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No Agile Gospel please, just give me Enlightenment

Martijn Linssen

why not both Home About Contact Monday, 28 June 2010 No Agile Gospel please, just give me Enlightenment For lack of a logo, heres the Snowbird resort where the Agile Manifesto was developed back in 2001 Agile Software Development presently is suffering from evangelisation, it seems.

Strategy & Business Lists Hard Facts Among Decade's 10 Most.

Bob Sutton

Erving Goffman: The Presentation of Self in Everyday Life. Strategy and Business just released a list of the 10 "most significant books" published between 2001 and 2010.  2001 Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap.and Others Don’t , by Jim Collins   2002 Execution: The Discipline of Getting Things Done , by Larry Bossidy and Ram Charan. Bob Sutton. About Subscribe to this blogs feed Email Me Follow Me @ work_matters. Book Me For A Speech.

List 34

When was the last time you received a love poem from your car.

Dan Pink

Back in 2001, McCarthy bought a green Honda Civic Ex from a local dealership. ” “Thank you for your excellent, motivating presentation. Dan Pink. Contact. Follow Dan on Twitter. About Dan. Speaking Engagements. Video. Articles. Office Hours. Drive. A Whole New Mind.

A theoretical model for PKM

Harold Jarche

He based the research model and questions on a framework of skills for undergraduates, developed by Susan Avery, “Personal Knowledge Management: Framework for Integration and Partnerships “, presented in 2001.

PKM 85

Great Question From Peter Block’s Presentation at Nexus2 | Full Circle Associates

Nancy White

Flickr Photo Download: From Peter Block’s Presentation Share and Enjoy: 4 responses so far 4 Responses to “Great Question From Peter Block’s Presentation at Nexus2&# # Alana James on 03 Apr 2008 at 2:37 am Hi Nancy and thanks for this.


Jay Cross

For example, here’s my report on Elliott’s TechLearn 2001. And here’s my review of Online Learning 2001. Dave Kelly has made curating conference exhaust — the Tweetstream, presentations, photos, recordings, and related links — into an art form.

Where I’m coming from

Jay Cross

Here’s how I saw it in 2001: PEOPLE. “And so he continues to plan his future with the rules of the present in mind — heedless of the possibility that the future will have rules of its own. These are my core beliefs about how to get along in the world.

The 9 kinds of context that will define contextual search

Ross Dawson

Yesterday I did the kick-off presentation and workshop at a strategy planning session of a major online media company. Positivity, negativity, excitement, hunger and far more, as reflected in status or other updates, could impact the content presented.

Adaptive Path Turns 10

Adaptive Path

It’s not often you get to be present at the birth of an industry. Ten years ago, March 2, 2001, when we launched Adaptive Path, organizations had at most one UX person, and often none. We freely gave away our workshop presentation material. Jesse and Laura will be presenting more perspective on our history , others will be roaming the halls, and we’ll be hosting a party with some friends on March 12. (I

The Back Channel and the Rule of Threes

Jay Cross

Think of an event — a workshop, a class, a meeting, or a presentation. For example, here’s my take on TechLearn 2001. It’s a law of nature. There are always three things. Trust me on this. Something always comes before and there’s always an aftermath.

My Watershed Moments

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

That learning isn't saying the right thing or presenting the right content. Presentation As I would write later : "In 1989, the pieces came together. NAWeb connected me to AusWeb (where I did my first video editing in 2001) and with a number of great people from Down Under.

Building success in the future of work: T-shaped, Pi-shaped, and Comb-shaped skills

Ross Dawson

In her presentation Prof Mather discussed the skills required for data analytics, in the context of a new Master of Business Analytics program the University is launching this year.

Why People Leave Organizations

Kevin Wheeler

Professor David Finegold and Senior Research Scientist Susan Mohrman, at the Center for Effective Organizations at the University of Southern California presented a paper in the Spring of 2001 at the World Economic Forum in Switzerland entitled: What Do Employees Really Want? This paper presents research from a wide range of organizations, people and cultures and disputes many of the reason people commonly give for leaving.

Visual thinking and being funny | Full Circle Associates

Nancy White

As a passionate student of visual thinking and one who appreciates the performance aspect of presentations, take a look at this video by Demitri Martin For those of you who think you can’t draw and use visuals to communicate your ideas… think again!

Is Impulsivity a Bad Thing?

Eide Neurolearning

1995; Perry & Carroll, 2008; Petry, 2001), the present set of results lends credence to the notion that impulsivity is not a purely maladaptive trait but one whose consequences hinge on the structure of the decision-making environment. Answer - it depends.

Rejected: On being disappointed, sorta

George Siemens

Over the last few months I engaged in various Skype interviews with HR and was finally short-listed as one of 3 visitors to Royal Roads for an on-campus presentation, meeting with faculty, and such. I find conference presentations, blogging, open courses, and interactions online much more satisfying. This new reality presents challenges for the existing higher education system (Altbach, Reisberg, & Rumbley, 2009). 2001, May 17).

Social Business, Where Do You Stand?

Luis Suarez

A few days back, just before I embarked on to another business trip to both London (To attend and present at the #UCExpo event ) and Paris (To present at the Lotusphere Comes To You event ) – more on both of those wonderful events shortly!,

What blogging was

David Weinberger

15, 2001 that I began in earnest (blogging every day for twelve years counts as earnest, right?), That often made the tone more conversational and lowered the demand that one present the final word on some topic. At a recent Fellows Hour at the Berkman Center the topic was something like “Whatever happened to blogging?,” ” with the aim of thinking about how Berkman can take better advantage of blogging as a platform for public discussion. Fellow Hours are private.

Beyond Free ? Open Learning in a Networked World

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

Self-archiving''s time," wrote Harnad in a later presentation (Harnad, 2001) "has yet to come 20 years later." We''re beginning to see the importance of this: Matt Crosslin''s been trying to design a hybrid MOOC presentation. 2001, February 23).

Social Business Begins by Unleashing Your Business Talent

Luis Suarez

to then move into Fringe in 2001 (Profiles), just as IBM Community Tools (a.k.a. View more presentations from John Woodworth.

Using Social Media Internationally: How Not To Get Lost in Translation

Beth Kanter

Do you ever write a social media update in formal language, the same as you might use in a report or presentation? Launched in 2001, Lingo24 now has over 180 employees spanning four continents and clients in over sixty countries. Flickr Photo by John K.

Foradian Technologies Interview

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

Since 2001 at NRC I have worked on learning object standards and repositories, content recommender systems, collaborative content authoring technology, and massive open online courses (MOOCs). While a course was traditionally thought of as a series of presentment facts, like a book, in today’s online environment the design of a course is much more like the design of an environment (to follow on the previous analogy, it is like designing a gym or exercise facility. Questions 1.

ePublishing business models

David Weinberger

E.g., that humans are responsible for climate change is not in doubt, should not be presented as if it were in doubt, and should not be crowd-sourced, he says. In 2001, they did an experiment: When people were buying a book, they were offered a download of a PDF for 80% of the price, then 60%, then 40%, then for free. I’m at an education conference put on by CET in Tel Aviv. This is the second day of the conference.

eBook 40

Strategic positioning in the flow economy: 3 action steps

Ross Dawson

Electronic Invoice Presentment and Processing (EIPP) is a digitally-based process by which firms present invoices and make payments in business-to-business transactions.

Make the World Better (Ask If Anyone Minds Later) by Dr. Pamela Gay

Luis Suarez

Ever since I first got exposed to it back in 2001 I always felt it was going to help manage get the best out of all of us, human beings, so that we could go and create and do better things for those around us, and for the world at large.

Entrepreneurs are Iron Chefs, Managers are Swedish Chefs | Daniel.

Dan Pink

Expert entrepreneurs “…at their best when presented with…”??? “Presented with”? As an example, in 1949 a company named Circuit City was born, in 2001 it was a Good to Great poster child, in 2008, it imploded. Dan Pink. Contact.

Chip Conley's Emotional Equations: A Leadership Self-help Book You Will Love (Even If You Hate Self-help Books)

Bob Sutton

" Chip then presents a series of simply emotional equations and associated stories and advice, things like.

Class 25

Social Business Forum and a Touch with Reality

Luis Suarez

Back in 2001, when I was first exposed to social software tools, there were a number of different guidelines I decided to put in place and abide for myself; mainly, stating there would be three different subjects that I wouldn’t touch much *ever* in any online Web form.

Workplace learning in ten years

Harold Jarche

I switched to a Handspring (Palm) in 2001. Work and learning will continue to blend while stand-up training will be challenged by the ever-present back channel. The LCB Big Question for March is, What will workplace learning look like in 10 years?

A radiant light and an aura of activity

Mind Hacks

The article noted that it’s a mystery why basketball was a trigger for migraine but these very specific triggers are often also present in epilepsy.

MOOC - The Resurgence of Community in Online Learning

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

In this presentation Stephen Downes addresses the question of how massive open online courses (MOOCs) will impact the future of distance education. The presentation considers in some detail the nature and purpose of a MOOC in contrast with traditional distance education. Most of you will be familiar with the traditional online course, which is based on the presentation of content and information, and based on a clear curriculum which is to be learned.

UX Week. Now Ten Times Stronger.

Adaptive Path

We started small, with a single two-day workshop in 2001 that we took on tour around the United States in 2002. For the first UX Week in 2003, we stuck to an all-workshop format, but the following year we expanded our scope to include conference-style presentations, including our first guest speakers, such as Doug Bowman and Jason Fried (before he was famous!). From the beginning, we didn't want Adaptive Path to be just a consulting firm.

Facilitation Card Decks | Full Circle Associates

Nancy White

…Geoff # Nancy White on 12 Mar 2010 at 6:59 am Thank, Geoff, for the pointer to vonOech’s Whack Pack and the reflection about fit with the people present.

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Adaptive Path at SXSW 2011 – Please support our sessions!

Adaptive Path

And I’ve submitted a session, to be co-presented with Jesse, titled Adaptive Path and SXSW Interactive: 10 Great Years! March 2011 will mark our 10th anniversary, and our first public appearance as Adaptive Path was at SXSW 2001. A few of us have submitted sessions for SXSW Interactive 2011, and it would be great if you showed your support by voting for them in the panel picker.

SharePoint 2010: The New Employee Gateway?

Dan Pontefract

Since 2001, Microsoft has sold well over 100 million licenses of SharePoint generating more than $1 billion / year in revenue. I’ve approached Christian Finn of Microsoft to surface my thoughts and present my overarching argument to him later this quarter.

Full Circle Associates " Catch up strategies in online courses

Nancy White

Catch up strategies in online courses | Full Circle Associates

Nancy White

Catch up strategies in online courses | Full Circle Associates

Nancy White

Catch up strategies in online courses | Full Circle Associates

Nancy White

The Future of Online Learning: Ten Years On

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

Tran, 2007) Portable, Personal, and Global The combination of portable and affordable computing devices, combined with widely available digital presentation tools, will make education genuinely personal and portable. Presentation Software The term ‘presentation software’ can be used to refer to applications designed to display learning material to students. That said, the presentation software market has divided itself roughly into two parts.