Thu.Sep 29, 2016

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The Blackberry Verdict Is Not Surprising

Dan Pontefract

In 2013, I wrote a book titled “ FLAT ARMY: Creating a Connected and Engaged Organization. My last line includes “only time will tell.”

Workshopping what’s needed: going deep on elearning

Clark Quinn

Are you ready to really try to make a change in what you’re doing? It’s past time, both at the level of our elearning design, and at the level of elearning strategy. Then we’re going to work through assessing where you’re at, where you’d like to be, and give you the opportunity to pull together your own strategic plan.

A new generation of CIO thinking emerges

Dion Hinchcliffe

As both business leadership and investment in technology grows outside the IT department in a era of large generational technology shifts, CIOs are considering new ways to think about the nature and role of IT


Every time

Euen Semple

Every time I define myself by difference Every time I indulge in righteous indignation. Every time I assert myself over a fictitious other Every time I play "the hard man" to hide my fears. make it easier for Trump to exist