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networked knowledge creates value

Harold Jarche

As we enter the network era, the dominant technology is the internet and working knowledge is distributed through professional communities.

Why I Removed A Recent Post

Dan Pontefract

On March 9, 2017, I wrote and published a post that outlined various missteps, difficulties and issues that had recently taken over a particular American.

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Brands need to fire adtech

Doc Searls

Two days ago, the New York Times said AT&T and Johnson & Johnson are pulling their ads from YouTube. They’re concerned that “Google is not doing enough to prevent brands from appearing next to offensive material, like hate speech.” Agencies placing those ads on YouTube are shocked, shocked! Simple as that.

Exploring Business Types and Business Models

John Hagel

OK, I’ve created some confusion. I’ve been writing a lot recently about business models, including here and here. But I’ve also written a lot about business types/roles, including a popular Harvard Business Review article almost 20 years ago. And, if there is a difference, what business models should each business type adopt? Tying it all together.

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Karen Hough ATD Core 4 Keynote Mindmap

Clark Quinn

Going through her trademarked elements, she had the audience up and participating and reflecting on interpersonal interactions. social strategy

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Where is Clark?

Clark Quinn

So, where am I this spring? I was at ATD’s Techknowledge in January, and as this is published I’m on my way to Long Beach for their Core 4 event (sold out; if you’re one of the lucky ones there, say hi!). I’m taking the train (and a bus); look forward to watching the terrain roll by and writing. The post Where is Clark?

Sweet Spot Synergy

Dan Pontefract

poetry poem purpose

When Cell Phones Worked: The History of the 21st Century

Nine Shift

There was a time when my cell phone never "dropped a call" or didn't get good connections. . It was 30 years ago. We called it a car phone. .

Four-pound fountain pen?

David Weinberger

I’m thinking that this Lamy 2000 pen on Amazon. isn’t really a one-inch cube… …that weighs 4.2lbs.

Top down or bottom up strategy?

Clark Quinn

In a recent discussion around HR strategy, the question arose about where to start. That is, if you’ve bought into moving into the digital age, where do you begin. But then they got serious, and responded that you shouldn’t be reactive to people’s stated needs, and you needed data to identify what problems are crucial.

Facebook and fear of failure

Euen Semple

I was mulling over ideas for a post this morning about the mix of excitement and fear that I feel before doing any public event let alone a big commitment like the trip I'm beginning this week. I still think it is a choice. The more open I am with my posts the better a conversation I have and the more I learn about myself and other people.

Worse, College Classrooms Are Now Obsolete

Nine Shift

C ollege classrooms - - all but a few new open model classrooms in fact - - are now obsolete for this century. . It's done. Watch it grow. .


How a thirteen-year-old interprets what's been given

David Weinberger

“Of course what I’ve just said may not be right,” concluded the thirteen year old girl, “but what’s important is to engage in the interpretation and to participate in the discussion that has been going on for thousands of years.” ” So said the bas mitzvah girl at an orthodox Jewish synagogue this afternoon.

I hope I'm not right

Euen Semple

I hope I'm not right. The themes of my work have anticipated a few of the trends and changes we are seeing in the world currently: My book title "Organizations Don't Tweet, People Do" anticipated the institutionally unconconstrained nightmare that is Trump. "The My sincere hope is that I am wrong