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My 25 Years of Ed Tech

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

Diversity University started out as an educational MUD; Walden University was also an early adopter, and a whole bunch more. But it was brilliantly engineered; I learned tons by digging through the source, learning how all the Javascript worked, and adapting it for my own purposes.

A Parable of Integration

Martijn Linssen

Are you going to buy them, rent them, make them yourself? CIOs who say that are 100% clueless - feel free to quote me on that This is why I get questions like: whats a good open source ESB? Subscribe Top Posts Generations, Social and Enterprise: adopt vs adapt Enterprise 2.0: Real Profitability Part I: The Big Three and Four Enterprise microblogging: measuring true value "is. Adopt vs adapt Microsoft and Cloud - they just don't get it, do t.


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What Universities Must Learn About Social Networks

Jay Cross

Some schools are comfortable encouraging students, faculty, and adminstratoin to use consumer apps on the open web. A handful of universities have adopted some aspects of web 2.0 It simplifies and streamlines the transactional aspects of administration, it encourages open communication and shared decision-making, and it provides a learning ecosystem that enables students to co-learn in order to supplement the formal aspects of their education.

The Enterprise 2.0 Recovery Plan

Andy McAfee

They do require users to adopt a particular philosophy about sharing information and interacting with each other, and this philosophy can seem strange at first. " Now, however, I’m a fairly frequent user, find it a really novel and valuable resource, and think that it has strong potential within the enterprise (here are my blog posts on Twitter, and here’s a research report on Enterprise ‘microblogging’ from Pistachio consulting ).