordings from our guest presenters are also available. presented on Semantic Technologies in Learning Environments.

Openness: Why learners should know about, and influence, how decisions are made about their learning

George Siemens

Earlier this week, I delivered a presentation to TEDxEdmonton on why openness and learning analytics are critical for rethinking the future of education. All of this reform talk, however, presents a challenge. The need for open learning analytics architecture.

The GDPR’s biggest fail

Doc Searls

Well, that’s what you’re saying when you click “Accept” or “Got it” when a typical GDPR-complying website presents a cookie notice that says something like this: That notice is from Vice , by the way.

Mobile Learning: Making Content Available Anytime, Anywhere


And because content is separated from presentation, content is unlocked from a single, restrictive format.



Also, LMSs do not provide IDs with the deep analytics required to understand what content is working and what content is not. . An LCMS is not meant to replace an LMS, as the LCMS enables authoring, presenting, and publishing via the LMS. Analytics API.

Learning to Apply Data Science to Business Problems

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

This past semester I was involved in an interesting course at MIT’s Sloan School of Management , - Analytics Labs (A-Lab). A-Lab’s objective is to teach students how to use data sets and analytics to address real-world business problems.

Data 207

Blockchain and Public Health Solutions

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

In each of these areas, the report presented uses cases where blockchain is already being deployed, and recommended a number of blockchain related public health measures that will help better prepare for future pandemics.

Mobile Learning: Anytime, Anywhere


And because content is separated from the presentation of how it looks, content is unlocked from a single format. Mobile learning, also called M-learning, is any type of content that is developed or consumed on mobile devices, such as on smartphones and tablets.

New Horizon Report: Alan Levine – Mindmap

Clark Quinn

This evening I had the delight to hear Alan Levine present the New Media Consortium’s New Horizon Report for 2011 to the ASTD Mt. For the longer term (4-5 years), the two concepts were gesture-based computing and learning analytics. A very engaging presentation.

Report 186

Visualization – Mapping Science: Places and Spaces

George Siemens

Over the last four years, I’ve been following and engaging in developments in visualizations and analytics. I presented, with Cyprien Lomas, on the topic of data visualization in education at an EDUCAUSE conference in San Antonio in 2008 (if you’re interested, my delicious bookmarks on visualization are here ).

White House: Innovation in Higher Education

George Siemens

I addressed this toward the end of this presentation , starting slide 28. Your next faculty meeting will involve a new student success system, a personalized learning system, an analytics system, a new integrated bootcamp model, mew competency software, new cloud-based computing systems, and so on. I was stunned and disappointed at the lack of focus on data, analytics, and evidence. We can’t do that without a far better data infrastructure and greater analytics focus.

Innovation in open online courses

George Siemens

In a few weeks, our edX course Data, Analytics, and Learning (#DALMOOC ) will start. Since MOOCs gained popularity with top tier universities, significant effort has been put into finding new ways to present learning content. In terms of content presentation, DALMOOC will pale in comparison to existing well-funded courses.

Course 209

Instructure: we know. we learn.

George Siemens

I’ve used a large number of learning management systems over the last several years, and Instructure presents one of the more impressive educator and end-user experiences.

My 25 Years of Ed Tech

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

2000 – Learning Objects Also: Portals, CoI I wrote my paper 'Learning Objects' in 2000 - it was the product of a presentation I did on IMS-LOM a few months earlier, building on a lot of the idea people like Dan Rehak had already developed.

friday power

Harold Jarche

“I’m taking an online data analytics class from the Wharton School of Business. Ecologists estimate that even at present rates of global material use, we are overshooting sustainable levels by 82 percent.

Module 169

Deep Learning: Is it Approaching a Wall?

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

The data requirements for deep learning are substantially different from those of other analytic methods in a number of dimensions. The performance of traditional analytics tends to plateau as the data set size increases.

Rejected: On being disappointed, sorta

George Siemens

However, the focus of this research chair on learning innovation and analytics captured my interest and I decided to apply (obviously informing my colleagues at Athabasca University of my intent. Over the last few months I engaged in various Skype interviews with HR and was finally short-listed as one of 3 visitors to Royal Roads for an on-campus presentation, meeting with faculty, and such. Corporate partnerships with organizations involved in learning analytics.

Strata Conference Wrap Up: Big Data, Big Opportunities

George Siemens

I’ve had a bit of trouble carving out time to write concluding thoughts about the event (time deficiency is mainly due to last minutes activities related to our Learning and Knowledge Analytics Conference ). Blackboard Analytics : “Transforming data into actionable information.

Data 204

Digital Learning Research Network Conference 2016

George Siemens

We have updated our dLRN research website with the current projects and related partners …in case you’d like an overview of the type of research being conducted and that will be presented at #dLRN16. Using Learning Analytics to Design Tools for Supporting Academic Success in Higher Education As part of the Digital Learning Research Network, we held our first conference at Stanford last year. The conference focused on making sense of higher education.

Building success in the future of work: T-shaped, Pi-shaped, and Comb-shaped skills

Ross Dawson

In her presentation Prof Mather discussed the skills required for data analytics, in the context of a new Master of Business Analytics program the University is launching this year. In business analytics the two domains are technology and data analysis.

Skills 241

Gender Diversity, Empathy and Technology

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

A key finding was that between 1980 and 2015, jobs in occupations requiring high social and analytical skills had the highest growth. Employment in occupations requiring higher levels of analytical skills, - e.g., quantitative, computer usage, - increased by 77%.