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Harold Jarche

7: Apple Preview : This is the productivity tool I use the most, so I can focus on learning, not fighting with applications. Since 2007 Jane Hart has asked working professionals for their top tools for learning — TopTools4Learning — and creates three lists from thousands of responses. Top 100 Tools for Personal & Professional Learning. Top 100 Tools for Workplace Learning. Top 100 Tools for Education.

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The Puzzling Personal Productivity Paradox

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

Yet, despite these impressive advances, for most of this period economies around the world have been stuck in an era of slow productivity growth. Opinions abound, but in the end, there’s no consensus on the causes of this apparent productivity paradox , on how long the slowdown will likely last, or on what to do about it. A few contend that there’s been a fundamental decline in innovation and productivity over the past few decades, compared to the period between 1870 and 1970.

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The Productivity Paradox: Digital Abundance and Scarce Genius

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

Despite the relentless advances of digital technologies, productivity growth has been declining over the past decade. Some contend, - most prominently Northwestern University economist Robert Gordon , - that over the past few decades there’s been a fundamental decline in innovation and productivity. We’ve been living in a time of major transformative technologies, - the Internet, smartphones, IoT, big data, AI - whose deployment and impact on productivity growth are still lagging.

The ITA Jay Cross Memorial Award for 2019: Michelle Ockers

Clark Quinn

I’m pleased that we can honor her and her work helping organizations work more productively and fluidly. Congratulations, Michelle on the 2019 ITA Jay Cross Memorial Award! The post The ITA Jay Cross Memorial Award for 2019: Michelle Ockers appeared first on Learnlets Over a decade ago, my friend Jay Cross invited me to join the Internet Time Alliance. He had been touting the value of Informal Learning, and realized he was doing it alone.

Cynefin St David’s Day 2019 (5 of 5)

Dave Snowden

I’ve been playing with options here on trains to and from particularly dark productions of tragic operas and the experience may have influenced by thinking. The post Cynefin St David’s Day 2019 (5 of 5) appeared first on Cognitive Edge In my final post in this update series on Cynefin and I’m reserving the right to change things when I think about it more.

“the strategic and purposeful production of ignorance”

Harold Jarche

So concludes danah boyd in an excellent piece on what lies beneath the current flood of fake news: agnotology — “the strategic and purposeful production of ignorance” Anyone who is concerned about the erosion of democracy as a result of the fragmentation of society through fake news, propaganda, or conspiracy theories should read this article.

Cynefin St David’s Day 2019 (3 of 5)

Dave Snowden

It requires boundaries to project it and it is always in danger of collapse in either direction so careful maintenance and frequent scanning are needed – this is a high energy requirement but powerful for innovation and distributed decision making using wisdom of crowds methods in products such as MassSense, The boundary between chaotic and obvious is not liminal as there is no transition it is sudden.

The State of AI in the Enterprise

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

44% of respondents cited “enhanced current products” as the top AI benefit to their companies, followed closely by “optimizing internal operations” at 42%, and “make better decisions” at 35%. A few months ago, Babson College professor Tom Davenport gave a talk on the state of AI in the enterprise at the annual conference of MIT’s Initiative on the Digital Economy. His talk was based on two recent US surveys conducted by Deloitte, the first one in 2017 followed by a second in 2018.

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Using Agile Processes to Develop AI-Based Solutions

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

Key to the agile approach is the involvement of the product’s target end-users early in the process to make sure that the product under development is responsive to their requirements. . According to Adobe, agile development is particularly well suited to AI-based products and systems, where it’s important to involve users early in the development cycle to help test, refine and improve the AI features in the product by sharing their real-time feedback with the development teams.

The Blockchain Value Framework

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

In July, 2019, the World Economic Forum and Accenture released Building Value with Blockchain Technology , a white paper aimed at helping organizations evaluate blockchain’s benefits and build an effective business case. Worldwide spending on blockchains solutions is expected to reach almost $3 billion in 2019 and close to $12.5 Improved productivity and quality. Reinventing products and processes.

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Climate Change, Waste & Festivals: a collective fight needing a common understanding

Dave Snowden

“Hopeful for change” “I saw one food vendor at a festival that were very passionate about not using any plastic products and was reducing all possible waste. Social media feeds in Summer 2018 here in the UK were, for those of us who work in the festival industry, awash with turtles trapped in plastic and discarded tents on no man’s land-esque muddy festival fields on a Monday morning.

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Trends for 2019?

Clark Quinn

What, on your opinion, are the main Digital Learning (DL) trends for 2019? However, I think we need to recognize that not all the things needed in learning, such as evaluating complex work products, should be done by machines. Your advice to the market for 2019. The post Trends for 2019? It’s already started!

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The MIT Work of the Future Report

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

“The world now stands on the cusp of a technological revolution in artificial intelligence and robotics that may prove as transformative for economic growth and human potential as were electrification, mass production, and electronic telecommunications in their eras,” said the MIT Task Force on the Work of the Future in its recently released interim report. Most advanced economies are enjoying an unprecedented, broad based jobs boom,” wrote The Economist in a May, 2019 article.

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The Business Value of Augmented Reality

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

I recently heard a very interesting presentation at the 2019 MIT CIO Symposium , - Why Companies Need an Augmented Reality Strategy , - by Harvard professor Michael Porter and James Heppelmann , CEO of PTC , an industrial consulting company. We generally think of products as physical entities built with a combination of mechanical and electrical components, - e.g., appliances, cars, agricultural machines, industrial equipment, - some quite simple and some highly complex.

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How LMS Training Increases Volunteer Productivity for Associations


To make better use of your own volunteers, use an association LMS to deliver online volunteer training, that increases productivity. Volunteers are critical to the success of an association. Associations that fully utilize volunteers can operate at nearly half the average budget of those that don’t.¹ LMS for Associations Association Training

Exploring synergies and interaction between the Cynefin Framework and Theory of Constraints

Dave Snowden

Goldratt originally wrote the book partly as marketing for his production planning software company, but he discovered that people were getting good results from simply copying the approach in the book. As our business contexts become increasingly complex, the success rate of large scale transformation efforts and projects are rapidly decreasing.

Blockchain - the Networked Ecosystem is the Business

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

Based on the analysis of over 25 blockchain networks in various stages of production across multiple industries and geographies, the report recommends that a company’s blockchain journey should evolve along three distinct stages: in search of value, - establishing a minimum value ecosystem; getting to scale - creating value for an overall industry; and designing for new markets, - creating entirely new markets and business models.

Linkages matter

Dave Snowden

Photo by Puvida Productions on Unsplash. Working in complexity you soon get a sense of which ideas and concepts are causing (sic) people problems. One is the whole dispositional v causal aspect on which I have written several times, most recently at the end of 2017.

Drink your own champagne?

Clark Quinn

And, to truly know your own product. I was talking with a vendor of a robust suite of tools. In the course of it, in my usual teasing way, I asked a question. And, while I wasn’t surprised at the answer, I was ‘concerned’ And so should you be. So I’m going to suggest you start asking of your vendors “Do you drink your own champagne?” ” So, this was a manufacturer of an LMS (and some other, related, platforms).

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The Economic Value of Digital Identity

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

The largest sources of value for business and government institutions are time and cost savings, reduced fraud, increased sales of goods and services, improved labor productivity, and higher tax revenue. Identity plays a major role in our everyday life. It’s the key that determines the particular transactions in which we can rightfully participate as well as the information we’re entitled to access.

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Twelvetide 19:6 Goredale Scar & Gynefin

Dave Snowden

Articulating learning is, in the main, counter productive unless something profound or threatening is revealed. By coincidence today is Gynefin day (we thin Beth Smith coined that name) an annual ritual in which UK based staff and any friends get together at my house at Lockeridge with the intention of reducing my stocks of gin.

Dimensions of difficulty

Clark Quinn

Addressing complex product complaints can be much more complex. As one of the things I talk about, I was exploring the dimensions of difficulty for performance that guide the solutions we should offer. What determines when we should use performance support , automate approaches, we need formal training, or a blend, or…? It’s important to have criteria so that we can make a sensible determination. So, I started trying to map it out.

from training to learning

Harold Jarche

Whatever learning needs to happen for getting work done at the front line — on production floors, in sales, or in customer service — often is not generated, or even recognized as needed, by the training organizations.

How to Transform a “Big, Old” Company into an Agile Digital Business

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

Many of these established companies have already deployed mobile apps, cloud computing and data analytics, and have brought to market a variety of digital products and services. Digital success requires delivering new customer value propositions that anticipate and solve customer problems, rather than just selling them a portfolio of product and services, - no matter how beloved or essential those offerings might be.

Globalization in Transition

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

I recently read two interesting reports on the state of globalization in 2019, one by The Economist, the second by the McKinsey Global Institute. But production networks are not immutable; they continue to evolve.” To better understand the nature of this evolution, the report analyzed 23 global value chains spanning 43 countries as well as both proprietary industry data and national accounts data, and interviewed industry experts from around the world.

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Free-Market, Free-Trade Capitalism at a Crossroads

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

They’re all generally based on the private ownership of the means of production, their operation for profit, and the accumulation of capital. The global economy has undergone considerable change over the past few decades. Results have been mixed. On the positive side, t he digital revolution has significantly improved the quality of life of billions around the world.

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Is Blockchain Now Transitioning to a More Mundane and Useful Era?

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

In 2019, it will start to become mundane… After the Great Crypto Bull Run of 2017 and the monumental crash of 2018, blockchain technology won’t make as much noise in 2019. Pilots will go into production. The article also mentions that two blockchain-based platforms will soon go into production to support the management and trading of digital assets. Blockchain was created around a decade ago as the public, distributed ledger for the Bitcoin cryptocurrency.

The Puzzling Economic Impact of Transformative Technologies

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

“General purpose technologies (GPTs) are engines for growth ,…” wrote Erik Brynjolfsson , Daniel Rock , and Chad Syverson in The Productivity J-Curve , a working paper recently published by the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER). “These are the defining technologies of their times and can radically change the economic environment. For example , US labor productivity grew at only 1.5%

Beyond Machine Learning: Capturing Cause-and-Effect Relationships

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

A few months ago, Gartner published a report on The Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2019 , that is, trends with the potential to impact and transform industries over the next 5 years. Not only does the evolution of these AI platforms and suites of AI services enable a wider range of developers to deliver AI-enhanced solutions, but it also delivers much higher developer productivity.”.

How to Increase Your Productivity Without Working More Hours

KCC Business Psychology

More Work Doesn’t Equal More Productivity. One key question to consider as you plan your own workweek is, are you getting the best productivity from your work schedule? Does working extra hours actually make us more productive? In fact, the United States is ranked 5th in productivity behind countries like Norway, Belgium, and Ireland. So, how do we make our working hours more productive? Work Time Versus Productive Time. Happiness Equals Productivity.

Impact of an Aging Population on Economic Growth and Automation

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

Economic growth has two main components, productivity growth and the growth of the labor force. Older populations not only reduce labor force participation, but also lead to lower productivity, given that workers’ productivity and earnings have been shown to peak in their 40s. The model assumed that middle-aged workers have a comparative advantage in physically oriented production tasks while older workers specialize in non-production services. “In

confronting the post-truth machine

Harold Jarche

It may be more productive to highlight the ways in which Russian propagandists attempt to manipulate audiences, rather than fighting the specific manipulations.” The researcher danah boyd defines agnotology as — “the strategic and purposeful production of ignorance”. “ post-truth (adjective) Relating to or denoting circumstances in which objective facts are less influential in shaping public opinion than appeals to emotion and personal belief. Oxford Dictionaries.

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A Novel Method for Measuring the Value of Free Digital Services

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

Gross domestic product (GDP) is the basic measure of a country’s overall economic output, based on the market value of all the goods and services the country produces. GDP is essentially a measure of production. While suitable when economies were dominated by the production of physical goods, GDP does not adequately capture the growing share of services and increasingly complex solutions that characterize advanced economies.

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The Current State of AI Adoption

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

AI advances have the potential to increase global GDP by up to 14% between now and 2030, the equivalent of an additional $14-15 trillion contribution to the world’s economy, and an annual average contribution to productivity growth of about 1.2 In telecom, 75% of respondents said that they use AI in their service operations , 45% said that they do so in product development and 38% in marketing and sales. AI is seemingly everywhere.

Impact of AI on Government - Opportunities and Challenges

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

In 2019, the Partnership and IBM collaborated on two additional reports, Assessing the Impact of AI on the Work of Government , and Building Trust, Managing Risks. This second 2019 report is focused on understanding and addressing AI risks, based on lessons from companies and countries around the world. A few weeks ago I wrote about Leveraging AI to Transform Government based on a 2018 report by the Partnership for Public Service and the IBM Center for the Business of Government.

status update on society

Harold Jarche

The “ strategic and purposeful production of ignorance ” becomes appealing for both purveyors and buyers. Many of the changes we face today are similar to a time when a new communications technology came along and changed the face of Europe — print. The Protestant Reformation saw the rise of religious wars, which were later followed by the scientific revolution and the Enlightenment.

What is innovation?

Harold Jarche

“An innovation is the implementation of a new or significantly improved product (good or service), or process, a new marketing method, or a new organisational method in business practices, workplace organisation or external relations.” As Marina Gorbis concludes in The Nature of the Future , “much new value and innovation will move from commodity-or-market-based production to socialstructed creation.”

How to Support the Widespread Adoption of AI

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

But during this period of rapid IT growth, US labor productivity grew at only 1.5% You can see the computer age everywhere but in the productivity statistics,” said MIT Nobel Prize laureate economist Robert Solow in 1987, in what’s become known as the Solow productivity paradox.

hybrid sailors

Harold Jarche

And that’s to say nothing of its potential impact on product quality and worker safety, or on the nature of the satisfactions one might derive from work.”— According to The Atlantic 2019-07 , the US Navy has been piloting a new way of manning its Littoral Combat class ships, which are modular by design. The crew are all multi-purpose, with several roles onboard and always learning new tasks. They operate with one-fifth the crew size of a regular ship.

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The World is Facing a Period of Digital Disorder

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

In the past, the technology industry was largely seen as a positive societal force, enabling billions around the world to rise out of poverty and lead more productive lives. “Geopolitical competition and government regulations are poised to remake the digital economy,” notes the global consulting firm A.T

liberating meetings

Harold Jarche

Do we have core company, team or product principles we need to ensure we keep in mind? In meetings, bloody meetings I covered some common issues with how meetings are conducted and also provided some ways to address these. Another form is the silent meeting , put forth by David Gasca at Twitter and used at Amazon as well.

A Quarter Century into the Digital Age

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

A previous McKinsey report estimated that digitization, automation and AI have the potential to incrementally add around $13 trillion by 2030 to global GDP, as their productivity gains are reinvested to create major new business opportunities. Sectors with a high level of digitization have achieved the largest productivity growth, but all sectors still have a ways to go. Strategy and competition are quite different in a platform-based business compared to a classic product business.

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Can AI Help Develop and Execute a Competitive Business Strategy?

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

The growth will come from productivity gains, - e,g, the continuing automation of routine tasks, and AI-based tools to augment human capabilities, - and from increasingly sophisticated, AI-enhanced products, services, and system-wide applications.