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A pause for reflection as I pass a Twitter milestone

Jane Hart

Over the weekend the number of followers on my Twitter account, @C4LPT, passed 10,000 – so a big thank you to all of you who follow this account!

Embedding Learning in Work: The Benefits and Challenges

Charles Jennings

If people learn as part of the workflow then this learning is more likely to impact performance in a positive way. itashare

Learning in 2024 #LRN2024

Clark Quinn

While I couldn’t participate in the twitter chat they held, I optimistically weighed in: “learning in 2024 will look like individualized personal mentoring via augmented reality, AI, and the network”  However, I thought I would elaborate in line with a series of followup posts leveraging the #lrn2024 hashtag.

Working in the dark

Harold Jarche

For more contextual knowledge, I ask my network via text message, Twitter, blog or forum. Alex Bogusky says that, “ Transparency isn’t a choice. The

Social Media is not Social Learning

Dan Pontefract

One cannot assume that by enlisting in a Facebook or Twitter account (social media examples) that the user will be able to socially learn.

Dear C-Suite: We Don’t Do Training Anymore

Dan Pontefract

Early on in the talk, Peter said, “I believe we are at the confluence of two revolutions – a social revolution and a technology revolution.”

Social Media: An Interview

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

also began working with colleagues at the University of Alberta in 1993 and 1994 to create a 'Multiple Academic User Domain', or MAUD, out of the same technology. As with the discussion board, it was the multi-user aspewct of the technology that made all the difference. started using Twitter ten years later (!/Downes/status/243133812

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Open Education, MOOCs, and Opportunities

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

Reusable Learning Resources The initial development of online learning technology began at scale with the development of the learning management system (LMS) in the mid-1990s. SCORM 2004 remains the dominant learning resources specification in both the corporate and academic learning technology marketplace to this day. CCK11.

The Smart Worker : learns best with and from others

Jane Hart

This is the the 7th post in a series of blog postings about how L&D departments need to change to meet the needs of today’s Smart Worker.

Working smarter

Jay Cross

Sometimes it’s easier to add smarts to the workflow (performance support) than to stuff things into people’s heads. Working smarter.

Top 10 eLearning Predictions 2011 #LCBQ

Tony Karrer

Twitter, Yammer), wikis, blogs, discussion groups, etc. Learning technologies are becoming social, collaborative, and virtual. Rovy F.

What’s in your social media measurement tool box and why?

Beth Kanter

Analytics Tools:  Google Analytics,  Facebook Insights,  Twitter Tools (Socialbro, Hootsuite,, Twitalyzer). Why is that so hard? David J.

Micro-blogging can help build your organisational culture

Dan Pontefract

If executives believe that Twitter or micro-blogging is either a waste of time or simply a fun outlet, they are missing the point entirely.

Life Without eMail – Year 6, Weeks 21 to 24 – (Newcomer Challenging for King Email’s Crown)

Luis Suarez

Social technologies have just become the new overlord. Well, yes, I surely am! And it shouldn’t be. . Well, not really. It’s about time.

Micro-blogging can help build your organisational culture

Dan Pontefract

If executives believe that Twitter or micro-blogging is either a waste of time or simply a fun outlet, they are missing the point entirely.

Pick of the Month: May 2012

Jane Hart

Here is my pick of the resources that I shared on Twitter and in my  Pick of the Day  in May. What we find cool, others find intimidating.

Beyond Institutions Personal Learning in a Networked World

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

Here''s a model (Figure 1) of a workflow-processed employee to assist LMS selection. The misuse of technology is what makes technology great.

Once more, across that chasm

Harold Jarche

also use a broader definition of technology; being the application of organized and scientific knowledge to solve practical problems.

May 2011 Review

Jane Hart

Without workflow, social business is doomed , Agency Collaboration, 26 May 2011. Tweet. But first a review of May 2011.

Identifying a collaboration platform

Harold Jarche

The options then become: Open the LMS so it can be used in the daily workflow. Tools like Twitter/Yammer/Laconica also become excellence places to jot down notes in public, which encourages serendipitous learning. Tags: InternetTime Learning Technology First of all, collaborative work tools must be simple to be effective.

I Know It When I See It

Andy McAfee

want to stress one more time that technologies that are not freeform are not bad or shortsighted or somehow deficient. Tweetdeck , on the other hand, makes contribution to Twitter pretty frictionless. Am I leaving out any critical properties of effective technologies for supporting Enterprise 2.0? product?&# And is it emergent

Impressive startups! Report from PushStart Australian accelerator Demo Day

Ross Dawson

They have made a sale in South Africa, and will be trialling the technology in Sydney CBD later this month. . Bleeply: Twitter for business without the bloggers. wrote about the Australian accelerator scene  when PushStart was launched. expect to see more from this impressive crop of incubators.

Time for the Training Department to be Taken Seriously

Dawn of Learning

Follow @dawnpoulos on Twitter. Home About Podcasts Videos Xyleme Inc. So how did they do it and what were the results? Read on! Why not?

Real learning – let’s not confuse it with completing templated exercises

Charles Jennings

LMS technology has provided a big step forward here. like Kate a lot. We’ve known each other for a number of years. This is already happening.

Idiots, Networks and Patterns

Harold Jarche

Tweet Here are some interesting things that were shared via Twitter this past week. Marc Benioff [CEO]: We learned that the key to success with social collaboration is integrating social into workflow. Situated Technologies : interesting future-oriented reads HT @JonHusband. we facilitate learning. Friday's Find

The 12 key elements of iPad media strategy

Ross Dawson

Production and workflow. For the creation of non-trivial apps new or changed workflow is needed. iPad in the distribution mix.

Social Media Camp

Jay Cross's Informal Learning

We saw some cool technology, e.g. 12 Sprints (knowledge workflow from SAP). Another 650 attended remotely by via

The big and small of IT

Andy McAfee

technologies. I saw these claims as too broad and sweeping, and tried to articulate why. technologies, have drastically reduced the investment required to connect with external constituencies and work with them to create value. So technology helps both small firms and big ones. technology will primarily benefit the small.

Edge Perspectives with John Hagel: Hamel on Management Innovation

John Hagel

Innovations in design, engineering, technology and governance. Dont Count On It. So far, so good. Both articles are interesting. One more thing.

Five Myths of Social Learning

Dawn of Learning

Leading social media vendors like Jive Software are integrating with the top ECM platforms to provide unified search, workflow, and storage of enterprise and social content, proving a cohesive environment where formal content is supported by an ecosystem of users that contribute expertise and relevant information. The Web 2.0 Social CM Media?

Communities and Networks Connection Hotlists

Nancy White

Notice how many are about Twitter ! Twitter Compared to IM, Email and Forums - Collaborative Thinking , March 2, 2009. Enterprise 2.0

Is craigslist or eHarmony the Right Model for Enterprise 2.0?

Andy McAfee

At present most social networking applications –  Facebook, Twitter , etc. So a Twitter or CL model might be too open ended and requires a lot of attention. Which leads to me to think Friendfeed has the beginnings of a more promising model than Twitter or CL. Is one of these two approaches better than the other?

The Audience Experience

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

sometimes make use of backchannels (I built my own software to do this before Twitter became a thing). There's a debate running around a few posts recently on the question of whether to reuse old presentations or offer new ones. Martin Weller writes about it in The New or Reused keynote Dilemma. And if it's a user experience, then what am I?

The Uber-Tool

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

twitter How do we get at the core? because I do different things with different tools, I need a level of specialization The Theory of Everything - physicist/surfer - might be different for everyone - enables me to be online/offline, in my head in my screen The foundational elements of a discipline - that may be achievable - eg.,


Tony O'Driscoll

“We will have arrived when the tool becomes part of the workflow and dissolves the ‘virtualworldness’ away - Ian Hughes.

Four Ways User-Generated Content (UGC) Can Make its Way into.

Dawn of Learning

Make social media part of formal workflows: Allow social collaboration to be another step in the review process by publishing formal content to internal (or external) communities for peer review prior to its wide release. Capture this valuable user-generated feedback and route it into the formal review workflows. This is true.

What Not To Build

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

As a result, a large part of my work involves being exposed to new and interesting technologies, whether they are the latest military simulators, academic papers delivered at scientific conferences, or product proposals being promoted by aspiring developers. I get to play a government scientist on the internet. don't know and I don't care.

e-books, open standards, and content formats

Dawn of Learning

We don’t have to develop a new way to handle e-Books in our application workflow, it’s simply another output. With a proprietary system, it requires a lot more effort to develop and integrate seamlessly into the existing workflow. Follow @dawnpoulos on Twitter. Home About Podcasts Videos Xyleme Inc. The standard is the “.epub”

"Six ways to make Web 2.0 work" (McKinsey Quarterly)

Mark Oehlert

noticed them integrating feeds, widgets and now Twitter responses to their articles from early on. What’s in the workflow is what gets used. 4.

Why Learning and Enterprise Content Management?

Dawn of Learning

Unlike our competitors who use proprietary technology to store and manage reusable learning objects, our solution was designed to be portable across content management systems. You can take advantage of Documentum’s collaboration tools, extensive media management capabilities and workflow technology. Let me give you an example.